July 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    Anitaj73 wrote: »
    Hi all, quick bit of advice please :)

    I am doing bread rolls instead of a loaf and wondered what temp oven should be and how long they will need??

    Thanx for help :)

    soft bread rolls HTH
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    OrkneyStar wrote: »
    Wonder when our new Tesco will start having whoopsies as there is generally a distinct lack of them up here :mad:
    I know when I started working for Tesco mind you that was 16 years ago they didn't have to worry about their waist bills for the first couple of months so we didn't reduce very much. I don't know if things have changed. But things will change once they have been up and running for a few months. HTH
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    Anitaj73 wrote: »
    Hi all, quick bit of advice please :)

    I am doing bread rolls instead of a loaf and wondered what temp oven should be and how long they will need??

    Thanx for help :)
    Not sure if this will help you but I have just made a packet of Hovis white bread mix ( on offer in Asda for 39p) It says you can make a loaf or 8 rolls and to cook them for 20 mins gas mark 7.
    :j Hope this helps
    :hello: JULY G/C £50 WEEK

    WEEK 1 = £69.50 :eek:

    WEEK 2 = £60.83:eek:
    Week 3 :mad: £72.05 :mad:
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    Thanx for that angelnikki I knew it would be different from the loaf. Fisrt time on rolls for me so fingers crossed :)

    Productive day here for a change as fell a bit behind over weekend. Had bad results from my sons hearing test at the hospital on friday so have been feeling a bit low. He's already got grommmetts in both ears but now they think he has a perforated ear drum so he's gotta go for another op so they can clear he's ears out and check, poor thing he's only 5. Not been able to talk about since friday so thanx for listening.

    Anyway got 2 loads of washing done this morning, dust, hoovered, ironed, made a batch of twinks and some bread rolls in oven now :)
    need to do some butterfly cakes before kids get home from school too. I got told off by my kids because we had ran out of everything homemade so i promised to get back on track today :)

    Have a good day everyone even though its been raining for the past 5 hours at least :(

    Anita xx
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  • Wow hubby has just made some strawberry and apple muffins, they where fantastic. He used homegrown strawberrys and an apple (did'nt have enough strawberrys as we have been eating them,lol).
    Hubby's cooking tonight , homemade burgers and for pudding freshcream icebuns.
    Rain hasen't stopped since we got up, got my extra airer which has been brilliant since the weather has been so wet.

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  • Anitaj73Anitaj73 Forumite
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    Thank you busy mum.....was just looking up conversion to gas mark :)
    May GC £350/ spent so far

    family life = 2 adults DS x3 & DD1 + dog :)
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    just dropped in to see what you all are doing and I might have guessed ,,, baking,,, I have bread to make but other than that ,,,I have iced buns to defrost and twinks to eat,, after I come back as I have to go out and get DH some honey and sugar at the warehouse as its only 69p

    hope you are feeling better denise

    herbaholic thanks for the recipe will try them later

    annelouise never thought to make cekery sou with the tops that sounds good as DH loves cerery soup,,, I dont thats why we never have it,, but maybe I will make him some now and freeze the rest

    see you soon guys
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    Hi everyone,
    not posted in a few days as somehow i've managed to go 6 days without spending money on food!! Oh keeps getting freebies from work, came home today with jacket potatoe and salad and a HUGE bag of maltesers. Will have to stick em out of the way tho, dont wanna be tempted.

    Have a good day
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    KAAT_LADY wrote: »
    Good Afternoon all:j

    angelnikki your peppers look a bit too wet I'd let them dry out a little not all the way but a bit, I have a few little ones but I shall be keeping them indoors as its a bit too cold outside and a little late,but hopefully we will get a few. you need to put them in bigger pots with potting compost, but I would keep them indoors and feed them with tomato food :beer:

    I have just been to MrsM's to get a few 50p burgers and tomatoes and milk and potatoes well, it all came to £13.02 not bad,, them went to MrT's for butter,, only:A

    denisefowler instead of just adding to the pages of your recipes,, I make a separate word doc for each and save them in a folder called recipes on the desktop,, if you right click on the desktop you can make a new folder, and name it anything you want

    see you soon
    I've done this as well, makes it much easier to find things.
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    OrkneyStar wrote: »
    Me again,
    I have a question for all you bakers.
    I have about 3/4 pint of milk that needs to be used (not freezing it as we don't like frozen milk)- could I add this to a bread recipe instead of water, or half and half ? thanks in advance.
    What a great post Herby- I agree with what you mean about offers- its not a bargain if you don't use something and certainly not if you don't even like it!
    I tend to just buy 1 or 2 BOGOF/deals unless its something lovely like green and black organic chocolate (made a severe dent in Tesco Wick chocolate supplies last summer as it was about 60p cheaper per bar than at home) :T .
    Hope work goes ok moneysavingnewbie :p .
    And was it Zoe who mentioned babies earlier- what age is your LO ? Mine is 13 months nearly :eek: :eek: growing so fast!
    Ok talking of babies someone wants some milk!
    hiya my little man is 4and half months,the other 3 are older ranging from 8 to 15! must be mad eh,lol,hes great though,just a shock to the system,also-tortillas use milk if thats any help??? x
    family is me,oh,16yDS,10DD,9DS&17month old DS,2dogs,3cats,4bunnies,5 ex battery hens&5fish.GC challenge-/£300:pspends already this month-animal food-£28,mr T shop-£119.plus local shop spends total spent £257,:j
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