Great “Battle of the Brands” Hunt

Everyone has their favourite brands - HP sauce trounces Daddies for me! - but sometimes these choices come down to more than personal taste.

Do any brands actually deliver better value?

Brands are normally a great way of adding price to a product… but which ones do you think actually cut the (Colman’s) mustard? Whether its lightbulbs, washing up liquid or batteries or computers, let us know which you'd recommend and which you wouldn't.
- e.g. Do Duracell batteries really last longer than Energiser?

Please post below to share the brands youve found that do the job best

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  • Zeldazog
    Zeldazog Posts: 291
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    Brillo Pads!

    As you say, a lot of stuff is about personal taste (I have tried many brands of other cornflaks, and there's nothing *wrong* - they just don't taste as nice as Kelloggs to me or my son)

    But, I have tried cheaper types of soaped scourers, but in the end I have gone back to branded Brillos - they just seem to do a better job
  • Aquatic_2
    Aquatic_2 Posts: 42 Forumite
    Sandpaper - 3M Sandblaster sandpaper
    I did some work promoting them a while back and had a little bit to try which I thought was ok but I have recently been sanding down my front door with an orbital sander and the precut paper was tearing or slipping off or just wearing out after about 5 minutes. I went and bought some of the sandblaster on a roll and cut to the required size and away I went - absolutely brilliant - I havent changed it yet and its not torn and is still working as well as when I started AND much better than the other stuff. I'm converted (and no! Im not profiteering from promoting this stuff - I just thought youd like to know)
  • renegade
    renegade Posts: 1,282 Forumite
    Ariel washing powder. Tried all the rest this is THE best and at 30 degrees.
    Agree with last post Brillo soap pads are the best thing out there, do hundreds of jobs, I have used them for 50 years.
    Tesco own brand Peanut butter, everything else is too salty for us.
    Tyhoo T bags gives us the ooooh every time..
    Tried and tested for years original Windowlene nothing else can touch it.
    Jacobs Cream crackers are favourites for us too.
    I wouldnt change my cleaning cloths from Sainsburys, last ages, very economical.
    Bounty Kitchen towels, all the rest pale by comparison.
    You live..You learn.:)
  • ikontix
    ikontix Posts: 7 Forumite
    My mother purchased the cheapest light bulbs she could find. 2 have exploded in use. It was lucky that she was out of the room but in the house. The room was showered with hot glass shards and - on hearing the bang - she was then able to dampen down the hot areas, which could have caused a fire. She has binned the rest of the pack and will only buy branded ones now. As will I.
  • murphymum
    murphymum Posts: 34 Forumite
    Nobody can outdo Heinz baked beans in our house. We tried Cross and Blackwell but found them too spicy. Tried the cheaper brands - too watery. We also can't see past Heinz Cream of Tomato soup. The best!
  • On CH5 series The Gadget Show they tested alkaline AA batteries.
    Top by a long way was Morrisons own brand !!
    I went to stock up. At the time the 12 pack was a fair bit more expensive than buying 3x4 packs, don't know why, there wasn't a special offer, so check.
  • choti
    choti Posts: 74
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    Heinz Tomato Ketchup! Hubby thinks it's all down to conditioning but I don't agree!

    Kelloggs cornflakes too. They make kelloggs cornflakes in India and ship to Bangladesh - you can really taste the difference!!

    PG Tips - really flavoured!
  • nesssie1702
    nesssie1702 Posts: 1,345
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    My OH swears by M&S's Tomato Sauce these days - it's far nicer than Heinz.
  • russetred
    russetred Posts: 1,334
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    Fairy liquid, unfortunately it really does last the longest and has the best lather.
    "Sometimes life sucks....but the alternative is unacceptable."
  • Xbigman
    Xbigman Posts: 3,879
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    Fairy washing up liquid. I've tried others when they were on offer and even the better ones don't measure up.

    Only downside, my SIL uses half a bottle if she 'helps' wash up. She buys the cheapies herself and 'force of habit' makes her suirt in too much.

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