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June 2008 Grocery Challenge

in Old style MoneySaving
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  • russetredrussetred Forumite
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    Right that's me done my final count up and I'm calling it at £319.24.That gives me an extra £30.76 to spend on cocktails at thte poolside next week.Good luck to you all for July.I will be culturing it up in Luxor courtesy of Mr T.See you in 2 weeks,fil mish mish.:beer:
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  • carolt2carolt2 Forumite
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    Hi everyone, just popped in to declare total for this month, just noticed that the july thread is up and running, see you all there,:hello:

    Angelnikki please put us down for 152.64
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  • perrywinkleperrywinkle Forumite
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    Hi Angelnikki,

    Can I please declare £301.23 for June (as won't be spending anything else until July!) – just above my target of £300 but I’m pleased with this as I have also included in this all toiletries, cleaning products and alcohol and would have been under target but wanted to use £7 moc I had for Mr T before they expired. Have entered everything spent in a spreadsheet and trying to put all the great hints and tips from here into practise so hopefully can only get better. Thanks for putting me down for £300 again for July Angelnikki, looking forward to the challenge.

    Thanks to everyone who posted all the great hints, tips and recipes:T
    Couldn't have done it without you
  • Mrs_Money_PennyMrs_Money_Penny Forumite
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    Hi Angelnikki can I declare I went just over budget at £207.82. I went to Aldi which was fatal but I did have to buy 5 presents for the teachers for school at the end of the week. Thanks for putting me down for £200 again this month with the children home all month it will be challaging. See you all on the July thread. Thanks for all the tips and advice everyone.
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  • tylersbabetylersbabe Forumite
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    Well declaring a total and making a pledge....... Total £75.46 my only excuse is I totally lost the plot this month and spent for the sake of spending :o. So next month please put me down for
    £70 this includes £10 marks and sparks voucher and £4 from tescos so hope fully I will manage.

    Oh and the pledge to follow the thread properly unlike june when I got lost by page 10!!
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  • mrssnowy_2mrssnowy_2 Forumite
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    Angelnikki,declaring £166.93 for June,please.

    That is £33.07 under budget,I really think I should reduce my budget ,but I

    quite like that little comfort zone;)

    July will be something else though - DH 60th,my b'day,our 37th(!)wedding

    anni,DD1 b'day,D niece wedding plus 2 friends b'days.:eek:

    Look on the bright side -it will be fun:beer: or4

    See you in July,well done all,((HUGS))all round-just for being here.

    You can't stay young for ever,but you can be immature for the rest of your life.
  • earthmotherearthmother Forumite
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    Morning all :)

    I'm declaring for June - budget of £315, spend of £364.40.

    I am over, but not by anywhere near as much in previous months, and for once I can account for most of the overspend - needed new laundry baskets, a new colander and some food tubs (£8), I took advantage of the Co-op members day discount to get middle son's lunchbag etc for school in September (£10) and hubby went into hospital at the start of last week, so he's had some extra spent there in day-to-day cash and things to nibble on (about £20, but that'll see him through next week too), oh, and we cheated and went to the chippy once this week, so there's £10 there too.

    So, I reckon all in all, it's not been a bad month. I'm setting around the same budget for next month, and after that I'll start trimming it down each time again, see where I can comfortably get it to.

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  • Angelnikki

    Declaring 211.18 for June. 11.18 over but OH's birthday celebrations were in that spend. Usually we would go out for a meal which would put 80.00 odd on the credit card but this year he went out at lunchtime (so work paid) and opted for a family meal at home. Of course this meant buying extra treats but so much cheaper than going out.
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  • hi everyone,
    got 14 pages to catch up on but doing my update first
    declaring june at £374.08 thrilled to bits.
    ANGELNIKKI can you put me down for july at £380.00 thank you
    mrs mc- lots of love and hugs.

    new month starts for me on tuesday but have everything i need until then. good luck to everyone for the new month and welcome to any newcomers. love having all this money to play with at the begining of the month.

    Off to a really good start too. Yesterday I started baking for the freezer and made : 18 chocolate fairy cakes, 18 vanilla butterfly buns, a banana and sultana loaf, and 2 medium tubs of strawberry icecream. Nothing planned for today so hoping to get 2 quiches, tortillas and bread rolls done . just having trouble getting started.!
    love to all
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  • MonikerMoniker Forumite
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    Well I am over by 95p. It's my own fault because I gave in to temptation and bought some nail stuff in Boots that cost £3-89 - if I left it till next week I would have been under by £2-94. Still, I don't feel too bad as I am going to last till Thursday or Friday before I need to buy anything else. So Angelnikki I am declaring at £325.95. Please put me down for £300 for JULY.

    See you in the new thread.
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