Money Moral Dilemma: Would you pick herbs from a stranger's hedge?



  • Nope because along with exhaust fumes, herbicides, pesticides and neighbourhood dogs and cats there are also the drunks who pi** in the hedges after closing time. Rather pay at Tesco than choke on my dinner!
  • bargainbin
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    Yes I would as long as it didn't spoil the look of the hedge. Picking out the tips would even encourage the rosemary to thicken up more.;)
  • Belnahua
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    beejaybee wrote: »
    I would ask first. Is nt it classed as theft though as you`re taking something that doesnt belong to you ??? The same as picking flowers from hedgerows.

    On the reverse side of this, my neighbours keep asking me about taking a few sprigs of a privet we have in the front garden for their stick insects. I even agreed to allow the end to overgrow into their garden so they can just take what they want. However they keep asking me! Not that I mind, but they make me feel stingy by keep asking me!
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  • pjw123_2
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    All rosemary plants benefit from pruning, so you are doing the owner a favour. Better still, you could pull of a branch with a 'heel' and stick it in a pot and grow your own bush.
    A friend and I helped ourselves to some gooseberries growing on the edge of a pub garden. I cooked mine for breakfast the next day. They were VERY sour!
  • yes i would, as long as its hanging over the pathway, they wouldnt miss it because they wouldnt of let it get so over grown. id only take as much as i needed though, im not greedy :)
  • ragz_2
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    Yes I would, I have done but only when it was easily accessable and it was outside a block of flats so not the same.
    Although I would probably pick it from someone's garden if I could reach it!
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  • rosieben
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    yes, I would probably take just a couple of small sprigs that were hanging over. But if the hedge is on a roadside then definitely no, because it would be covered in exhaust fumes.

    the best thing to do would be to take a couple of small pieces for cuttings and then grow your own!! :)
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  • Sally87
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    I would go and ask. Then I'd probably get to take some from inside the garden where it hasn't been !!!!ed all over by dogs and covered in exhaust fumes :)

    It's always nice to ask. People pick apples from my tree and though I don't mind the apples, it does annoy me when they don't say anything. The weirdest thing was when next door's girlfriend moved in with him and I went into my garden to find her there with her guinea-pigs in their run on my grass (their garden's a jungle)! It was strange because I'd never even met her before and had no idea who she was, and we were stood there talking about 5 minutes after introducing ourselves before she mentioned them and said she hoped it was ok lol.
  • Yes I probably would, because the more you pick rosemary the better is grows - if left unpicked the stems grow woody. Then I'd cook it with lamb and garlic, or with lemon and garlic chicken. Yum.
  • luxor4t
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    pjw123 wrote: »
    All rosemary plants benefit from pruning, so you are doing the owner a favour. Better still, you could pull of a branch with a 'heel' and stick it in a pot and grow your own bush.

    Somebody with this in mind destroyed the bush in my front garden by ripping it out of the ground and snapping the main stem in the process :confused: .

    Did they do me a favour? No, the bush did not survive being replanted in the back garden, so everybody lost out.
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