Money Moral Dilemma: Would you pick herbs from a stranger's hedge?



  • tamste
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    No question about it......Yes I would
  • Yep, I certainly would take it. Especially if I had the 'thyme'!!:j
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    I would pick the thyme, but I would probably do it quite quickly so that I would have less chance of being caught, even though I don't think that the owner would actually mind people taking some, because they must have loads of it if it was all overgrown. In fact, if the owner were to be in their garden, I would ask if I could have a little bit - but I wouldn't go knocking on their door and disturb them . If it was me who owned the thyme, I wouldn't mind people taking a bit as long as it was within reason and not making a mess of my hedge.
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    I made a mistake in my last reply - I wrote about "thyme" growing through the hedge. I meant "rosemary" but I had "thyme" on my mind because I need to get some to make some veg. soup. Sorry !:o
  • Taffybiker
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    As a kid I once went apple scrumping with a mate, and was caught by the orchard owner. He turned out to be a very nice man who didn't mind us taking the apples provided we didn't damage the trees.
    Yes, I would take some rosemary but would be careful not to damage the plant. However, I would not enter anyone's garden to get it. (Not these days, anyway)
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  • Sharp_Eyes
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    Nope because along with exhaust fumes, herbicides, pesticides and neighbourhood dogs and cats there are also the drunks who pi** in the hedges after closing time. Rather pay at Tesco than choke on my dinner!

    I must be the only one here who's thinking this is a tall rosemary hedge! It would have to be at least 4ft. high for me to even notice in the first place because I certainly will not go grubbing about on the ground for this on a public street!! I really don't think that dogs and people can get up that high!!! :rotfl:
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  • Sharp_Eyes
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    luxor4t wrote: »
    Somebody with this in mind destroyed the bush in my front garden by ripping it out of the ground and snapping the main stem in the process :confused: .

    Did they do me a favour? No, the bush did not survive being replanted in the back garden, so everybody lost out.

    Sounds to me like they were trying to steal the entire bush. That does NOT sound like any kind of pruning *I* know!!!
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  • hannoja
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    Welcome to MSE Scamper! :wave:

    I agree with most here that it's okay as long as you're careful and respectful about it. Though, if you have a penchant for it, then you really should consider growing your own.

    "I'm just popping to 369's garden to get some herbs for dinner dear" doesn't sound quite right :p

    I recently picked a couple of little stems from some lovely lavender that was overhanging the pavement and it sprouted some little roots in a glass of water. It's not looking quite so happy since I potted it (not very green-fingered), but I'm hoping it will live as I've only recently started to like it. I did the plant no harm and I'm sure the owner wouldn't have minded.
  • jimmy_2-2
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    Yes I would definately pick some, this house owners garden is overgrowing onto the public pavement. They obviously have no consideration for the public ewanting to use the pathway so I certainly wouldnt worry about picking something that is in an area that I pay my council tax for.:mad:

    Oooh thats got that off my chest ;-)
  • Liney_2
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    No I wouldn't help myself, I'd buy a plant at the supermarket and then grow it on! If it was wild ie not in a garden I might be tempted..
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