Money Moral Dilemma: Would you pick herbs from a stranger's hedge?



  • TheFionut
    TheFionut Posts: 10 Forumite
    Yes I would, but only a little bit, and not every week. I'd worry though that if everybody took some they're be none left.
    Saying that, I live in flats and have a rosemary bush in a pot on the walkway outside my front door. And now it's pretty sad looking because everyone helps themselves to a little.
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  • madmurphy3
    madmurphy3 Posts: 11 Forumite
    if it is growing out on to the street then from my point of view its fine to take it as long as you don't kill the plant. if the owner doesn't like it they should tidy the garden!
  • Absolutely not! The hedge belongs to the property owner, just as your neighbours overhanging apple tree branches and fruit belongs to them. Yes you could cut the overhanging branches off, but they have to be returned to the neighbour and so does the fruit.
    The same applies to the Rosemary. If it overhangs your property or even a public footpath, it still belongs to the property owner so could only be picked and kept with the property owner's permission.
  • teddyco
    teddyco Posts: 397 Forumite
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    Grocery stores usually sell whole plants that are ready for the ground.
    All you need is a pot with soil and free rosemary all year round. If you have a friend with rosemary, you can take a cutting and start another rosemary plant.
  • I'd ask My (very large scary) neighbour decided he wanted dthe mint from my front garden which was fine when he was taking the mint that was haging over the edge of the garden wall.However when he decided to start climbing over my 4 foot tall wall to get the mint I decided he was taking the Pi$$ but being on my own and not a large scary man found him very intimidating :eek: ..........................and he STILL takes what he wants from my garden (even tho Iasked him nicely to stop climbing over my wall ) and no one will do anything so I'm now looking for a new home for me and my daughter:cry:
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  • antbarson
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    Yep, I would take some...if it's overhanging the footpath.

    I recently had to call the estate agent to an unoccupied house near me where the lavender bushes had all but taken up an couple of inches on pavement. These herbs grow like the clappers. No harm in grabbing enough for dinner!
  • Sharp_Eyes
    Sharp_Eyes Posts: 99 Forumite
    Yes I would pick it. If it's on the street then it's on public property. A few sprigs wouldn't do any harm.
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  • Yes I would take a little it will probably only be trimmed and thrown away again so avoiding waste by taking it
  • Picking a few sprigs would not damage the plant - therefor no problem.

    I wondered for a little while whether it would be Theft as I would be picking from a cultivated plant growing on private land, but decided that the owner would have given his approval if he knew of my taking it - so still no problem!!
  • beejaybee
    beejaybee Posts: 94 Forumite
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    I would ask first. Is nt it classed as theft though as you`re taking something that doesnt belong to you ??? The same as picking flowers from hedgerows.
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