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Great “Battle of the Brands” Hunt

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  • dreamlife99dreamlife99 Forumite
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    murphymum wrote: »
    Nobody can outdo Heinz baked beans in our house. We tried Cross and Blackwell but found them too spicy. Tried the cheaper brands - too watery. We also can't see past Heinz Cream of Tomato soup. The best!

    my hubby always knows when i havent used heinz beinz - even branston and hp etc will not do
  • Nosmo_King_2Nosmo_King_2 Forumite
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    Baxter's Cream of Tomato Soup, much nicer than Heinz (Well I think so anyway!)
  • ksh123ksh123 Forumite
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    I'm only recently discovering that Co-op branded foods and toiletries are as good, and sometimes BETTER than branded goods - AND they are better for you no GM, hydrogenated fats etc; no testing on animals ever; often locally sourced and often fair trade.
    I highly reccomend their toothpaste for sensitive teeth. I've used Sensodyne nearly all my life and have occasionally tried other brands like Boots own and Macleans (for sensitive teeth). With these it takes about 10 days for pain to send me back to Sensodyne.
    But not with the Co-op stuff - its just as good as Sensodyne and about £1 a tube less! Plus their hand wash, wipes etc are also really good tho with the wipes its best to wait for bogofs to get the best value.
    I have never tried a Co-op food I didn't like and I love the fact that they are so ethical about their production values too. :j
    And of course you can join their membership scheme and get savings and vouchers etc.
    Stop looking for answers....
    The most you can hope for are clues.....:)
  • anntho35anntho35 Forumite
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    Great thread. Lots of ideas.

    Clairol Lasting colour hair colour is excellent for covering grey. Used it for years then decided to go grey - it's easier!!

    Knitting patterns from the Bernat website or Lion Brand. Need to do a tension square first as US yarns don't necessarily equate to ours. Easy!!

    Aldi Almat washing tablets are great. Cheap and efficient.

    Aldi washing up liquid is better than Fairy. Fairy dries my hands out and exacerbates my eczema.

    Thanx everyone for all the suggestions. Hope these help too.
    Smile and be happy, things can usually get worse!
  • hollydayshollydays Forumite
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    I don't like cheaper coffee only buy nescafe.
    Helmans mayonnaise ,very low fat one.
    Yorkshire tea bags.
    Mitchum deodorant.
    Marks and spencer tomato sauce-However I am always open to trying new brands (or non branded cheapo stuff) and am open to suggestions.
    I buy lots of value products and find I often swop to a cheap brand when I do an online shop and have a bit more time to do the comparisons,I find doing an online shop (with a free delivery code of course) and using "my supermarket ,who show you where the cheaper products are,is a very quick way of saving.

    I always do a search of "smartprice" or "value"when I do a supermarket online shop and try a load of new products.
  • I agree about the beans but Asda's smartprice ones are not watery and taste good too
  • sidsmumsidsmum Forumite
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    Zeldazog wrote: »
    Brillo Pads!

    As you say, a lot of stuff is about personal taste (I have tried many brands of other cornflaks, and there's nothing *wrong* - they just don't taste as nice as Kelloggs to me or my son)

    But, I have tried cheaper types of soaped scourers, but in the end I have gone back to branded Brillos - they just seem to do a better job

    You can always make them go twice as far by cutting them in half!
  • springchickenspringchicken Forumite
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    Its Gotta be Kellogs cornflakes or crunchy nut in our house ,the other brands just pale in comparison!
    Moneysaving? - I cant stop spending because of this site!
  • Have tried it all, even tried swapping the labels on the bottles, but kids just won't eat anything other than heinz tomato sauce!! Fairy is defo the best for washing up. Bottle of that just lasts for ever. Still waiting for the hands that do dishes to be as soft as what ever it was though!
  • LyndsayJLyndsayJ Forumite
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    I reluctantly tried using Ecover washing up liquid instead of Fairy at the suggestion of a medical person I know and have been very impressed, contrary to all expectations! It works well and my hands feel much better (I have dry skin and rheumatoid arthritis and both are better, strangely). Not cheap but eco-friendly and effective! Their other stuff is good too...

    I switched to Sainsbury's baked beans from heinz, both reduced sugar and salt ones and we've all been quite happy with them...

    If in doubt I just read both sets of ingredients and see which sounds better - isn't always the more expensive one!

    I also use sainsbury's own brand washing tablets and those have been fine and much cheaper; also their own brand dishwasher powder.

    I used to always use Pampers nappies (on my children!) as own brand never seemed very good...

    Interesting thread, this!
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