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  • O i sooooooo need to join in this ............... can I?

    This is just the challange i need to lose as dieting has been my life for about 20 years im 36 yo-yo but even if it only lasted afew days its was a few days i wasnt stuffing my face!!!

    But this past 6 months or so cant get my head round it im eating eating & eating just cant get my head round it:confused: but ill have to as i feel soooooooooo big have always been about a stone &half to 2 stone overweight now im about 3 im going to weigh myself in the morning:eek: dont want to o well needs must ......here im rambling;)

    what a great idea this is:beer:
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    id like to join in with a different slant! i spend far too much on drinking fizzy juice! I have to drink sugar free ones and the level of additives bother me, but find it very difficult not to!

    Have stopped drinking them from time to time, then slip back into pattern of having them all the time.

    So maybe keep track of what im drinking here and shame myself into stopping spending so much on bottles/cans etc. off on a mini break so will be back on thursday to report any progress!
    :j Debt-Free-Wannabe! :j
  • chevalier
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    Me to i'll join in.

    Shopping for food is a nightmare in our house - OH and I eat completely separate things, I have to eat healthy and he doesnt like fruit or veg (phobic since childhood so not just being awkward) so twice as much shopping!

    Now for the exercise
    :T :j :rotfl:

    Thats enough of that! LOL

    If he is genuinely phobic, then he can get treated for this using desensitisation techniques on the NHS. Something to check about with your GP?
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  • elantan
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    hey chev hows tricks ....nearly 2pm your time?
  • chevalier
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    hi elantan
    fine thanks, yes you are right it is just gone 2pm.
    I had a thought about the over eating and over spending, instead of just having no spend days or NSDs, how about trying to have no snack days as well?
    I want a job that is less than an hour driving away from my house! Are you listening universe?
  • OliveOyl_2
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    Hmmm :think: about 8 weeks to the end of my 75 day challenge, and that will coincide with a visit to my hubby. I think I'd like to join this one too please:cheesy:

    My over eating isn't so much snacking (don't mention KitKats :o ) it's portion control. My porions would easily feed 2 people. DS2 has hollow legs, and I foolishly give us the same sized meals :o
    And I believe if one portion is nice, four portions would be four times as nice :rolleyes2 :naughty: So that is where I need to concentrate......;)
  • piglet6
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    Morning gang! :hello:

    Well, I took on your challenge last night Jo and didn't allow myself to emotionally overeat - and you're right...I feel great about it this morning!! :j

    Reading all your posts, most people seem to have a 6-8 week goal, and I was just thinking that I haven't got anything at about that time, when I counted the weeks and realised that 8 weeks today is Mr P's birthday...:think:


    I want to lose a stone in time for Mr P's birthday!_party_ (there...I've said it out loud!:rotfl: ).

    Its still a bit of a drop in the ocean for me as I have about 5 stone to lose to get to an "ideal" weight :o, but that would be 20% of the way there, and a real boost to keep going...then who knows what I could try for Christmas?!:xmassmile

    Thanks everybody (and especially Jo for starting this thread :A) - I really think this is going to help me with my problem(s)! :D

    Have a good day and I'll catch up with you all again later... ;)

  • Hi

    The best thing about this place is the fact that I cant eat and type at the same time! :rotfl:

    I am one of those fusspots who ban eating and drinking next to the computer incase of spillages, crums or accidents!!

    The more I am online the less I am eating!

    I have lost a stone since February this year (actually it took me 4 weeks on the plan, within the first 2 weeks I had lost half a stone since then I have just been trying at keeping it off - better to remain the same weight than increase it, even better to weigh less) but now finding the stresses of debt are making me reach for the chocolate and fizzy pop and its begining to creep back on as I was demotivated.

    I WAS following RC (online) healthy eating (diet is such a nasty word, healthy eating is more sensible makes me feel more responsible in a proud kinda way lol after all we should adopt a healthy attitude to healthy eating for the remainder of our lives (who knows we might just live longer) and not a yo-yo way of self destruction).

    Thanks to this thread I am now going to get back on track as theres so many of you out there to stop me feeling guilty and keep me motivated to save money and lose weight.

    Right am off up into the loft now to get down the 'dance mat' to plug into hubbys PS2 for some (looks around cautiosly and whispers :cool: ) exercise (ahem) :D . :j

    I will put £14 into the pot for every stone I lose in weight, and hopefully I may have enough by Christmas to treat myself to a Wii fit?

    Follow my £ for lb tracker - I will try and add it to my signature it will encourage me not to fail and let you all down! :eek:

    FANTASTIC bring on the challenges! Good luck everybody!

  • icka
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    Hi Guys

    Thanks Blue 8 weeks is perfect actually got dates wrong Wedding is on 13th of September which is 8 weeks.

    Ok So this morning I'm going to
    • Have mug of hot water with lemon (if I can find any) to get my metabolism moving.
    • Eat some fruit for brekki (I'm still in bed by the way so this is all perfect saying this when Ihave been no where near the temptations of the kitchen):rolleyes:
    • Either go for a walk - to get the paper or a swim
    If we just take the day in sections it makes it easier for me. Other wise the whole dayis daunting any my mind starts already thinking bold thoughts about icecream and chocolate. So Im going to think of until 1pm lunch time

    Then Ill deal with the afternoon and then Ill deal with the evening.
    So baby steps.

    So are we going to do the jar with what we would have spent on crap like cornetos and chrisps, etc???

    Blue honey its your challange can you give me some guidelines. Im getting excited and running away with myself:rolleyes:

    I love a challange never done one before. thanks for helping with the wedding guys. realy apreciate it.

    Big kiss

    Thread softly becuase you thread on my dreams
  • bintie22 wrote: »
    Hi, can I join in too please?!

    I'm struggling big time! OH and me have been on diet for past 2 months - and have been doing really well, until recently!

    Boyfriend is still SOOO motivated and running every night and doing lots of exercise and healthy eating. I, on the other hand, have just inherited my Mum's cafe. I feel like i'm sitting in a giant cake tin! My motivation is slipping away and temptation seems to be rubbing my nose in the Victoria Sponges!! HELP!

    Hi, this really made me smile.....:rotfl: :rotfl:
    Well done on the weight you have lost so far.
    The good you do comes back to you.
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