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Great “Battle of the Brands” Hunt

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Shop but don't drop
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  • Usually buy Cheerios for breakfast, but thought I would try Tesco own brand hoops as they were quite a bit cheaper.

    Yuk! Horrible! Back to Cheerios!
  • natlienatlie Forumite
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    tesco value tinned tomatoes are great - to me no different to any other tinned tomatoes

    tesco value baked beans are watery but less calories and less chemicals that normal tesco beans - finding that heinz beans have gone powdery and break up when you heat them

    I use boots sensitive washing liquid for clothes, my daughter has bad ezcema - £1.34 half price if you are a health club member - just sign up through advantage point

    paracetamol - buy tesco/boots own 16p bargain

    tesco original pasta sauce is great don't fuss too much with pasta sauces - always add my own veg

    tesco tropical squash nicer than robinsons and lower calories, plus double concentrated so you use less

    tesco own bread I don't buy branded bread

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  • tamumtamum Forumite
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    Bounty kitchen roll - much better value than cheaper brands, you don't need nearly as much.
    'proper' Coca Cola (Caffeine free) the others are too sweet.
    Asda blue label teabags taste just like PG Tips to me.
    Asda ketchup is also very good, and considerably cheaper (but not keen on Sainsburys)
    Agree with above - paracetamols are paracetamols whatever it says on the label!
    Aldi do lovely orange and apple juice (longlife cartons) We won't use anything else and buy it by the caseload.
    Aldi also do very good kids lunchbox biscuits Wacko bars are just the same as Rocky bars at a fraction of the cost.
  • nimbonimbo Forumite
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    the only thing that has to have a brand name is chocolate...

    tried dsdas own the othjer night and it ended in me running to the shop (local) with a coat in my jim jams...

    not good.

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  • alanfpalanfp Forumite
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    I reckon Sainsbury's Weetibangs taste (and feel!!) the same as Weetabix. The internal packaging is suspiciously similar!

    But I made the mistake of trying to save money on Sainsbury's hand cleanser - false economy; end up using twice the amount of Carex, but it's only 30% cheaper
  • Try Lidl Baked Beans, I must admit the can looks yuck but the product inside is very good and at 22p a can very good value, their Baked Beans with Pork Sausages are also very good and at 28p v Heinz at 86p for the same size tin they are even better value. Also, if you like Peanut Butter try Aldi's, it is imported from the USA and is the best Peanut Butter I have ever tasted, of any brand sold weather famous or own brand.
  • eddaedda Forumite
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    Roses lime cordial

    May be more expensive but tastes much better than all the own brand varieties. And if you're trying to move away from fizzy sweet pop or cola, add it to still or sparking water and it does work out much cheaper. (Try this with other lime juice and you may not want to change).
  • ZeldazogZeldazog Forumite
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    This thread is great, but I think the point of it was supposed to be, is not about personal taste but about value for money - does it last longer, do you use less, does it do what it says?

    The question is "do brands deliver value?" not "which tastes better (to you)?"

    Sorry, just my opinion - but I did think there was a thread a while back about taste comparisons, and whether the cheapies were brands in disguise, etc - I know there was defintely a poll type thingy about the Aldi/Lidl/Netto ranges of food and drink a while back.
  • My OH swears by M&S's Tomato Sauce these days - it's far nicer than Heinz.

    I agree with this person, M&S tomato sauce is so much nicer than heinz. I use it in my salsa it's so nice :D
  • Marty_JMarty_J Forumite
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    Apple computers. Though they're much more expensive than other computer brands, they're worth it in my opinion. My sister has a Windows laptop, and the amount of time it takes to run anti-virus and anti-spyware scans constantly makes the higher price for a Mac more than worth it. They also come with brilliant photo, music, and video editing applications, and the operating system is an absolute joy to use.
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