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Great “Battle of the Brands” Hunt

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    deffinatly fairy liquid [ not the new clean & care range its rubbish !] dont like heinz products as they are too sweet . also comfort concentrate lasts longer and smells a lot better than any other brand.
  • ravylesleyravylesley Forumite
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    I agree about Fairy Liquid.I've tried all the brands cheap and expensive but they all irritate my skin.Plus Fairy lasts ages

    Washing Liquid I prefer the value range it removes most stains and if I have a particularly filthy set of clothing I add a little vanish powder to the liquid and it comes up a treat

    I dont like any of the Heinz products as they are way too expensive and sweet for my tastes.I buy bog standard own brand baked beans but not the value ones as they are like bullets.I buy the value tomatoes though as I only use them for pasta sauces and the like so it doesnt make a heap of difference.

    Hubby has to have Douwe Egberts coffee though and believe me I've tried many cheaper brands on him and he hasnt been keen.But I do find it is regularly on BOGOF at Morrisons.So I stock up then and its usually only about £3 for a 200g jar

  • I have to agree with the majority and say that only Fairy liquid really works out as value for money lasts much longer. Also Always towels are much better than any other.

    Tesco washing powder is worth trying though - I think it does a pretty good job but I do love Ariel. Tesco is much much cheaper though (I use the tablets). I use any paracetamols and have Heinz beans for eating on their own and will put other that are on offer into recipes such as chilli.

    I reckon I save a fortune by shopping around as much as I can buying the items on offer in the supermarkets and then finding recipe ideas to use them or storing them for later.:j
  • njjmnjjm Forumite
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    Angel_Eyes wrote: »
    I'd love to hear if anyone could recommend a Hair Dye that really does cover Grey hairs. My friend:D has a few greys starting to appear but all the shop bought ones she has tried either don't cover the gey or only cover them for around two washes. She wouldn't mind paying over the odds for one that really works. But a cheap one would be preferable. tia
    If brunnett although not a dye, the john frieda brunnett shampoo, conditioner and colour glaze stuff really do help to cover the odd grey hairs, my best friend (whos VERY honest) attually asked a few days after i'd been to hairdressers "did you have your hair coloured too" when i said no she couldnt understand, she said "what have you used on your hair then you cant see your grey" it was the combination off these 3, costs a fair bit (often on 3 for2) and it last AGES as you only need to use very little and makes your hair feel lovely!

    Tip. The colour glaze is the stuff that helps with the grey, however used with other shampoos i just found made my hair greasy. Also tried trevor sorbe (same sort of stuff) it didnt cover my grey!
  • Have been using this site for as long as I can remember but first time on the threads so here goes...

    Fairy Washing Up liquid really does last longer - have tried all that I could get my hands on and you always end up using more than less. VGVFM (very good value for money!)

    For my washing I use 'Dolly Washer Balls' bought from Lakeland for £13. They reduce the amount of washing products by a quarter and last for a very long time. They can also be used in the tumble dryer, should you need to. Clothes come out feeling softer even from the washing line. Also in my wash I ALWAYS use Soda Crystals (approx 55p for a litre pack!) I use a couple of teaspoons to each wash. They reduce washing product use, you need much less softening product as they soften the water and reduce the limescale thus your washing machine will love you as it will not have to work so hard to heat the water and you won't have to keep having it repaired! Calgon is a rip off! When I was married (20 yrs) I only had one Zanussi washing machine that never went faulty ( all my friends replaced theirs 3 or 4 fold). Soda Crystals really do save you money. The combination of the two means I do not buy washing products more than once every two months! I use 1 1 1/2 litre bottle of Bold 2 in 1 & soda crystals. My stepson is always pinching our towels when he comes home to visit as he says they are softer than any other! My partner works with tarmac and his work clothes come out cleaner than he has ever known them. VGVFM
    :money:Credit Unions are the way forward, find out about your local one. Anyone who lives in Berkshire - contact Reading C U & ask about signing the petition to launch Berkshire C U, we won't get it if you don't put your name down...:j
  • SmickanSmickan Forumite
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    On the whole I'm largely apathetic to the various brands and the like (can't tell the difference between the various milks/margarine/butter/teas* etc)

    But having said that:

    Asda Value Bacon - Danish bacon's too salty for me.
    Warbuttons - Orange/Green - any other type of bread and I don't eat as much of it and the loaf sometimes wastes, Warbuttons is fantastic.
    *Yorkshire Tea - The only tea I know when it's different. I love Yorkshire Tea :D
  • Hi, in our household we only use tesco own brand double concentrate juice - it's much nicer than any of the other named brands.
    Tesco's own bread too is fine, so long as you don't expect it to last more than 2 days - and in our house of 5 i'm lucky if it lasts a day!! Lol. :p
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    Reply to Angel Eyes re covering grey hair....
    I have used L'Oreal Excellence for more than a few years now! and it does DEFINITELY cover grey! I have shortish hair and can make one pack last for 2 applications (once every four weeks when roots show up!)
    It is often on sale at two for £10 or £11 in Tesco's / Superdrug (now about £6.50 each). The conditioner that comes in the pack is fab too! Good luck!
  • taneytaney Forumite
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    Mayonnaise - has to be Hellmann's. The own brands don't taste as good
    Ketchup-has to be Heinz (although havent tried m&s)&
    Always sanitary towels
  • MSE_Dan wrote: »
    Do any brands actually deliver better value?

    - e.g. Do Duracell batteries really last longer than Energiser

    I think ive saiud this one already but Supacell are better than both..

    Just been on their website look at this ..... I think they should sponser me :rotfl:
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