June 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • My June total is £145.39 - under budget, although the kiddies and I were away for a week with my parents, and we brought back loads of unused food so not as much of an achievement as it looks :rolleyes:.

    £99.30 (68%) of that was on food, £46.09 (32%) was on non-food stuff.

    Of the £99.30 spent on food, £19.66 (20%) was on milk :eek:, and we even took advantage of offers and watered it down for me & dh...

    Thanks for keeping the lists going angelnikki.
  • declaring in at £233.98

    to be honest i may have gone a fraction over but could not find a reciept from mid june was my bday and got a bit forgetfull so i guessed what it was from memory. but dont think i was far out.
    Still Trying :o
    Grocery challenge July 2016
  • jinky67jinky67 Forumite
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    declaring £192.29:j :j :j :j :j :j

    soooo pleased with myself:D
    cupboards fridge and freezers are now nearly empty........so will be able to start meal planning properly and budgetting better
    On the down side this means I will have to do a huge big shop this month:rolleyes:
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  • Good Morning everyone,:hello: Haven`t been on here for ages, sorry haven`t read anybodys news yet. BIG BIG HUGGS and congratulations to all who need it.

    BIG BIG spend this month:eek: :eek: :mad: :mad: , not sure what happened, must have lost motivation half way through month. Anyway another shiny new month ahead, so MRSM please, please, please, could you put me down for £300 for July and I promise to be extra good;).

    Will try to read up on every ones news in a mo.

    See you all in July, TA TA for now.
    Grocery Challenge 2013: July week 1 £90/£87.41 :D
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    Mortgage overpayment from june 2013 aiming for £400 a month: £451
    Emergency fund 2013 from june £70
  • WooHoo! I posted just after we got back from camping that I had lost the plot for the month and I didn't have a clue what we had spent and had virtually given up. I have just been through the bank statements and totted up - adding a few bits from memory - chippy tea and a few bits from local shop - also a stock up of few 50p items in Asda yesterday. (6 packs of butter!!)

    I have come in under budget. I think this is helps by a few NSD last week. I am declaring at 143.70.

    See you all on the July thread - Good Luck!!
  • Hiya guys, not been here for a while, only gave it a 2wk try in june and failed, but July is another month so here I go! Just been given permission to grow veg in mr & mrs garden so that should help (if I don't kill it all off, which I tend to, not very good at this growing lark):rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
    Congrats to all who are trying, wish me luck:T
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  • Hi folks, been off on holiday over the last week or so and have managed to go over my budget! I'll give it a better go in July and hopefully will be able to reduce my nappy budget in August as going to attempt the dreaded potty training!

    So I'm Declaring June as £234.02

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    I'm declaring my June spend as £346.47. It seems a lot of money compared with others of you on this board but I'm used to spending £100 -£120 every week in Tesco as well as buying odds and ends during the week. I'm pleased because I'm within my target (£350) and have set it at £250 for July (I know I'm going to find it difficult).

  • jackiegibbojackiegibbo Forumite
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    JUNE SPEND £264.66 :mad:
  • tattycathtattycath Forumite
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    Hi all the june budget wqas broken and I ended up spending: £275 final spend for June.
    Please can someone tell me whether or not I can freeze mascarpone cheese? and any recipe ideas will be greatly appreciated please?
    Many thanks in anticipation.
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