June 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • funkyfunkymonkeyfunkyfunkymonkey Forumite
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    I've decided to declare early for June, I have everything I need to get us to Monday. £200.91 (91p over)

    I will need to do 3 lots of £30 Tesco shopping next week to make use of the NOTW £5 vouchers I picked up today - but it will be for the July budget.

    As this is the end of my 2nd quarter, I am pleased to report that this thread has saved me over £1000 compared to the 2nd quarter of 2007. My 3 month spend Apr, may and June 2008 was only £645 compared to a shocking £1705 last year :eek:

    So, in the first 6 months of this challenge I have now saved £1672 compared to Jan-Jun 2007 - and that is with these supposed price rises.

    Thank you all for your inspiration :T

    FFM :)
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  • linzmac_2linzmac_2 Forumite
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    Hi all!

    I'm declaring June at £202.06.

    £2.06 over budget, but pretty happy with that being my first month and having bulk bought at start of month on some offers that will last me into August!

    Shouldn't be starting July until Tuesday but decided to go to Aldi today so DH could come with me. Will hop on over to July GC now to post my first spend of the month!

  • Savvy_sewingSavvy_sewing Forumite
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    Well I have slipt off of editing my signature etc and recording the little purchases. Remembered when I got Tesco shopping etc....Oops. but I think that to be fair I probably went over budget and think that an estimate of £245 would be more acurate than the target of £225. But to my defence we have had an extra mouth to feed for the last two weeks, and looks like for a month or so ahead. What with the rising prices I suppose its not too bad.

    So please declare me at £245. for June.

    As there are now 5 Adults and 2 babies in the household, I think that I should adjust my target for the coming month. With that in mind I would like to be counted into the jULY TARGET OF £265 PLEASE. I will try harder to follow the thread and to try to make better use of my food, I threw out a lot last month. (Mostly what I had left for the kids to eat and they decided on somethingelse).
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  • smetfsmetf Forumite
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    Hi all
    Thought I ought to head here to declare at £377.95/ £400 for June. Quite pleased we managed it, but was hoping to do better as inspired by all of you!

    Lost it a bit the last week with a few bottles of wine, and also included food spending whilst I was away at conference. Aiming for £350 next month 4 weeks shopping for us, away one week but will get Mr. T shop delivered to take.

    See you in July thread :D
  • belfastgirl23belfastgirl23 Forumite
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    Just popping back in to declare a miserable failure this month, which is even partly guesswork since I haven't had the chance or the will to total everything up properly. I'm going to say a total spend of £220 although that doesn't count what DH spent in M&S on comfort food when I was away. Given that my target was a generous £150 for two of us this is bad news.

    I have also committed the MSE sin of throwing away food - two bananas, two pears, a full pot of yoghurt and a whole roasted butternut squash. I hang my head in shame.

    But I guess it has been a tough month - a lot of entertaining in between being away for stretches of time. This all ends this week so it is def back on the straight and narrow for me. I'm aiming to spend no more than £130 in July which might help keep me within my year's target....

  • wendywitchwendywitch Forumite
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    Had to take my parents shopping today so ended up getting the bits I couldn't get the other day plus some eggs.
    Went to my friends today to cut her DD2 hair and only the way home my DD1 says "I need a tin of fruit for my crumble". She has "tech" tomorrow and forgot the give me the list of stuff she needed, they're making fruit crumble using tinned fruit :eek:. Why she can't use the wrinkly apples I have here I don't know.
    Anyway had to make a dash to the local COOP (never go there to dear) and brought 2 tins of apple slices 69p each:eek:
    Total spend today £13.79
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  • JudellieJudellie Forumite
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    Need to declare June at £405.56speechless-smiley-040.gif. £55 over budget. I didn't realise at the beginning of the month that dinner money for the month came to £48!!!
    Still a lot less than I spent last month so pleased with it.
    See you all in July's thread.

    Jude xx
    GC June: £350/405.56
    GC July: £350 spent
  • Hi please can I declare at £199.53. It was a tough month. Had to be very creative in the end. Although we've still got tomorrow to go, I know we don't need to buy anything. Will do a big shop on Monday evening for July. That seems to work best for us, as I stay out of shops and only top up on fresh stuff throughout the month:confused:
  • fluffysoxfluffysox Forumite
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    Hello everyone, hope you've all had a good weekend x
    I've been out camping and haven't been anywhere near a shop ;).
    So i'll start July tomorrow for the sake of simplicity- I started the June budget a few days before the end of the month so I'm not cheating:A . Angelnikki: My total for the month was £135 (£35 below target:T:T :T ) I'll set target of £140 for July.:j :j :j
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  • lingojingolingojingo Forumite
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    MrsMcawber - hadn't looked on this thread for over a week, just reading back and saw your news. Sending big hugs to you and your sister (((((((((((((((((((())))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    Hope things aren't as bad as you expect, and echoing everyone else's thoughts that your sister will be so glad to see you.

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