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Great “Battle of the Brands” Hunt

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  • nickymnickym Forumite
    481 posts
    Fairy liquid beats all the others, even Persil which is worse than supermarket own brands!
    I insist on Heinz tomato ketchup, salad cream & tomato soup but I don't mind cheaper baked beans :D
  • cam101cam101 Forumite
    169 posts
    Heinz ketchup. Nothing compares! (Have tried every one going)

    Fairy liquid- its a family rule that nothing else is worth trying (plus I have eczema so cheap stuff would aggravate that)

    Warburtons white bread- the one in the waxy packaging. It stays so fresh.

    Colmans tartare sauce and horseradish, they aren't that much more than own brand but you can really taste the difference!

    My parents refuse to drink anything bar PG Tips, so when my o/h decided to try value teabags they were horrified and had water!! He has since admitted they were awful lol

  • JennikayJennikay Forumite
    258 posts
    cam101 wrote: »
    Fairy liquid- its a family rule that nothing else is worth trying (plus I have eczema so cheap stuff would aggravate that)
    Own brand washing up gloves :D

    I've found that Skechers trainers are much comfier and longer lasting than any other trainers I've ever worn.

    Even better when I can get them from the local wholesaler for £25 instead of £50 :D
  • helmpjehelmpje Forumite
    1 posts
    Tesco Super fit nappies, mumch much cheaper than leading brands and do a better job
  • mateyboymateyboy Forumite
    118 posts
    Sainsburys own brand Tomatoe Ketchup , The kids just love it and cheaper than Heinz
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  • BigjennyBigjenny Forumite
    583 posts
    Part of the Furniture 500 Posts Bake Off Boss!
    Heinz Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce, nothing comes near it.
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  • ladycat_2ladycat_2 Forumite
    12 posts
    Have to say Fairy Liquid is much the best washing up liquid on the market, a bottle lasts ages and it always gives good results. Also very handy for removing greasy/oily residue, emulsion paint etc. from hands.

    Must also put in a word for Taylors Yorkshire Gold tea bags - great flavour and one bag is strong enough to make at least two cups/mugs worth of tea in a pot.

    I use Woolite for "delicates/woollens" wash in the machine, gives good results and a bottle lasts quite a while (and it doesn't stink like a lot of washing powders/liquids do). Vanish bars (cheaper than the sticks) are also good for dealing with grubby shirt collars/cuffs and greasy stains prior to putting clothes in the machine.

    Vanish carpet foam - really excellent results and it does what it says on the tin. Good for spills (tea, coffee, even Ribena, ground in chocolate) and removing all traces of cat sick. You can use it on upholstery too.
  • Morrisons PURE concentrate fabric conditioner. Really makes clothes soft. Only need a small capful. Definately value for money.

    Lidl swiss style muesli. Only £0.99 a box and tastes better than Alpen!
  • Always sanitary towels
    Lenor fabric softener
    Ariel washing powder
    Michim deordourant
    Dove soap
    Clover spread
    Heinz tomatoe sauce
    Kellogs conrnflakes

    Anything else I'll go with whatever is on offer but I WILL NOT compromise on these as I find them miles better than any other similar products.

    Sarah x

  • Tescos Whitening Toothpaste £1.09 for large tube is as good as other much dearer brands...was surprised about this, but it is true....just bought 3 tubes for price of 2 as well this good job I am pleased with it...
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