over spend and over eat



  • Oh this so me, well anything stresses me and I will eat.

    I lost nearly 6 stone last year and could very well put that back on given the last two weeks of stress!

    I seem to be total extremes, I either eat sooo healthily, and god help anyone who touches my healthy food in the cupboards, or I sit and pig out.
    Or I can budget or totally splurge! I have to say my OH is the main reason for the splurging, I didn't have any debts until I met him, and whilst I know he loves me for me I just love to see him happy.

    Hence why, whilst I can head into a DMP with enthusiasm he hates the idea, knows it has to be done, but hates it.

    I'd love to try and lose weight, but now is not the time for me as I will be setting myelf up to fail. I know when I can do it and now is not then.

    Food is an issue for me, not just losing weight, it is my crutch. I've done enough studying on counselling to know why so at the mo I'm ok.... I just switch to value bourbon biccies lol.

    You are not alone! but then again at least it's better than alcohol or drugs.
  • Come on guys n galslets get less Ilbs and more £££££££££££
    MFW - We've only gone and blooming done it!
    May 2013:j
  • Deep_In_Debt
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    I did buy cheap chocolate so I don't feel so guilty and it was in Tesco so got clubcard points as well so it's not so bad!
    Debt 30k in 2008.:eek::o Cleared all my debt in 2013 and loving being debt free :)
    Mortgage free since 2014 :)
  • piglet6
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    Hi everybody. May I join this thread please? It sounds like a thread I should be on... ;)

    Its actually quite a relief to see so many people who overspend and overeat as well - its nice to know I'm not alone! :o

    I have swapped to buying the 29p bars of chocolate in Lidl... At least that way, when I give in on the battle of the lbs, its not so painful for the battle of the £s! :rolleyes:

  • icka
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    Me too me too Please please can I be a part of the gang.

    I feel like a beach ball with legs:o :eek:

    I have a huge family wedding in 6 weeks that I need to lose about a stone and a half for. I have lots of formal dresses in that size but since I put on two stone since Jan I dont fit any of them. Since I cant afford to buy something new. I have to lose the weight to fit because I really dont think control pants will do it this time:eek: .

    So I have six weeks. So if we save the money we would have spent on say for example a bar of chocolate and put it in a separate tin and the end of the challange we can treat ourselves to something lovely like a facial.

    Ok Im rambling. But thank you for starting this thread I really needed the help and support. 6 weeks is not long:eek:

    Thank you

    Looking forward to being thin and fabulous:T :T :T
    Thread softly becuase you thread on my dreams
  • bluejeans
    bluejeans Posts: 552 Forumite
    Hiya Piglet6, i sooooooo love your user name. I love pigs, I have a pig tattoo. Of course you can join us. The more of us there is the more help and advice to go round and more ears to listen.

    jo x
    1st January 2012 £2500 and 56lbs debts
    22nd Oct 2014 £1500 and 42lbs debts
  • I have to say it would take longer than 6 weeks for me to get thin (I'm fabulous already;) ) and if I saved my choccie money until then, I could probably pay off my mortgage! :D
  • bluejeans
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    Hiya Icka Fab to have you on board, Ill do your 6 weeks with you because i go to Tunisia 8 weeks tomorrow and im dreading it clothes wise.

    jo x
    1st January 2012 £2500 and 56lbs debts
    22nd Oct 2014 £1500 and 42lbs debts
  • bluejeans
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    Hiya Southern Softie and thankyou for posting a reply, for all you dont feel able to deal with your over eating at the moment, but please stay with us and chat, you dont have to be wanting to lose those extra pounds to chat with us. You will have loads of good advicee and support to give.

    jo x
    1st January 2012 £2500 and 56lbs debts
    22nd Oct 2014 £1500 and 42lbs debts
  • bluejeans
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    Hi ya everyone, I would like to give you all a big thank you for all your replies and support. I never expected such a fabulous response. Its very comforting to know that I am not the only overeater over spender.

    I went out to my friends at 10pm as usual to help her put OH to bed (he has MS) and I was on such a high from all of your replies and support, that driving passed the garage where i stop off for my choccy fix was no problem.

    I am at this moment having a glass of wine, but it was the last in the bottle from before my holiday.

    I usually drink 2-3 bottles of wine a week. I am going to knock it down to 1, saving of £10 per week and lots of calories too.

    night night to you all, see you in the morning.

    Jo x
    1st January 2012 £2500 and 56lbs debts
    22nd Oct 2014 £1500 and 42lbs debts
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