June 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    I bought about 6kg of Smart price rice at 45p a kg(it has gone back up to 90p) I previously only bought Asda Basmati but it is now £3.60 for 2kg:eek: .
    Lidl does a basmati rice, 10kg for £11.99, so £1.20 per kg- cheaper than the Asda basmati one.
    :heartpuls :heartpuls :heartpuls
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    Mrs M do you have a bagel recipe for us to try- I hope its fairly idiot proof!

    RachelMK if you have eggs how about a crustless flan for lunches? Or i have dinner leftovers sometimes or make my own soup or tuna pasta salad or whatever and pasta salad depending on your freezer-- sorry I have lunch everyday and have a sandwich phobia! :rolleyes:

    Need to update siggie- am aiming for no more needed this first week after veggie delivery tomorrow and have meal planned for all of July now- we have some comings and goings after that so it will be a bit more up and down and I want to save while I can *feels viruous*

    Does anyone know if you can get the Frontline for cats without a prescription and if its cheaper?

    You can get frontline from http://www.vetuk.co.uk/ without perscription, a lot cheaper than the vets.

    Jackie x

    Oops, as posted by chocolateteddy lol, i had'nt read that far yet hehe
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    MRSMCAWBER wrote: »
    Afternoon all :D

    Ok its official im a numpty :osorry EGON... yes i do have a bag of that flour in my cupboards... i got it when you told me about it before ...i have used some but i mixed it with dinkel (my fave word:p ) spelt flour to us Brits;) and one with sunflower seeds in.. will have to try it just as a plain white loaf next time... hubby loves good old white bread..
    Do you find German bread more dense? is that why you like it? i haven't had any shop bread since i got here..but last time we were out here i used to buy some..and always love the huge range of seeded breads you can get ...

    Hi Mrs M,

    Let me know, how the white bread worked out.

    I do like the different tastes of the german breads. Yes, it is more dense.
    It is made with sourdough (sp?) and this seem to give it a different texture.
    Have you ever tried making german bread?
    I cannot use Lidl mixtures, as the e numbers in there make me ill. (with any type of bread mixture!)

    I let you know my outcome.

    I wish Germany had a website like moneysavingexpert!
  • You can buy frontline without a prescription but if you want frontline combo you will need to ask vet for a prescription (free of charge) The combo one stops the eggs hatching and keeps house clear as well the normal forntline just kills the fleas on cat. I buy all mine online thanks to a forum on here (try putting cheap pet resciprions in forums search at top of page-should come up with it)
    I use www.vetuk.co.uk as when I ordered they were the cheapest but that will give you an idea of cost some charge p&p (for frontline I think it was free or very low) but they were quick for my cat food

    Thank you- we have the combo at the moment- is it just me that's scared of the vets receptionist then?? I will be brave and go and ask for a prescription :o

    I get annoyed having to pay so much each time:mad: and they don't have the guts to put up a charge list at our vets either so its always a big surprise when you go to pay!

    Am trying to work on getting all the household costs down!

    MrsMC- I will try the carrier bag trick then- ta-- just being nosey how long has your hubby been in the forces for if you have been stationed there before?
    June Budget= £151.41/£150:cool:
    10 NSDs (with teenagers :eek:!!)= 8
    Reduced my overdraft a little today- slow but sure!:A
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    Triggles wrote: »
    I also don't know where the local Lidl's store is here, although I do know there is one! Have to find it, as I believe it's fairly close by!

    Hi Triggles,
    I've been a bit like that - head not working in conjunction with my body, which just seems to want to sleep all the time :o ... Don't worry, it'll all work itself out.

    On the Lidls front, here is their website with store locations, hope it helps you find yours: http://www.lidl.co.uk/uk/home.nsf/pages/c.service.s.sts.index
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    Lidl does a basmati rice, 10kg for £11.99, so £1.20 per kg- cheaper than the Asda basmati one.

    Thanks for that ,I don't have a Lidi near me and I don't drive(trying hard to rectify that,four lessons this week).

    If I am honest I found Basmati easier to cook:o ,that isn't a worry now:D
  • Getting close to budget with only 9 euros to go.....

    Spent 40 euro's in new Eroski supermarket today = £31.44 on

    * 2 x large turkey drumsticks for soup 2 euro
    *12 cartons chocolate milk
    *6 litres of apple juice
    *4 litres of pineapple juice
    *Cheese tortellini 500g
    *Meat tortellini 500g
    *Ravioli 500g
    *Ketchup 55g
    *12 fromage frais
    *12 yoghurts
    *1kg hot chocolate mix
    *12 tins tuna
    *3 large bars white chocolate for baking
    *2kg red apples
    *2kg green apples
    *6 tins sweetcorn
    *1 box cocktail biscuits for packed lunches
    *1 jar cocktail onions
    *1kg onions
    *1kg carrots
    *1kg pasta spirals
    *1kg long spaghetti
    *3 x tomato frito
    *1 box icing sugar
    *16 strawb jellies
    *1 tin mushrooms
    *3 litres house wine for sangria
    *6 individual apple juices for packed lunches

    Didn't think that was so bad.

    Have got the 2nd lot of lemonade cooling in the fridge,a jelly on the side.

    We are going out for a Curry tonight as it was my dd8,dd9 end of term production and dd8 was Oliver in Oliver Twist -bless they were both great.So the nasi goreng will be used up tomorrow.

    Rescued 10 large plant pots from a skip on my early morning walk and will need to wash them before I use them.The lettuces look as if they'll make it this time hopefully and courgettes are doing great.

    Sausages and Cream need using??? Cookinmummy?? - cook sausages,cook onions in fat,stir in wholegrain mustard and cream,simmer add sausages and serve with potato,rice or pasta and veggies.

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    OrkneyStar wrote: »
    Lidl does a basmati rice, 10kg for £11.99, so £1.20 per kg- cheaper than the Asda basmati one.

    isthatreduced MrT's value basmati rice is £1/KG

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    Hi all

    Egon.. I will need to make a loaf tomorrow..so i will use the flour then and report back :D
    I used the sonntags flour for the fruit/coconut loaf i made earlier.. i got that flour when looking for normal bread flour when i first got here:o but realised it was for sweetened stuff.... and that fruit bread is stunning made with it:T I think its a bit like what us brits call Brioche bread..
    I use the other flours for my bread so have dinkle, and sunflower and allsorts that i love.. and its because it makes a sturdy dense loaf.
    I haven't tried making German bread.... but im sure if someone gave me a recipe i would do it..nudge nudge wink wink :D
    Its strange..i don't get on with bread mixes either -i get really bad head aches if i use them.. but even when i eat my own white bread..i fall asleep within 30 mins :rotfl: so i think i have a problem with the white stuff (not that it stops me eating it sometimes:o )

    Hi feline.. hubby has done his 22 years... but we have only been married for 6years so when we got married i moved out for the 1 year left in his posting ..then got posted to Suffolk for 3 years..and then when he was due to leave and we were going back to Nottinghamshire -where im from..they offered him another 5 years..and we said yes if we could come out to Germany again:p ... hubby has spent 19 years in Germany and i just love the place... plus we pay no car tax or tax on fuel... no TV liecence and get paid extra for being abroad ..it was to god an opportunity to miss;) this is our chance to get everything but our mortgage paid off and then hubbies lump sum pension when he finishes should pay off our mortgage (at the moment the house is let out so someone else is paying most of our mortgage for the first 8 years :D )....
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  • You are right it is too good an opportunity to miss! :D Its fantastic if you can save all that and be able to pay off the mortgage too. And hubby gets to play golf all the time too by the sounds of!

    I used to live in Derby and every time I had to go to Nottingham it rained!! :mad:

    Going to print out bagel receipe now and make some tomorrow after work- have a survey lady coming round today- anyone got anything they would like me to say about the state of the roads??! :cool: Not sure how I got so lucky as to be selected for this one!
    June Budget= £151.41/£150:cool:
    10 NSDs (with teenagers :eek:!!)= 8
    Reduced my overdraft a little today- slow but sure!:A
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