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over spend and over eat



  • bluejeans
    bluejeans Posts: 552 Forumite
    Good Morning Everyone, Well today is the really first day of my getting debt free campagne, as I have been on holiday. Today (well tonight) for me its back to work, shoppin, paying bills, resisting snack attacks and impulse spending.

    I will be popping on and off all day, well up untill 7.30pm when I go to work. Tell you all about my work situation later today, its heaven and hell both rolled into to one.

    Have a Fab day all

    jo x
    1st January 2012 £2500 and 56lbs debts
    22nd Oct 2014 £1500 and 42lbs debts
  • OliveOyl_2
    OliveOyl_2 Posts: 3,506 Forumite
    Well thanks to all your advice yesterday, I am now sitting at work having walked (took me 35 mins, not my usual 45 mins :confused: ) and to avoid the munchies I'm having a large glass of water and I'm posting here :D
    And I have 5 jaffa cakes in my bag for emergencies, rather than succumbing to a KitKat :D Thanks everyone.

    I've done it once, so I *should* be able to do it again?
  • bluejeans
    bluejeans Posts: 552 Forumite
    Good Morning OliveOyl, Wooo Hooo on the walk to work and knocked off 10 Min's. FAB. And what a fabulous snack attack strategie. Jaffa Cakes sweet and low in Cal's and fat.

    I work with Adults with Special Needs. they sleep very well and I don't hear a peep from them, from about 10pm sh until I get then up for work 6-7AM.
    My normal night routine is,

    Eat, watch TV, eat, watch DVD, eat, wash, eat, tumble dry, eat, iron, eat, watch TV, eat, do a little sewing ( buttons on and stuff) eat. You get the picture ? I have full access to cupboards, fridges, freezer and pantry. I love my job is so easy, but as far as food is concerned, its living hell.

    I am walking to work tonight and I am going to work on my snack attacks too.

    All we need do is improve a little bit on the day before and remember. One little setback DOES NOT HAVE TO MEAN, THROW IN THE TOWEL. We will just accept that we are human and not machine like and we are never ever going to be perfect and never ever slip up. So we will just take these slips ups as what they are and deal with in that moment and move on.

    One of my friends fave saying is "build a bridge and get over it"

    With you all the way

    Jo x
    1st January 2012 £2500 and 56lbs debts
    22nd Oct 2014 £1500 and 42lbs debts
  • chevalier
    chevalier Posts: 7,937 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    I was wondering, if the focus here needs to be a bit wider. Yes the main issue is overeating and overspending, but would you overspend if you left out the un healthy snacks from your shopping trolleys? This is not a dig, but I find I don't crave what I don't have in the house.
    I want a job that is less than an hour driving away from my house! Are you listening universe?
  • GhostHunter_3
    :mad: A bad start for my £ per lb awards! I am afraid I have to admit I have put on 2lb over the weekend which means I no money in my jar, just an IOU 2lb:o

    Is it just me or idoes anyone think it is more expensive to eat helthily? The government are trying to promote good health and cut down on Obesity and up our daily exercise intake yet they dont help by cutting costs on fruit, veg offer discount schemes to those who are commited and want to go to the local 'council' leisure centre and other essentials.

    Rant over sorry ;)
  • Puzzledbubbles
    Puzzledbubbles Posts: 1,853 Forumite
    Hi All,

    Morning Blue (well afternoon really lol)

    I managed to dodge 2 snack attacks this morning so doing really well so far, and i didnt even have a glass of Vodka last night!!!

    Well done on the walk to work Olive - ive been trying to walk every day (but that car is just so tempting when its rubbish weather.

    Ghost hunter i dont think its more expensive to eat healthily but i dont think you can have as much variety, for example instead of buying a 5 pack of Dairy milk bards (£1.99) ive been buying a bag of 8 apples (£1.29) now ive got three more snacks and more things for my money, but it doesnt taste as good and when all i think ive got is apples its a bit rubbish.

    I think its more expensive to buy things out of season - sometimes Mr T has offers on fruit etc????

    Also for meals (going to jump on some os board members toes now) although ready meals are convenient they are expensive, on saturday i made shepherds pie - mince £3.50 used half a bag so £1.75, Potatos £1.99 (and ive still got three left) Grave granules (i cheat :) ) £0.99 but used only one tablespoon so £0.10. Frozen veg - £1.50 (thats brocolie, caulie, sweetcorn and sprouts all from opened bags in the freezer.

    Total £5.34 - but that did both of us for 2 meals, therefore price per portion £1.34 (rounding up :) )

    So compared to a ready meal at £1.99 i guess i saved us some money??

    Dont know how practicle this is for you thou (its more tips ive learnt from lurking)

    Blue - do you like cross stitching or quilting? i only ask because sometimes i think my eating can be as much about having something to do as about actually eating - ive started doing course work or stitching when im watching a DVD or film and then ive got something to do - maybe knitting would be a cheaper start thou, just a ball of wool and some needles and you could make a nice scarf for winter???

  • GhostHunter_3
    Hi Puzzled

    Thanks for that will have to try a bit harder me thinks. Besides I will save more potentially as my oh wont eat fruit or veg. Well he will but not to the extent of its normal! He's limited to potatoes (his favourite style are chips), peas, carrotts (just a tablespoon of each), and chopped tomatoes like in a spag bol sauce!

    Multypack fruit doesnt help me as it doesnt get eaten quick enough and goes off in or out of fridge! I like variety so a bag of value apples isnt good enough as I hate eating the same fruit all week.

    Will have to look out for a green grocer, as our local big T doesnt sell fruit and veg 'singularly'.

    Although they do often offer good 'ready meal deals' on the WW stuff! My mum in law tells me to shop at Lidel shes swapped from Tesco a month ago, I have no doubt its cheaper but again I cant see it being healthier? That gives me an idea I know they do sell fruit and veg individual portions there may take a ride if I got some spare pennies next time MIL goes. Thanks!!!

    Off to look at the thrifty cooks threads.

    Thanks for the advice!

  • OliveOyl_2
    OliveOyl_2 Posts: 3,506 Forumite
    Our Lidl does better (and cheaper) fruit & veg than our Tesco (always seem to be manhandled and tired looking) just not as much choice. But you could get a couple of bananas, a couple of apples etc. All loose.
  • icka
    icka Posts: 216 Forumite
    Hi everyone

    Well done for walking Olive and as Blue said 10 mins off is excellent. and good on you for bringing Jaffa cakes (i love them).

    well I had a really bad day yesterday a very good friend of mine a young guy died and I was very upset and ended up drinking my own body weight in wine:eek: . Well not quite but you get the picture. Actually my friend told me I didnt really drink that much, but my head is pounding today and its still thumping and it 4pm. So I added about a million calories yesterday. But my lovely lovely friend knew how broke I am and she treated me so I didn't spend any money. I think I was blubbering away until like 4am on here:eek: . Poor fellow DFW's had to listen to my drivvel. Moral of the story people say don't drink and drive, same should be added to don't drink and type.

    Feel a little less upset today everyone has been so so lovely. I have said it a million times everyone on here (well the ones I have been lucky enough to meet) are really honest, good, genuine, caring people and I would be honoured to call them friends in real life. What a lovely bunch you guys are, such angels:A

    Anyway due to the hangover and upset I have not been able to eat anything all day so maybe that may cancel out some of the wine from last night

    Thread softly becuase you thread on my dreams
  • icka
    icka Posts: 216 Forumite
    Oh forgot to say. got a horrible letter from the bank yesterday going mad that I had gone £900 over my overdraft and they were charging me horribly:mad: . So I did do something positve today I rang them. I never normally do anything as brave as that I get so nervous talking to banks or anyone about my horrible finances. And told them I was trying to sort it out. They have allowed me to apply for an overdraft on top of the overdraft to cover the amount temporarily. But he said they would need to do a credit check. Why do they need to do a credit check when they can see exactly what my credit history is like as I only bank with them.???

    Can you please explain. Anyway I know its off topic but I just thought I would ask. Maybe the money I save on chocolate should go to paying off my overdrafts instead of a facial:rolleyes: . BOO
    Thread softly becuase you thread on my dreams
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