July 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    Morning all,
    Firstly re the 'no Scottish recipes...' on that other thread, I have got to say I was a bit offended when I looked at the link. Lots of people may not have been aware of the rugby thing/the persons sense of humour/had time to read further down the thread. Of course I now understand what it was referring to but I don't really see it as humour. Ok, thats that off my chest! (Of course by allowing no Scottish recipes the OP was missing out on all the best recipes anyway! :p ).
    Won't be a NSD as we need milk but will be a MSD (minimal spend day)- might pop through to the town and get some Cravendale- I know its more expensive but because I can bulk buy it saves us money as I have no reason to pop to the shops! We don't like freezing milk you see.
    OK, I hope everyone is doing ok and enjoying (;) hmmmmm) the lovely weather.
    :heartpuls :heartpuls :heartpuls
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    Had a NSD yesterday, and hoping for another one today:D Hubby and LO eating freezer stuff and i'm having the rest of the Brown rice salad, maybe with some hard boiled eggs;)
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    Morning all!

    Welcome back MrsM! :grouphug:

    Just a quick update from me - must do some work today instead of lurking on here ...

    Spent £13.77 in mrT last night. Didn't do too bad on whoopsies either - bag of broad beans 20p (£1.99), purple sprouting broccoli 19p (£1.89), pot of red pepper couscous 11p (£1.09) and 2 large pots of lemon/coriander houmous for 11p each (£1.14).

    Off to update signature - have a lovely weekend everyone!
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    Morning all yesterday was supposed to be a NSD but went to Asda to get my knitting magazine (not out of GC budget) and discovered that Whiska's 24 pouch packs were on offer at £4.00 so picked up 2 packs to keep my boys going for a while, they've been feeling hard done by because Mummy has been making them eat Mr T's food :eek: Also got some jam sugar after reading how easy it was to make jam on the jam thread (and there was me thinking it was supposed to either weld to the pan or set like fruity concrete!!! :rolleyes: ) thanks perrywinkle for the crushed peach preserve link, I have a couple cans of peaches in juice in the cupboard and I love peach jam but have never made my own so will give this a try :T

    Jediteacher - Hope you're little girl gets better soon, my little 4 month old nephew has reflux and he's been poorly with it the past few days, so you have my sympathies, hopefully you've caught it in time and she'll soon be well again :)

    Gillaman - looking forward to the recipes, and glad you're getting into the swing of things :)
    Thats brilliant herbaholic - I can see I will be referring to you for all things herbal as time goes on! is it generally better to use fresh herbs in cooking rather than dried and is it cheaper?

    It all depends on what you're doing with the herbs and if you have a cheap supply, fresh herbs in the supermarket cost a lot for what they are, I've been known to buy a pot of basil and split it into several pots, same with chives and parsely from the supermarkets. i do find that the pots from the supermarkets don't have as much flavour though IMHO! If you can grow your own herbs they work out at a fraction of the price and if you can get together with a few other people and grow a few different herbs each and swap the excess you'll soon have enough to keep you going. If you need growing tips etc holler and I'll point you in the right direction, but people like Mrs M and some of the other ladies on here that grow their own herbs will be able to help I'm sure :)

    If you can grow fresh and freeze them for lean times then do so, mint, chives, parsley, basil and tarragon all freeze well if you just bag them in freezer bags, extract the air and bung them in the freezer. Be warned though they will thaw very quickly so only take out as much as you need and not the whole bag.

    You can dry your own herbs really easily, loads of info on drying herbs on the internet. Personally I think things like dried parsley and chives are a waste of time as they loose all their aroma and taste. As to whether fresh or dried herbs are best, its all down to personal choice, I always use fresh when I can, but I do use things like dried sage and oregano. Dried are cheaper for what you get, just make sure its a reputable supplier and check the sell by date if its almost out of date the flavour may also be long gone.

    And there goes me being my name again lol, will pop off an update my siggy with last nights spends now, hugs to everyone and special big hugs for all the poorly peeps or those who need some extra TLC :)
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    Morning all.

    Hello and nice to meet you Mrs M, sorry for whats happened.
    Dont look so good today weather wise.:eek: It may brighten up..pleaseeee.....

    I updated my sig yesterday as I spent 6.96, that was just for potatoes,sweet peppers,ice cream sauce and 12 pints of milk.
    But at 39.70 for the week so far I am just so pleased

    I saw a post yesterday about someone made 50 pepper things with 1kg of steak mince, I cant for the life of me find it again,(just wanted to use the persons name)
    But I am really interested in the method for this recipe, please...

    I have a few recipes that I do, one comes from my nan made it for my mum, then my mum made it for me and now I do it. I will put some on.

    I have noticed there are loads of recipes on here, I will go through all pages and start writing them down.

    I am getting excited about going shopping again on Monday, and only getting what is on my list and walking away with change, hopefully lol.

    I cant believe how much this site has helped me in a space of a few weeks.
    I joined MSE ages ago and used to go on one page (free stuff), have had washing up liquid and shower gel and stuff but I didnt know about you guys back then.

    I had some peas the other night , I will post a piccie


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  • Just started the grocery challenge officially as OH gets paid 15th of month. Spent £32 Sunday to get stocked up and only £14 since then, so off to a pretty good start. Only downside is that we now have 2 meals out this weekend for OH b'day so that's going to cancel out the good work on the grocery challenge :sad: Oh well.
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    angelnikki wrote: »
    thats the no fat sponge not the eggless one moniker
    here's the yoghurt cake links: Yoghurt Cake (the easy way)
    MrBadExample's yoghurt cake (the recipe is on post 16 of MBE's thread)

    I've never had a problem with the MrT site (I've used them every week since DS was born and he's 21months now) and I always edit my order right up to the day before delivery but I think you should keep trying and if that doesnt work try phoning them up.


    Sorry about the mix up (if you'll pardon the pun!) I must've been asleep! Thanks for the link AngelNikki - I have copied and pasted the recipes to my file.

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    Just started the grocery challenge officially as OH gets paid 15th of month. Spent £32 Sunday to get stocked up and only £6 since then, so off to a pretty good start. Only downside is that we now have 2 meals out this weekend for OH b'day so that's going to cancel out the good work on the grocery challenge :sad: Oh well.

    Don't look at it like that hon, just imagine what it would have been like if you hadn't been careful! I almost made that slip earlier this week, but I decided to make a positive out of the negative :) The important thing is you're working to reduce and save, if you do overspend a little at the beginning of your month, you can try and get back on track by being savvy with what you have in and having a few no spend shopping days?

    DH gave me a new plan, I divide up my monthly budget by the number of days until next pay day, and that gives me a daily spend amount. If I want to do something like go out for a meal, I know I have to do 'x' number of NSD to claim that money back. Haven't tried it yet, but will do from the 28th July when my new month starts. You're doing good, keep it up and don't be down on yourself for what hasn't happened yet, celebrate the good work done so far :)

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    Yesterday was a fairly good day I think. Late opening on our high street so OH and I met up for a little stroll around the shops. I go into London everyday to work but poor OH walks 5 min to work and back everyday and any little outing makes him happy. :P

    On the GC front, I bought 2 more bottles of juice from the Tesco near work - £1 for a litre of Minute Maid orange. We love that brand anyway and £1 is quite cheap for pure fruit juice so have stocked up for the rest of the month. Comparison shopped and picked up 6 lemons from Mr.S (10p cheaper than Mr. T). And best of all...I went into Mr. S to buy cottage cheese and found a big pot of it in the whoopsie section - 30p instead of £1.29. And it's use by 19th Jul, which is when I was going to use it anyway. Yay!

    Also bought egg replacement powder from Holland and Barrett so will experiment with that this weekend.

    Total £6.87, which brings me perilously close to my budget but all I need for the rest of the week is frozen peas so you never know I may yet make it!

    Have a nice day all - or as nice as possible with this weather anyway!
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  • Just caught up with the post from yesterday,

    MrsM - Good to see you back with you - sorry to hear about your sad news ((Hugs))

    Jediteacher - Hope you DD is better soon x

    Cammumof3 - It was Annlouise who posted about the meatballs

    I popped into Asda last night for cheese and milk - spend £9.36, but that did include two new pie dishes, a new baking sheet to fit more twinks in the oven and some woopsied chicken - 3 large breasts reduced to £1.87. I'm planning a NSD today, so I'll report back later.
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