May 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    Went shopping yesterday, spent a total of £90.19 :eek: but have got a good stock of branded peach squash for the boys, olive oil, capri sun juice, garlic baguettes, choc wafer bars, all (Mr S bogof), also fairtrade t/towels 99p/ea but 3 for 2.
    I also got utterly butt, chicken portions (bogof) and yogurts also silly prices in Mr T.
    In Mr A got the Heinz beans 3/£1 and come choc chips for baking as theses are only 38p/100g compared to 64p/100g in Mr S & T.

    My larder cupboard and backup are now overflowing with tins and bags of flour, freezers are also fairly full; so will hopefully just have to get some extra milk and fruit, and maybe some cereal if on offer before end of month.
    I am still getting my veg/salad box and eggs from the farm so this should hopefully keep me under this month.
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    just went to Mr T's to get missing ingredients for weetabix brownies, giant jaffa cake, herby bread and twinks hob nobs and forgot the oats :mad:

    Spent £3.93, my total is creeping 2nite I reckon it's the brownies and maybe the herby bread getting made....hobnobs and courgette muffins will have to wait for another day (and freezer space!)
  • victoryvictory Forumite
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    I keep reading about the giant jaffa cake and can't find the recipe?:confused:
    misspiggy wrote: »
    I'm sure you're an angel in disguise Victory :)
  • clair2305clair2305 Forumite
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    victory wrote: »
    I keep reading about the giant jaffa cake and can't find the recipe?:confused:


    this is the giant jaffa cake recipe, not tried it myself yet, need fridge room!!!

    Dessert - Giant Jaffa Cake - Place the cake flan on a large plate. Drain the mandarin oranges and arrange on the flan case. Add the orange jelly to a jug and add hot water, once slightly cooled pour the liquid over the flan case. Place the flan into the fridge and allow to set for an hour. In a pan boil some water and place a bowl over the pan and melt the chocolate. Pour the chocolate over the flan and place back in the fridge until slightly hard. Serve with cream.

    So, basically, a flan case, orange jelly, mandarin segments and dark choc, sounds yummy


  • Just wondered how everyone here is doing

    i appear to be roughly on target not bad as everything except bills/mortgage etc comes out of the grocery budget not many birthdays this month either

    Bought a few new craft bits but saved on cards so that payed for itself

    Been off sick for 2 weeks so at home more and more organised than usual but less money !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    What about you?

  • TashjaTashja Forumite
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    Oh no - Giant Jaffa cake :(

    I am trying to diet but home baking is letting my hips down :( Just tucking into a piece of Yoghurt Cake - I made it with Apricot Yoghurt but put a layer of tinned peaches in the bottom - soooo yummy !!!! I made 2 of them as well - I really need to freewze some before I eat it :)

    T xx
  • mopheadmophead Forumite
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    Just popped on to update my sig. I treated myself to a Strawberry tart today for all my hard work in the garden. I had to pop into the co-op for a few bit's that i forgot to get on my last shop,that will teach me not to check my cupboards before i go. Anyway still on target.

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    Hi guys I hope you don't mind me joining in, I'm a newbie but would like to try the GC for may, trying for £250 to see how it goes. I have spent £181 so far this month so am looking for tips. Cupboards and freezer full so here goes
    JanGC £250/£82 far:weight loss 1lb cc250/£86/cm40/£9.50 :A
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    Funny old day today.Bought a bottle of tobasco for the 2 4 1 pizza meal only to find out local restaurant never even heard of offer never mind participating.However tobasco is giving me £10 cheque instead, not bad for 97p outlay.The odd thing is this is the third time I've tried to use a 2 for 1 meal promotion and the venue either doesn't do it,never heard of it or pulls out.First it was the Times eat for £10, then Brittrips now this.I'm just the kiss of death when it comes to promos.
    "Sometimes life sucks....but the alternative is unacceptable."
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    I really can't keep up with this thread!

    Had quite a successful few days. I managed to sell my double buggy yesterday for £50, so I now have some more storage space for bulk buys. Today I went to Asda for my weekly shop. I decided to buy enough squash and soft drinks to last the rest of the month. Hopefully that will mean I can walk to the shops for the rest of the month. Was pleased that my bulk drink buy, yoghurts, fresh fruit and a few baking bits only came to £27.70. That leaves me £155 for the rest of the month.

    Been invited on to it pays to watch next week to take part in a challenge to save money on utility bills. I'm hoping to go, but I need to sort out a babysitter first. DH is quite happy for me to run the household budget, but is adament we stick with British gas :confused:

    I don't hold out much hope of him changing his mind, for some reason, he hates Martin. He spends most of the show making sarky comments until I tell him to "shove off" (Or somethinkg like that!)
    Thanks to all the lovely people on here I have managed to cut my hours down to 2 days a week, allowing me to spend more time with my gorgeous Children. :j
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