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    Worldwide Marketing Solutions / Worldwideems con? Beware!
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    • 13th Jun 10, 9:51 PM
    Worldwide Marketing Solutions / Worldwideems con? Beware! 13th Jun 10 at 9:51 PM
    Just to let you know that I know of someone who has just started her own small business and was called by a member of the Worldwide Marketing Solutions sales team. Apparently they claim to BE Google, and thereafter employ aggressive sales technique to quickly part you from £120 for a Google advert which, at the time of writing, hasn't yet materialised. She did try to cancel the advert about an hour after the initial sales call, suspecting that she had been conned, but they point blank refused saying she had no rights. I would recommend avoiding them like the plague. Their website is at
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  • Radio-Gnome
    Beware of Net Search Media Double Click Online LTD selling Google ads!
    I am a freelance photographer working in Kent and struggling to build a business. So when I was contacted by a salesman from the above company on the 15th Nov, who claimed that for £99 + one off £20 set-up fee then the vat a total of £139.83, I would be in the pink champagne area at the top of the google ads on the first page under 5 keyword phrases related to my business within 48hrs, I was very interested.

    So, excited by this prospect I agreed to a month of advertising and after 48hrs my ads were not appearing, so I contacted the company who said they needed to wait for a tech report on my account, by the Friday 19th Nov 4 days later I received a call to say my ads were live. By the Sunday no ads were showing again, I contacted the company again on the Monday 22nd Nov they said that I must have another ad campaign on Google that's cancelling out their ads. I explained that I had no other ads and when they looked at my account I was told they had duplicated my account and that was cancelling out the Google ads. They then promised to rectify the problem and from then until now the 7th Dec my ads have not appeared on Google as agreed.

    So on the 2nd Dec I sent an email to Net Search Media explaining the above problems and asking for my account to be stopped and for a full refund to be credited to my bank account, this was their reply :-

    Dear Chris,

    I have received a response from the directors and the Technical team.

    As the ad has appeared every day, net Search Media would not be prepared to offer a refund.

    The reason for the advertisement only showing occasionally each day, is due to high usage of the phrase that consumes the budget quicker, which is not a negative thing as people are using the actual phrase.

    We would point out, however, that your ad has been on page 1 each day all be it not for 24 hours, which is not our commitment.

    None of the above was explained at the point of sale and after spending £139.83 you would expect value for money, which Net Search Media have not provided. I still cannot find my ads and feel completely ripped off.

    Google should look into these unscrupulous crooks that set them self’s up selling ad campaigns to small businesses like myself, making misleading promises that they can not fulfil!
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  • Radio-Gnome
    Hi Everyone,

    Just to update you all, I phoned my bank today Santander, who have been very helpful. I explained the situation that Net Search Media were posing as Google when selling to potential customers and that their service was not as described. I explained that I wished to cancel my visa debit card, as I feared they would continue to take unauthorised payments from my bank account. They then immediately offered to contact Visa to see if I could make a claim, after waiting a few minutes I was told that I would receive a declaration to sign by post then the total amount will be refunded to my bank account!

    I hope this may help others here in the same situation, it seems Visa is taking online fraud very seriously.
  • zimmy0
    That's good but be aware that net search media have something like 40 days to appeal against the decision and if they do you may still lose the money (although I hope not). I'm in the same situation having had money refunded to me by my card company about three weeks ago...fingers crossed. Incidentally I wrote a detailed letter to Google's legal department but I did not get a reply.
  • TSP Registered
    Not fit for purpose
    Now this shower of con men now pretend to be "facebook" I notice their website's disclaimer which is at the very bottom manages to hide the word "Facebook" (although it is splattered everywhere else to add to an illusion they wish to create) it does this by having most of the disclaimer in white on green but the word "facebook" is white on white. It is impossible to read it unless you highlight the full text then it shows up. I would imagine that any court of law would see this as deception thus invalidating the contract which is based on that website.

    Furthermore I notice they offer web design as part of their package - if the website designed for any client is as bad as their own, which not only contains white on white text but spelling errors (which as the misspelt words exist are not picked up by spellcheckers) Spell checkers are considered artificial intelligence but are no match for natural stupidity! So anyone finding errors in their website design could contend it is "not fit for purpose" and claim a refund.

    I haven't been conned out of money, and sympathise with those who have, but have been pestered, annoyed, insulted, mocked and threatened by their telephone sales personnel when I have mentioned I am TSP (Telephone Preference Service) registered and shouldn't have been phoned. I have reported this company to the TPS but don't expect much action - next step is the ICO.
  • LloydFloyd
    I'm another embarrassed victim. They phoned me last December claiming to be from Google and offered me one months trial for £99, stupidly I gave them my card details. Quite quickly I realised that it was a scam but could not get through to them, it was constantly engaged and the one time I got through I was given the run around, at no point was I made aware that I was in a contract with them, I only agreed to a one off charge. Sadly they took more money and so I spoke to the bank to cancel the card and explained the situation.

    However I have now had an email saying they are taking me to court for £1k! they rang in June after realising that I had cancelled the card which was when I told them they had conned me, mis-sold posing as another company and I had never agreed to a contract! They told my husband after I was abusive to them in June, they had decided to let the bill rack up until it was worth their while taking me to court! They cannot sue me for conning me surely?! I thought they had only duped me out of £200, but they informed me they continued to take money for a further four months! Its a worry, surely all this is illegal, how can they continue to trade? I really would like to know where everyone who has been duped by them stands legally?
  • Peter 66
    Worldwide Marketing
    I too have received an email this afternoon demanding £900 as they say I have cancelled my contract. If I was to pay by 5.30pm then they would accept £400 plus VAT! I cancelled by email during the first trial month when I realised they were not Google (as they had said on the phone!) which was back in March/April. I have heard nothing from them since then until today when I get the email. I have had no invoices, no demands, nothing!

    The email states that they have emailed and phoned me and had no response. When I phoned them and spoke to a Frank Burns he restated that I had verbally agreed to the contract on the phone and they have the recording and terms and conditions were emailed aswell and they have no record of my email (which I stupidly don't have a copy of!) He didn't care that I had not received any invoices or indeed monthly stats reports. "These were all sent to you according to my department! " He offered to accept £400 and forget about the VAT if I agreed to pay now and this would also entitle me to another 4 months google advertising!!!!(I assume he is after my credit card details!!) and said that if I don't then the papers will go to his legal department and off to the Court!

    I have obtained some legal advice and they are of the opinion that this is a money scam to get people to pay up rather than go through the possibility of being taken to court and the discount is an incentive to do so quickly. They have advised me to inform Trading Standards and ignore Worldwide.

    Has anyone else received this email??
  • miniboy
    World Wide Marketing Scam
    I too was 'HOOKED' in by these people last summer when the told me over the phone "They Were Google" and could help me start my new company web sites marketing. When I received their confirmation email a few minutes later it was obvious they were NOT Google. I too immediately tried to cancel but they flatly refused.

    They have just demanded an additional £693 saying I didn't "cancel my contract" with them !!!!!!!!!!!!

    I will be contacting Trading Standards

    BE WARNED !!!
  • cathywivacee
    I have, on 17th similar situation. I have reported them to trade and standards, they said to send a letter by recorded delivery stating they are in breach of contract. I received another e-mail today of the same hilt, saying they will take me to court. I told them I am taking legal action.
    Let's see what transpires!!
  • Jwh-electrical
    This is shocking!!!
    This has happened to me as well. Although i told i could ring at anytime in the first 30days and cancel, i did and they were ok about This now i have This email.

    I am sending this email due to your account being outstanding.
    Your payments have declined and we have not received a payment for your Google Subscription since 27th August 2010 and we have had no cancellation letter off your company.
    Credit control have tried to settle this account but to no avail.
    This account has now been passed to me and I will legally enforce the full amount owed if this account is not settled.
    5 months payments of £99.00 plus vat are owed to Worldwide Marketing Solutions.
    Total Owed £450.00 + Vat.
    If payment is not received within 7 days we will issue legal proceedings against you.
    If full payment is made before 5.30pm today then we will settle the account for the sum of £350.00 plus Vat.
    Please call 0161 633 6003 at your earliest convenience to make payment.
    Kind Regards
    Frank Burns
    Head of Credit Control
    Worldwide Marketing Solutions

    Lucky they have never tacken anymore payments and Will not get any. Also never Tryed to take any and have not sent any invoices or reminders!.
    Now they say that they have a recording of your agreement it Will have on it there lies and cons, So i am not worried.

    I Will be contacting trading standers and the legal team at fsb and lets see how thats go.

    I know were there office is its just of king st next to Linda round about in Oldham i use a company next door.
    I Will contact trading standards on This aswell. I think just a print out of This page would win any leagal case.
  • Jwh-electrical
    Sorry about the spelling just angry.
  • Premier
    Blimey. 5 separate rants from brand new users. This crowd must be bad!
    Originally posted by bingo bango
    Come on, who is going to be number 10?
    Originally posted by Premier
    Geez, I've lost count now.

    I wonder if Martin is going to offer a bottle of champers to the 100th?

    Edit: better make that the 10,000th
    Last edited by Premier; 29-01-2011 at 2:00 PM.
    "Now to trolling as a concept. .... Personally, I've always found it a little sad that people choose to spend such a large proportion of their lives in this way but they do, and we have to deal with it." - MSE Forum Manager 6th July 2010
  • pauluk21
    I to have been had by them. Eventually got through and cancelled my account. They said they have sent me through loads of emails with invoices and terms etc, but having gone through everything, they hadn't sent me anything.

    I only got onto this when my accountant asked for invoices from them. Obviously I had none. So, now I wait for all my invoices that were meant to be sent to me.

    The guy I spoke to was quite helpful actually, but that doesnt not make up for the misrepresentation that they have done. Not once did I receive anything from them, not even a contract (which apparently had been sent) to let me know what I had let myself in for. So now I wait for all the emails they think they have sent. Will I get them?

    In my opinion, do not let them take you for a ride, they said in the initial call about being from google (they are not). They did not explain that the contract (never seen) was a rolling contract.

    Do yourselves a favour, steer clear of world wide marketing solutions website address worldwideems based out of Oldham.

    Can I get my money back? spoke to the bank, probably not.

    Will they continue to sell a not so good service yes. Will they continue to mislead people yes. Will they be stopped, probably not.

    Typically its us that are fuelling them, so please people do not help them get your money. I should of followed this up more thoroughly and that was my fault, dont let yourselves be caught out by the same mistake as i did.

    I will be following this up over the next week or so and will try and let anyone know what the outcome was.

    Not a happy teddy
  • greensleeves08
    Con artists
    Sorry for the long post!

    We too have been scammed.

    Back in June 2010 "Google" rang, offered us this brand new product which would make our business appear at the top of google.
    I have another business that I manage my own google adwords, so I asked them if this was google adwords, however was told that my business advert would appear above all the normal adwords in a seperate box and is not the sponsored results.
    I eventually gave my credit card details, and was told that I have a 30 day trial with them. I was not told at any time that after the 30 days I would get charged £150+vat a month unless I cancelled.

    That night I did a bit of research on WMS and found that they were not google, nor anything to do with google.
    I immedietly sent them an email telling them that I had been missold and that I did not want any further business with them, and that I wanted a full refund. I then rang my c/card and was told that there was no way to stop the payment being taken, but could cancel the card to stop any further payment. I did this straight away.

    I then sent another email to WMS again saying that I had been missold and that I wanted my money refunded all I would take it up with my credit card company and make a chargeback claim against them. I got a reply from them asking why I thought I had been missold. I again replied and stated that I wanted a full refund and no further business with them.

    I received no reply, so I submitted a claim to my credit card company for a chargeback. The credit card company came back to say that as it was a business purchase my claim would not be valid. Obviously this was annoying but we just let it go and got on with our business. I assummed that this was all over now.

    Anyway, 7 months on, I today 31/01/2011 got an email to say that I owed them £1043.00 plus VAT, and that they will legally enforce this if the amount was not settled. They said in the same email that if I paid £400 plus VAT by the end of the day then this would settle the account.
    This is the first contact I have had from them since June, no emails, telephone calls/messages, or letters have been recieved from them.
    I phoned "Frank Burns" who is "Head of Credit Control" and explained that there is no way I am paying any money. He asked whether I cancelled my contract, to which I replied I did not have a contract with them, only a 30 day trial. I told him that I had emailed and spoke to them via phone within a week of them taking the original payment saying that I wanted a full refund and I obviously did not want to do any business with them. He said that I needed to send a letter in to cancel.
    We argued for a few minutes and he said that he would pass all my details onto his legal team for court action. He did say that if I wanted I could settle for £300 with no VAT and I would get 4 months free google adverts.
    I asked him to email me this in writing along with the original terms and conditions.
    I have since replied to him with the emails that we sent back in June and also the reply we got from them saying that we did not want to do any business with them.
    I also sent an email to say that I had spoke to my solicitor and he had said that they have no right to be requesting any money from me, and I could also take legal action against them for harassment.

    He has replied to say the emails that he is now going to make it formal and proceed with legal proceedings for £1043.00 plus VAT.

    Has anyone had the same happen to them, and if so, what has happened?
  • bebe79
    What was the update with this? I have been threatened with legal action now too
  • rich nuclear
    me too...
    I too have had the very same letter today informing me that I owe them £540 for 5 months payments. Exact same wording as above.

    Funny how they wait 5 months before sending you any correspondence...

    I'm off to ring my solicitor now and see if there is a case against them as by the number of people posting on here it should be quite clear they scam artists...

    Has anyone had any correspondence after their 7 day letter ?
  • bebe79
    Any update with your solicitor Rich?
  • bebe79
    Any news from your solicitor Rich?
  • bebe79
    Please let me know what happens. I am also being threatened with legal action.
  • rich nuclear
    I spoke to both my solicitor and Consumer Direct and both gave some useful bits of information.

    In particular, I would urge everyone to report their scam to Consumer Direct. They will log the complaint and hopefully this will add more weight to the investigation case that could be brought against Worldwide MS.

    In my conversation with them, I explained what had happened in my individual dealings with W W MS, and they advised me what to do at this stage to hopefully bring the situation to end.

    However, I'm not going to put this information on the net until I know for certain I wont be sitting down with a judge and these scamsters and arguing my case in a court room!
  • born7
    Below is a copy of my relply ON ANOTHER site which I see the same complaint here the same complaint here too regarding the legal threats.
    below is my post.

    __________________________________________________ ___________________

    To *****

    I am sending this email due to your account being outstanding.

    Your payments have declined and we have not received a payment for your Google Subscription since 1st November 2010 and we have had no cancellation letter off your company.

    Credit control have tried to settle this account but to no avail.

    This account has now been passed to me and I will legally enforce the full amount owed if this account is not settled.

    4 months payments of £99.00 plus vat are owed to Worldwide Marketing Solutions.

    Total Owed £396.00 + Vat.

    If payment is not received within 7 days we will issue legal proceedings against you.

    If full payment is made before 5.30pm tomorrow then we will settle the account for the sum of £300.00 plus Vat.

    Please call 0161 633 6003 at your earliest convenience to make payment.

    Kind Regards

    Frank Burns

    Head of Credit Control

    Worldwide Marketing Solutions

    Tel: 0161 633 6003

    Email: customerservice-worldwideems

    Web:worldwidems (Had to edit out any links)

    __________________________________________________ __________________________

    I was contacted by this company in Sepember of 2010 and they said they were google offering small businesses a special opportunity to get 1st page of google listings. I fell for the pitch, but then when I recieved a confimation email and noticed "worldwide marketing solutions" instead of "Google" in the confirmation, I immediately called my bank to stop payment and then the worldwide to cancel and let them know I knew they were misrepresenting themselves. They put me on with someone else who said they would look into it and get back to me. Long story short, another associate phoned me back and said the salesperson was so upset learning that I "thought" they we claiming to be google and were so sorry and they wanted to offer me the greatest deal to JUST TRY FOR ONE MONTH (one-off) to prove themselves and if I did not contact them to continue it was a dead deal..... see below: below is the email I asked for them to state it would be just one month!

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________

    from Customer Services customerservice-worldwidems (HAD TO EDIT OUT LINKS)
    to ************
    date Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 2:13 PM
    subject Google Marketing

    hide details 9/29/10

    Hi *******

    Further to our conversation I can confirm that we will run your advert for a period of one month with a guaranteed first page listing on For the sum that you have paid you will receive 8 Keywords that will target different areas of the UK which we will agree between ourselves when I call you back to further discuss the campaign. In addition to this I will give you a listing on Google's search partners I can't guarantee a position on them search engines but your business will be listed. On behalf of myself and Nathan I do apologize that you felt your were misled and hope that I have cleared up all the issues that you had. I would like to welcome you on board and will be contacting you later on today to discuss the campaign.


    Aaron Davies
    Customer Care
    WorldWide Marketing Solutions
    __________________________________________________ _______________________________

    I had cancelled my original bank card and just let this ad run out. The terms were seen for a few days and then disappeared, so I just chalked it up to a loss and lesson.

    BUT to have this legal threatening email a few months later (TODAY) after no email communication, updates or any sign that they made me as a "subscriber" to some deal is rather frightful, and I immediately phoned them and was fuming finally to speak with Frank who sent the threatening letter....

    Frank said I was under a contract and I disagreed and stated what I stated above. He said I was to write them to cancel as per agreement.. I stated I did not have an agreement as stated above.

    When I said I was not going to pay it, he went on to say it is very important I listen carefully the next things he would be telling me. He said he was the last resort prior the "Legal" team and with me refusing to pay I need to be prepared for a court in Manchester like the 13th of February 2011, or so for a court date.

    That put me in panic because I am newer to the UK. I am American and here on a visa, so I do not want any legal issues.

    So, things got pretty emotional and I had not gone back through my emails for the one stating the ad would be for "one month" and Frank went lower and lower on the price and said that £200.00 was the lowest he could go and I buckled under the condition that he would send me an email that I no longer had any affiliation with there company and everything was settled.

    That phone call lasted till 5:45pm UK time.... now here I am 9:45pm, having given them my card number AGAIN and have not received their email that it is all over.... Please!!!! I so hope it is over!!!!

    If anyone knows of any groups or contacts for legal justification to connect with I would love to here about them...
    __________________________________________________ ______

    The above is a copy of my issue.
    I now have the number for Consumer direct so I will phone them tomorrow.

    There are so many pages of the same story of scams by this company, I wonder if it could be used in court with a group us scammees?? ... or maybe with these latest blasts of threatening legal action to fraudulantly take more money from people due to them contriving to be either of Google or Facebook that either of those powerhouse companies would take action.. Facebook takes spammers and scammers seriously and has won the most massive court cases from fraudsters that I know of.. (just brainstorming out loud)

    It seems as though they have a *new* wave of threatening and harassing to get MORE money from people with the lawsuit email. What if a group of us got together to have a case against them?!? There is SO much written evidence that this company is FRAUDULENT!

    I happened across there website listing in google search trying to find if this new email threat happened to anyone else and found something interesting.... Google has flagged their website with "this site may be comprimised" link... looking into the reasons why google does this from what I have read seems to be that the site either may have been hacked, have malware, be unsafe, OR "be suspiscious to google". Hmmm..... I found complaints on the google forum too, regarding worldwide solutions here. My point is that I think this is google's way of trying to warn consumers of scams... BUT, they attack on the phone and sound very convincing!

    I am going to ping this thread so that google comes over to have a read...

    Anyway, I'll check here for updates and vice versa, should I learn anything more
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