Money Moral Dilemma: Would you pick herbs from a stranger's hedge?

Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on:
Would you pick herbs from a stranger's hedge?

You’re off to the grocers, to pick up, amongst other things, a bunch of rosemary to go in tonight’s tea
. Yet lo and behold, on the way, you pass a house with an overgrown front hedge, and lovely fresh rosemary is spilling out onto the street. The herb would have been pretty pricey to buy separately, and you’re very tempted to grab a few sprigs (this doesn’t involve going into their front garden). Would you pick herbs from a strangers hedge?
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  • Boonbetty
    Boonbetty Posts: 49 Forumite
    Yes but I would ask first. I have a feeling the owners of the hedge would be more than happy to donate!
  • Well, no I won't pick it but only because you don't know what he may have used to grow it. Otherwise, a few cherries hanging over the fence? yes, of course.
  • andan
    andan Posts: 2,110 Forumite
    Yes, i would also perhaps ask, just incase i was spotted! I somehow doubt the owners would mind and it works out great for everyone, as the owner probably feels they are also doing a good turn!
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  • luxor4t
    luxor4t Posts: 11,125
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    I HAD a lovely rosemary bush in my front garden until it was snapped in half and virtually uprooted by some greedy b****r who did not have the courtesy to ask and just pulled too hard. The coward then ran away. I certainly do not feel that vandal did me a good turn as the transplanting (in the back garden this time) was not very successful, so I had to start again.

    Rosemary smells lovely, tastes good, is a good drought resistant herb and does thrive if the tips are pinched out- but not if half the town takes turns ripping branches off the plant. ASK FIRST!
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  • Buggins
    Buggins Posts: 344
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    Yes, however I would prefer to ask owner if available but if not - it's overhanging the highway so I would take the same attitude as that of next door neighbour (i.e. apples overhanging garden are okay to scrump!!)
  • Caterina
    Caterina Posts: 5,919
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    Yes, a little sprig of rosemary off a bush does not cause damage to the plant, and if it is sticking out in the public pathway it is for all to pick! I would not begrudge anyone doing this to my (sticking out) rosemary.

    Finally I'm an OAP and can travel free (in London at least!).
  • Over hanging the Highway

    No problem it might have brushed my spectacles off.

    But just enough to flavour the lamb and gravy.

    If it were too much over hanging it might be a job for the local council. Save them the problem.
  • veruccasalt
    veruccasalt Posts: 1,465 Forumite
    definitely-probably do the bush good, stimulate new growth etc etc

    but I would only take what I would use and be very careful
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  • Dorrie
    Dorrie Posts: 66
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    I would knock and ask first. Not sure of the legality of taking it if it is hanging over the footpath - I know you can cut down overhanging foliage in your garden but you must then throw it back over the fence to whoever owns it. But this is not your garden!

    Slightly different, but I once needed to park across someone's driveway (daughter going to orthodontist appointment over the road and there was no-where else to park) so I knocked and asked permission - they were happy to give it and extremely surprised that someone had asked. Same principle.
  • There is a house near us with a beautiful rosemary hedge which the owner trims regularly and then puts the cuttings into green bin bags. When we asked him for some sprigs to freeze he was happy to oblige and shortly afterwards presented us with a rooted cutting to grow our own plant.
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