June 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    Hello again, hope everyone managed to keep on course, even if not exactly meeting exact targets. It's all in the practice and practice can be fun :D

    I would like to declare my total spend for June at £36.81, so I came in within my £40 budget. :j My July budget will remain at £40.

    To any new participants, I am not trying to starve my household, honestly! :rotfl: I am attempting an overall annual budget of £1000 for 3 of us and did a stockpile shop in May, plus have a shelf load of food that was surplus to requirement after doing a buffet for a party at the weekend. I also have a garden full of (hopefully) fruit & veggies and I'm planning on making all of this last me until Christmas and only doing small top up shops each week for the necessary fresh produce such as milk, eggs, chicken etc.

    Good luck to all for July - the month of garden veggies and salads galore! :T

    Tattycath - last time I got (very) reduced mascarpone I used it in, dare I say it, cheese sauce for pasta! If you pop it in the oven with a little grated cheese and sliced or diced tomatoes over the top it is delicious. I'm still alive and I freeze, defrost, heat and eat macaroni cheese, pasta with various sauces and spag bol :)
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    Hi everyone, havent been on for ages due to working silly hours, I'm declaring £196.06 for June & will attempt £180 for July.

    sorry but got to dash back over to DFW now to confess my sins :o , will try hard to catch up with all news & send (((hugs))) to all in need

    Lula x
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    Nykmedia. Thanks for the tips, I've just put it in the freezer. I bought the mascarpone because it was 29 pence a tub and should have been £1.78-so I bought the last 2 tubs :D
    Can it be used in cheesecake? or is it just a savoury thing please?
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    I,m declaring at £48.47 for June. Freezer is packed to the gunnels, so I,m going to try for £40 for the month of July. I will use my new coupons for Tesco in the next few days but wont be able to store bread and milk, so will concentrate on tins ect. with these. Well done all who came under budget and keep trying all those who lived the high life.
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    Oh, we were over budget by about £50....the alcohol did it!!
    We went to Download this year and bought loads of alcohol to take with us!! If it wasn't for that we would have been under!!! :(
    Will try as hard as possible this month!!!
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  • my spend for june was, £95.64p
    Back on MSE again! to take control of my finances and not let it control me. :T May grocery challenge £41.96/140
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    Been awol the last couple of weeks. An extremely busy time in front of the pc at work and no inclination to repeat it at night at home ;) I therefore have no idea what everyone has been up to so please share the !!congrats!! and (((hugs))) as needed

    I didn't do badly at all this month - a consequence of the huge overspend in May :oSo I will declare my final total at £280 and my July target will be the same - £280

    I'll try and catch up with the July thread now - can't believe there are almost 400 posts already. Shows how much everyone needs to cut back the grocery spend.

    Best of luck everyone, Kitty
    Merry Christmas
  • I'm declaring at 93.61 for June (target 95.00), and will be trying to hit the same target in July.
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    Hmmm June total £220.50

    July budget £200 please
    lost my way but now I'm back ! roll on 2013
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    I don't think that I joined in before but my budget was £110 and I spent £80.

    The saved £30 looks like it will have to be used tonight for shopping as I don't get paid until tomorrow :mad:

    Will try £100 for July that is budget for food and cleaning products.

    Alcohol etc comes from personal budgets.


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