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Watching Iplayer, ITVcatch-up, Ch4 online abroad

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  • i also tried the firefox proxy thingy but found it was all a bit too tecnical for me.. paying monthly , for me, is a small price to get my daily dose of eggheads etc.
  • ben213us wrote: »
    not sure what you mean by luncheon meat.

    Pretty obvious he meant spam.
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  • buglawtonbuglawton
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    OK so the Consult VPN is U.S. based, OP needs a UK based one if he wants BBC.
  • ok now this is seriously confusing me. i am not a spammer but a user of consult here monthly PAID service.
    i don't know where it is based. i do know this :

    i pay monthly,.
    i have access to 3 UK vpn servers/ services whatever its called.
    i connect and YES, YES YES, i get bbc iplayer to watch and/ or download

    i think im being clear here altho some of the replies are really bewildering
  • the other service i am THINKING of tryng is this http://www.ukivpn.com/
    this is not spam or meat. whatever. its something i googled and came up with. its just that the consult here service came up first and so i tried them first.
    the above seems to be cheaper, so i may try them when my current month's service is up.
  • buglawtonbuglawton
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    This issue is, the Consult site invites you to pay immediately, while not informing you of which country you are purchasing the proxy for. This info is the main point of having the proxy in the first place. At least the ukipvn site has UK in it's url.
  • it says this : "The above costs allow you to connect to any of our
    UK or USA based servers"

    i think thats what i said in my post above. i got the numbers for the servers in uk and usa. maybe i should have given this instead http://www.consult-here.com/BBC.html which is what i got when i first did my googling for a solution.

    i do admit the page looks a little suspect, but i was desperate to try since like i said, i tried free proxies and they didn't work for me here in asia. so i figured if i was scammed for 9.95. i could afford to lose that amount. and now as a happy customer, im just passing on the good news. and like i said before, it works. and using the po ru iplayer down loader makes it too easy..
  • Hi all!

    By far the EASIEST and maybe one of the cheapest ways of doing this is with a company called ADTelly.tv

    You get an ADTelly toolbar which works as an add-on for the Firefox browser. Then when you want to watch, say BBC iplayer, just press the relevant button on the toolbar and hey-presto, you are watching.

    It takes seconds to set up (not at all complicated and no fiddling around with settings etc) and works really well.

    Best thing is it only costs £5 a month.

    There is a demonstration video on youtube (just search for 'adtelly') and if you google 'adtelly' you will find their site
  • buglawtonbuglawton
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    The real motivation of viewers here is not to steal content, but to access media to which they feel 'culturally entitled".

    The above posts show it's fruitless for media content owners to throw a geo or political border around their offerings. About time the likes of the BBC started offering such cross-border services themselves, and ensure that their content suppliers play ball.
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    Whats the point of going abroad to watch shitty UK telly, stay in the UK it's cheeper :p

    Theres no point going abroad if you want "culturally entitled rights" Just enjoy the TV or even better the surroundings of where ever your going, i'm sure it will be much more fun :)
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