Money Moral Dilemma: Would you pick herbs from a stranger's hedge?



  • I think I would ask if the person was about and if not I wouldnt be greedy about it and only take what I needed.
  • BPTA
    BPTA Posts: 1 Newbie
    Surely this would work just as if the apple tree was overhanging your garden from your neighbour. Though it is his tree you have a claim to any fruit on your side! I think the hedge situation would also apply the same way.
  • Yes I would but might feel a bit guilty so might knock and ask. If it's over the path perhaps I'm doing them a favour tidying it up?
    Of course by law you're not supposed to gain when you trim someone else's hedge etc. so it's a bit naughty really.
    Round our way people leve plants out and say help yourself! I still felt guilty in a daft kind of way though.
  • I don't think I would like a stranger rooting around in my bush! :eek:

    Most of us have been blackberry picking, or collected chestnuts but they tend to be on farmland. I don't think I would pick something out of someones garden, but possibly if it was hanging over a tall wall or fence I suppose it would be ok!

    I guess if everyone that walked by did it then the person who owned it would be none too happy.

    Besides, rosemary, mint, bay, basil etc can be grown in yoghurt pots if you don't have a garden.
  • No. I don't like rosemary. But if I did I would ask.
    Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination:beer:

    Oscar Wilde
  • prewch
    prewch Posts: 2 Newbie
    I would ask the owner if it was OK to pick some of their Rosemary.

    If they said no (most unlikely in my experience) I would then get some seed and grow it for myself!
  • JayW
    JayW Posts: 17 Forumite
    Most gardeners are happy to share with others - but you ought to ask assuming you can find someone at home. Otherwise if you don't harm the main plant by yanking off too much - why not? I've got a winter jasmine at home that came from a house we rented for the Christmas break a few years ago - it was a branch that had rooted itself a bit away from the main plant so would have been pulled up if I hadn't taken it.
  • tallgirld
    tallgirld Posts: 484 Forumite
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    OH PLEASE!!! How cheap is that. Nicking rosemary from someone's overgrown hedge. NO WAY!!!

    Imagine if they came storming out their house and knocked you out. I just dont think it's worth the hassle. If you cant afford it DO WITHOUT!!
  • Yes, if it was a big bush; rosemary likes to be pinched (!) out. But as it's on the street I would give it a good wash.
  • jobamberger
    jobamberger Posts: 11 Forumite
    As a gardener myself I would be more than happy to share in this way - it is polite to ask if they are in, and I would take care not to damage the plant, but why let good food go to waste? I am against theft but somehow this seems more like community spirit if done with a good heart.
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