July 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    cammumof3 wrote: »
    HI all

    JUst wondering if all the recipes from people go on to the list at the begenning of all the pages. Does that make sence.

    Yes, should do, but if you notice one that's slipped through the net, let AngelNikki know and she'll add it on for you.
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    morning all

    off work today as feel absolutely atrocious! didn't get much sleep and OH told me there was no way he was letting me go to work. :) isn't he a sweetie!!

    my plan for today is to sleep on the sofa if i can stop coughing and try and eat sthg, i'm thinking scrambled eggs but i've not even got the energy to decide.

    ioiwe x

    ps, where is the sun?????
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    gillaman wrote: »
    Herbaholic – for info about herbs – any idea why both my rosemary plants in tubs have been looking yellow all summer. One’s prostrate, one’s upright. They’re not overwatered.

    My ginger rosemary looked like that at the start of the year! It had been in a pot and had got too wet and moss had grown around the top! :eek: I removed the top inch of compost removing all the moss and topped it back up with fresh compost, gave it a drink and popped a slow release plant food tablet in.

    If the leaves are yellow it could be down to lack of water, yes I know that sounds odd as most people think herbs don't need a lot of water. But if you have herbs like rosemary and bay in pots and they get too dry they will pout. sulk and turn yellow! Also if you used garden soil in the pots and you have a soil type that is dry and sandy then the rosemary can get too dry and that can lead it to turn yellow. It could also be down to nutrient deficiency, give the plants a little general purpose fertiliser in (only do this once mind, herbs don't like to be fed to often, some not at all). If the rosemary are in pots then I'd water every 3 days after the liquid feed and things should improve in a couple of weeks. Hope that helps?

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    Hi everyone just back from my hols which were great.No way I'm trying to catch up on posts as July would be over by the time I'd finished! Moniker I found if you use cooled boiled water from the kettle to dilute milk it solves the problem of going off too quickly.Hit Mr T for 8 bags of reduced stuff last night for £12 then discovered I was o/charged so an extra £4 came off that.One happy bunny.
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    Denise – sorry to hear you are having a crap day, I know exactly what you mean with DH, as mine is still only doing weekly work. So don’t worry you are not moaning that’s what we are all hear for. Dink1
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    Denise did you try that yoghurt cake ,,I am doing it this afternoon will let you know what happens

    doing well looks like an NSD for me today .. I dont seem to need anything so will carry on regardless

    see ya
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    KAAT-LADY love the pic really cheered me up, just worked out that I am going to go over budget again this month I am definately getting better though pay day 25th and I have nothing left in my purse so will have to draw out some more cash to keep me going till Thurs, will be a NSD today but havent enough in to last till then, plus DD15 will need dinner money for 3 days next week, A baking weekend I think for me, going back to browse over everyones recipes to get some inspirationxx
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    jediteacher sorry to hear your DD's poorly. You could try giving her a gingerbread man ;) as ginger is supposed to be really good for settling tummies (avoid any ginger biscuits with nuts in though as she's under 3). I found it worked really well for me when I was preggers and had a bit of reflux. HTH. :grouphug: give her a hug from me xx

    Thanks for the recipes gillaman :T
    cammumof3 wrote: »
    Hi all

    can some one tell me, all the recipes that we post here, do they all end up in the recipe list at the begenning of the thread.

    Yes that's right. I put links to all the recipes that are posted on this thread onto the Index on the first page to make it easier for everyone to find them again :A
    KAAT_LADY wrote: »

    AWWWWW :)

  • cammumof3

    1kg mince,400g pork mince - mix in large bowl
    Add 1/2 red pepper finely chopped,1 onion finely chopped,dash mixed herbs,dash ginger,s&p,egg white to bind.

    Roll into small balls and coat in flour.

    Chill 2 hours or more.

    Fry in oil of choice,I finish mine off in oven just in case they are not done in the middle.Serve with spaghetti and sauce of your choice.

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    DeniseF Could I please have the recipe for the mince and onion pie you are making your DH? I cant stand the shop bought ones and DH loves his pie.

    Thank you.

    P.S. I am a fellow Basildon person :)
    2 adults and 3 children DD (14), DD (12) & DS (10) :smileyhea and 2 mental beagles.
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