July 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    Herbaholic wrote: »
    Don't look at it like that hon, just imagine what it would have been like if you hadn't been careful! I almost made that slip earlier this week, but I decided to make a positive out of the negative :) The important thing is you're working to reduce and save, if you do overspend a little at the beginning of your month, you can try and get back on track by being savvy with what you have in and having a few no spend shopping days?

    Exactly - at least you've saved money so won't be spending so much, well done!
    Herbaholic wrote: »
    DH gave me a new plan, I divide up my monthly budget by the number of days until next pay day, and that gives me a daily spend amount. If I want to do something like go out for a meal, I know I have to do 'x' number of NSD to claim that money back. Haven't tried it yet, but will do from the 28th July when my new month starts. You're doing good, keep it up and don't be down on yourself for what hasn't happened yet, celebrate the good work done so far :)


    This sounds like a great idea - I might try it next month - see what I spend in a day... might be a bit scary :eek:
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    Photos of my peas, hope it works.
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    OrkneyStar wrote: »
    Well another NSD today :D - good job as I need to chalk some up before the end of this month on 30th July. Not going anywhere tonight as I have a headache and am really tired, despite the 9.30am wake up! The nana mufins are nearly gone so I suspect more baking will be needed tomorrow- any idea what I could make with a punnet of nice purple plums ?
    Have fun and bye for now :wave:

    How about some Plum Cheese ? It is actually a type of jam (quite a smooth set one) and the original recipe comes from the Sainsbury's Book of Pressure Cooking by Sue Probert.

    You need
    500g (1lb) plums
    6 tablespoons of water
    500g (1lb) sugar

    Slit the plums with a knife and plcce in the pressure cooker with the water(if you don't have a pc then use a large saucepan with a lid). Seal the cooker and bring to pressure and cook for 5 mins. (If using an ordinary saucepan just cook until the plums go all soft an mushy). When cooked, seive the plums or remove the stones and work in an electric blender until smooth. Return the seived plums to the pan and add the sugar, heating gently and stirring until dissolved. Increase the heat and bring to the boil. Boil rapidly in the open pan until setting point is reached - usually about 10-15 mins. Test by putting a tsp of the mix on a cold saucer or plate , wait a minute or two and if after drawing a spoon through the blob of jam it stays apart then you have reached setting point. Pour the 'cheese' into warmed jars and cover with waxed discs. When cold, cover with cellophane covers or lids. Makes approx 750g (1 1/2 lbs).

    This is absolutely delicious, and great on hm scones!


  • Thanks Herby (and Denise) for the vote of confidence and also for the great advice. I'm definitely going to try that as I was trying to figure out a way of "offsetting" the meals out. Just been sitting thinking again how great these forums are not just for ideas but for the encouragement and motivation that's shared between everyone. As a newbie just want to take the opportunity to say a BIG thanks and appreciation for it.
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    Just back from mr t and found that the hovis crusty white mix is 30p shelf says 35p so i got a couple, then as i walked past the baking decs i noticed also, that the mcdougalls??? puff pastry mix was 7p....yes 7p the women next to me was talking to her daughter 'i think i'll make jam tarts today' so i pointed this out to her, she was surprised too there was a scanner in the isle, (isle 13 at hamilton leicester) so scanned it and she was shocked, several pakts went in her trolley as well as mine.Wot shall i make???????Also got some tesco value museil, is that wot you use for granola??? and porridge oates for twinks, just a question wot is the differnce in porridge oates and scottish porridge oates, there was 20odd pence in difference in price. Grand total spend today was £9.74 NSD yesterday and the day before, wont spend sat or sun either as working early shifts(i hate them) Off to make tea for work and some more twinks.......bbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeee
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    Herbaholic wrote: »
    .. I divide up my monthly budget by the number of days until next pay day, and that gives me a daily spend amount. If I want to do something like go out for a meal, I know I have to do 'x' number of NSD to claim that money back.

    What a great idea! I will be trying this next month. Thanks

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    Morning all

    just thought I would sign in just in case someone missed me
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    Argh! have added up all spends (inc a couple I'd forgotten about) and now have less than £60 for 2 weeks - and school breaks up today:eek: :eek:

    Have just spoken to DH - who's view was 'well that's not going to work then' but I did say to him it could IF we were careful and ate out of freezer/ cupboards and only bought F&V, milk & whoopsies (at the term whoopsie he looked at me as if I was mad!)

    Menu planning is now a MUST. We have lots in, I just need to jig it about & not make the kids feel short-changed (hols and all that) Lots of baking was in the plan, anyway, so that takes care of the 'goodies' side of it all! There are no birthdays or anything due, so that's ok too:D

    Can't wait until my toms ripen in the garden - we have loads but all remaining green - no hint of redness yet :-( First courgette is a few days away from being big enough :-)) And we have loads of lettuce - can't keep up with it so keep giving it away! Must freeze coriander before it flowers/ bolts - loads of it atm. Teeny-tiny peppers and chillis are just beginning to grow too - yeay!

    Mrs Mc - good to see you back - we've missed you:T

    Have fallen behind somewhat on posts - hope everyone is doing ok!

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    sorry, can anyone tell me how to make granola bars/snacks???? i presume is museli and wot else?
    always on the lookout for a bargin always better when its free!!:T

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    I meant to ask, do other people find that diluted milk doesn't keep as long as undiluted? I find that a day or so after diluting is starts to go off, even though the original bottle it came from might still have a use by date several days ahead. Am I doing something wrong?

    I ran out of 'fresh' milk for this very reason this morning and had to throw some away. I used soya milk in my tea and coffee this morning which I don't like at all even though I am quite happy to have it on my cereal or to make porridge. I was determined not to go to the village shop and buy milk as it is so expensive and I am due to go to Sainsbury's with MIL this afternoon. I think Sainsbury's milk doesn't keep as well as other supermarkets for some reason - perhaps they don't keep such strict checks on the storage temperature or something. Anybody got any suggestions?


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