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July 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • scotsaverscotsaver Forumite
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    Another NSD for me yesterday. Have home (pot) grown salad leaves and radishes in my lunch today.

    Scotsaver if you notice that type of error in Mr T in the future. Say nowt pay up and go straight to customer services. They have to give you back double what you have been over charged ( big blue notice behind customer services). So in your case, they would of ended up paying you to take the blancmange home :-). You could also post this error on the "grabbit" board (bargainbuys and sassy shopping section of the forum), in the tesco misprices thread. This means other MES ers can take advantage of the double the discount IYSWIM


    Hi queen of string - thanks for this, I have just been over to the Tesco Misprices and posted this. As a side note, last time I was in Asda and was overcharged, they refunded me the difference but didn't give me the £2 giftcard they used to issue - do they still do this do you know?
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  • jackiegibbojackiegibbo Forumite
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    a NSD for me today,im trying to avoid the shops i think if i dont go in i cant spend:D My fridge is very very bare though im starting to feel sorry for it but my cupboards are quite full so hoping to stretch to saturday afternoon before i venture to lidls

    good luck everyone:T :T
  • roxy7699roxy7699 Forumite
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    Today will be a NSD for me today. After going slightly mad yesterday.
  • newlywednewlywed Forumite
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    Annelouise wrote: »
    Made Jamies Sainsburys fishcakes with 1 salmon fillet 2 1/2 potatoes - got 7 med ones from mix.Some for tea tomorrow rest frozen for kids next week.

    You made 7 fish cakes form one salmon fillet? hmmmm would that feed 4 of us (including 2 hungry kids) for lunch??? Best go look for that recipe.... :D
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  • JudellieJudellie Forumite
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    Hi busymum
    My tom plants now have little toms on them. I also tried peppers this year, only 2 plants, just to see how well they'd do. OMG they each have loads of flowers and little peppers on them. Will def grow more next year. Lettuces coming on a treat and the tortoise devours them with gusto when given to him!!

    Jude xx
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  • greentgreent Forumite
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    Busy_mum wrote: »

    Hi busy mum - I've got about 18 tom plants which are mainly around 2 ft tall. About 6 of which have green toms on. All bar 2 of the others are flowering madly. The other 2 are smaller. I gave about 10 small plants to my mum yesterday too.

    We have loads of cut and come again lettuces and a second batch is developoing - but we can't seem to eat it fast enough. Seeds were free too :money:

    We also have 5 lots of carrots set at 3 different times, 3 butternut squash, 4 cucumbers & about 10 courgettes - none of which have flowers & 1 pumpkin which has been having flowers for a while and hAS it's first tiny pumpkin on it :-))

    Our peppers & chillis have no flowers :-( The runners beans are small with no flowers and the mange tout flowered at 6" tall, so the pods are tiny! Herbs are doing well (marj, mint, lemon balm, rosemary, lav, coriander, chives & flat parsley) Other than that we have onions in the front garden between flowers - hopefully ready to pull in the autumn! Oh, and the apple tree has self-thinned and has about a doz and a half left (only 2nd year of being planted) All baby plums disappeared (eaten?) and teh pear tree didn't flower this year (was just a stick last year but had loads of leaves this year) Rhubabrb is also new, so won't be cropped this year :-((

    Loving the sunshine - except for watering the plants!!

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    good afternoon

    busymom my toms have little toms on them and they are covered with flowers and they are about 2'6'' we have some squashes that we are going to eat today little yellow ones dont know what they are called and homegrown tatties and onions

    hope everyones well
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  • NSD for me!!!
    We are having chicken wraps for tea, using MrsM's tortillas and l/o from Sunday roast - both of which were in the freezer. Hubby has gone for drinks after work (someone is leaving) so will be home late, so need something quick.
  • newlywednewlywed Forumite
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    Typical.... sainsbugs website doesn't seem to be working for me - anyone give the gist of the fishcakes recipe?? ;)
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  • poohbear59poohbear59 Forumite
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    angelnikki wrote: »
    poohbear59 on the MoneySaving in Marriages, Relationships & Families board, a lot of people say that a third is fair. (1/3 housekeeping, 1/3 savings, 1/3 to spend) HTH

    Thanks I found the discussion. I have now to work out what they owe and maybe I will be able to afford to live! I thought if they paid something for their keep I could save some for them and give it back when they need it.

    I do think I have got the budget down almost to bare bones as I have seven to feed most days and have been around £200-240 per month.
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