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    Morning all :D

    Fallen angel shelley - i have grown peppers from the fridge as well as from a packet..i just got a cottage cheese tub, put holes in the bottom, put compost in and then the seeds and a little compost on top..sprayed with water and stuck in the sunny window... i also put the clear lid on (or cling film will do) and stood the tub in a saucer or water (just keep checking it and misting with water when it starts to dry out) can leave the lid on until the seeds begin to peep through -then you need to take it off so they don't rot..i did 9 seeds and all 9 made it :T a better germination rate than the packets :confused:
    the tubs you get tomatoes, strawberries in are great for starting stuff of as the lids make them like mini green houses:j

    Getting sorted sarah... if its any consolation all my cucumbers died too so i set more and this lot are stayimg in the house a bit longer... my mum lost her 1st lot too even though they were in a green house :confused: ...just to make sure at least something survives this time i planted extra and all 12 have survived -cucumber salad anyone? :rotfl: at least they are different varieties :p

    Well its another NSD for me today...have another day in the garden planned :j hoping to get my butternut squash, courgettes and melons outside.... i don't think it will be long before i can start fetching all sorts of salad leaves out of the garden :T ...daft as it sounds that alone is going to save us about €2(based on basic lettuce) a week minimum as we eat loads ..and i have grown lots of things like the oriental mix and expensive stuff which at the moment is selling for anything up to €2 a head here:eek: .. must get more set :p

    Hubby isn't back until late this evening so i just have to feed myself again for the day.... he phoned yesterday and apparently the date n pineapple bars he took kept him going all day -he shared some with the folks he was golfing with and they were amazed at how

    right enough waffle -i had better get off outside nd get sorted...
    have a great day everyone :D

    oooooh shaz... nearly missed that recipe :eek: they look lovely.. and woooohoo if you have found a way to make the bran flak taste edible :j i have a tub of those things eughhhhhh so i know what my next cake is going to be ;) ..thanks for that one..i love seeing pics too as then it helps to see what its suposed to come out like :D
    sorry back again with a daft question... are there no eggs in the recipe? just thought id double check as its not often i have seen a cake without them ?
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  • mumzyof2mumzyof2 Forumite
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    So how do i grow peppers and tomatoes?? once i left thjem on windowsill do i have to then transfer to my garden.. i dont have any soil in garden .. so would a tub do? can u get tiny bags of compost.. as i would not use a big bag
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  • Thanks for that advice MRs MC. I have got a marg tub that i can use, just need to get some compost, i wonder if my naighbour has got some spare compost:rolleyes: they are alwas planting stuff in tubs out side their flat.
    Back on MSE again! to take control of my finances and not let it control me. :T May grocery challenge £41.96/140
  • egonegon Forumite
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    NSD's for 2 days now. Hoping not to have to go shopping until the weekend, as DH is away for 2 days (short notice).

    Just been trying to sort out car service for our newer car. We are still going to the dealer, as we still have some warranty on it. The price difference is enormous. Between the two dealers in the area, it does come to £120!!!:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: And that is for the same service etc!!!! Just booked it in for the cheaper one.:D :D:D

    The kids and I are having german rice pudding, which is served warm, with cinnamon and sugar topping and melted butter and some apfelmus on the side.
    DH husband doesn't eat it, so it is a tread for us.... :j
    I wish Germany had a website like moneysavingexpert!
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    Morning Folks! Looking good here if nowt else:p

    Before I forget, you can freeze banananananans whole--in their skins--& they make lurvlee creamy ice lollies..:rolleyes: bit like mini milk types. The skin can be a pain, so if you don't fancy a faff, peel them & double-wrap in cling film &/or freezer bag to prevent freezer burn. HTH Angelnikki.

    An :money: remedy for sore/tired/poorly eyes is used tea bags...if you can catch them while still warm, they are sooooo refreshing but still work well when cool. Just leave them on your [closed] eyes for at least five mins, but the longer the better. I sympathise FallenAngelShelley, as I bathe my eyes with boiled salted water most mornings when my hayfever is particularly bad:o In fact, I bought another pair of sunnies cuz my old faithful are so scratched it's like peering thru frosted glass, let alone tinted. But :confused: do SF3 glasses have such boring frames? I get so :mad: cuz I have to pay out a lot extra just to keep myself 'healthy'---unperfumed soaps, deos, washing powder, sun cream, WUL...even rubber gloves to do the washing up cost more:(

    Me likee pikkies too:D And thanks for yours in particular MrsM, cuz it's given me the oomph to sort out my garden methinks! I've a bit of a herb thing going on, but it would be wonderful to grow some lettuce & toms for my first project & work up to carrots next year:p

    Having said that, I did visit the local-ish farm shop yesterday & :shocked: it's changed! 58p cauli, 58p p lb rhubarb, 60p cue...all grown on site! It's a PYO too, but at those sort of prices I don't mind someone else doing the hard part for me:D Stocked up on salad stuff, growing basil [local], mahoosiff bunch of dill for Iggy @ £1-28:j red & white cabbages & other bits for coleslaw.

    Stayed out later than intended so got some butcher's burgers---huge & 4 for £2 but now we've tried them I could go for the 12 for a fiver deal next time--& a kilo of mince for a fiver. One pack has gone into the freezer & the other will make a spag bol for tonight amongst other things. Pup had a little boiled with mixed veg & pasta last night & it didn't last very long in his bowl, so he'll get some more made up with our 'secret ingredients' to help make it go further:shhh: Oooh---& I can do some of that herb bread too!! Thanx to the very nice person who posted that one:T

    So £10-83 in Wilko; £11-08 farm shop; £7 butchers & £3-78 Superdrug for tummy tabs yesterday. Today I need milk & spring onions but will probably have a likkle-lookie at the new offers. They had a sign up last week in MrT saying the beer batter fish is on offer till the 20th, but there's nowt on how does that work?

    Have a good one folks.
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  • BMF- thanks, i will give that ago with the t-bags later.
    Back on MSE again! to take control of my finances and not let it control me. :T May grocery challenge £41.96/140
  • PablosmummyPablosmummy Forumite
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    Hello everyone, had quite a succesful day yesterday, made scones and two lots of tortillas for the freezer.
    Going to make butter chicken for tonight and have it with hm onion bhajis(sp?) and tortillas (I was going to make naans but i forgot to get yoghurt)

    Its such a nice day! I'm going to go outside and [STRIKE]do some gardening [/STRIKE] read my book. Our patio only gets sun in the morning so I make the most of it!

    To other people who are growing tomatoes and peppers, Ive got some on the go at the moment on my windowsill, aswell as lettuces (now outside) and corn on the cob. With my pepper seeds I actually covered them with kitchen towel until they sprouted and they all came out quite quickly compared to the ones I didnt cover.. I do have 6 tomato plants now though (didnt expect them all to grow!)
    May Grocery Challenge -£216/400
  • weezl74weezl74 Forumite
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    mumzyof2 wrote: »
    So how do i grow peppers and tomatoes?? once i left thjem on windowsill do i have to then transfer to my garden.. i dont have any soil in garden .. so would a tub do? can u get tiny bags of compost.. as i would not use a big bag

    Hiya Mumzy, asda do a smart price grow bag of compost now for 99p, it would probably fill a couple of small margerine type tubs and a window box, and would get you started! Hope that helps.

    Also on our local freecycle group people are often giving compost away, cos they've produced too much, maybe post a request there?

    Weezl x

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  • clair2305clair2305 Forumite
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    Didnt spend anything on groceries today, hurray! I have this great bread recipe that's saving me lots and goes really well with the special offers on antipasti at asda at the mo, hope you enjoy,
    Herb Quick bread
    375g S/R Flour
    1 cup Milk
    1/2 Cup of water
    1 egg
    50g sugar
    1 tsp salt
    grated cheese (up to 140g )
    4 tbsp dried herbs (your pref, i use oregano and basil)

    Combine all ingriedients in a bowl and mix throroughly making a batter, pour batter into a small roasting tin (4"x9" i use), or whatever your using, and bake at 180c until cooked browned and hollow sounding if knocked on bottom, It takes 1 hour for the tin stated above and 25mins for muffin tins.
    Hope you all enjoy and it helps on your way to target spends, considering the price of bread it realy does help to bake your own!

    PPM, does this bread/muffins freezer well?

  • clair2305clair2305 Forumite
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    SAV3R wrote: »
    Hi everyone

    I have the same problem, my son will not drink plain tap water, he is not allowed to take coloured juices. I did suggest the non see through bottle, but apparently at High School these are not allowed either. Who makes all these rules?, they obviously don't have a budget to watch!

    I have managed to spend nothing so far since my big shop on Thurs, however, I was a little upset at tea tonight. I have been baking frequently for the last few weeks, tonight I opened a tin of raspberry muffins I had made on Thurs, to find the 6 left had gone mouldy!:eek: :eek: I have kept cakes alright for up to a week before. I keep them in an tin, lined with kitchen roll, any ideas why they don't keep?


    SAV3R, what about buying a water filter, or, as the Richard Hammond programme I watched recently on one of the digital channels suggested, just put the tap water in the fridge for 2 hours, it takes away the sometimes, tin like taste.

    I've not got a water filter, but I've got a water filter kettle, which I love, makes my tea taste like Sri Lankan (proper) tea and reminds me of my wedding there in December......aaahhh to be there again
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