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May 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • SoshSosh Forumite
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    superspam wrote: »

    Went to Asda to get what I need for the week:

    Asda Squash 2litre bottle x 2 £1.98

    Hi superspam,

    Did you know that you can buy 5L of Asda squash for only £2.40? It depends what flavours you like, my branch only sells Apple & Blackcurrant, but dd likes this so it saves me a fortune.

    Had a lovely day today, got 3 loads of washing done in no time, then made a packed lunch and took the kids to Greenwich Park where dd spent 2 hours playing in the sandpit while ds slept and I acutally got to read some of my book :cool:

    Hope you've all had a great day.
    Thanks to all the lovely people on here I have managed to cut my hours down to 2 days a week, allowing me to spend more time with my gorgeous Children. :j
  • shaz_mum_of__2shaz_mum_of__2 Forumite
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    i watch the bm as the dough is mixing if the dough is really sticky i shake a little extra flour in until the ball of dough sort of skids around the pan ,the secret to good dough is a bit sticky but not too sticky and because flour absorbs different levels of water recipes aren't always accurate

    Hope this makes sense/helps

  • scotsaverscotsaver Forumite
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    Hi guys, just popping back in to do an update...only spent another £3.77 at the weekend out of grocery budget which is unsurprising considering we ate out 4 times :eek: (visitors!).

    Anyway this brings my total to £54.32 although I do seem to be running out of strange things at the minute - I'm down to my last half bag of SWB flour and I suspect I'm nearly out of raisins for scones :o this is what happens when you lose track. I'm also overloaded with eggs and yoghurt which were stupidly bought really. I can figure out what to do with the eggs but if anyone has any tips for 2 big pots of yoghurt let me know. I'm currently dolloping it in the soup I made from the spinch I also stupidly bought but that won't get it all used by Monday.

    Hope you're all doing well too.

    Hi belfastgirl23 Here is the link to the Chocolate Yoghurt Cake recipe that I used this morning, looks and smells lovely but not tested it:-
    GC for OH, myself, DD18 & DD16 includes Toiletries, cleaning stuff & Food.

  • I have been watching this thread now for over a year and think that maybe it's finally time to join!!! Put me down for £150 for two adults and a very greedy dog!! At the moment I think we spend double that amount (gulp) which is certainly more than we can afford.:o

    My wife and I are currently going through the process to become foster parents so by the end of the summer we could have another two people living in the house and I fear that if we don't learn to budget our food money now then we could be in trouble.

    We are also just in the process of refurbishing our kitchen. I have a big American style fridge/freezer arriving tomorrow which should help us to keep track of things a bit better. As I move our food into it from our old fridge and freezer I think I'll make a list of what we have got and see how long we can last.
  • pennypinchingmumpennypinchingmum Forumite
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    Didnt spend anything on groceries today, hurray! I have this great bread recipe that's saving me lots and goes really well with the special offers on antipasti at asda at the mo, hope you enjoy,
    Herb Quick bread
    375g S/R Flour
    1 cup Milk
    1/2 Cup of water
    1 egg
    50g sugar
    1 tsp salt
    grated cheese (up to 140g )
    4 tbsp dried herbs (your pref, i use oregano and basil)

    Combine all ingriedients in a bowl and mix throroughly making a batter, pour batter into a small roasting tin (4"x9" i use), or whatever your using, and bake at 180c until cooked browned and hollow sounding if knocked on bottom, It takes 1 hour for the tin stated above and 25mins for muffin tins.
    Hope you all enjoy and it helps on your way to target spends, considering the price of bread it realy does help to bake your own!
  • Natty68Natty68 Forumite
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    oooh pennypinching that looks gorgeous - definately one I am going to do next time we have some chilli or something.

    :(Struggling financially :(

    :) Mortgage Free as of 20.9.17 :)
  • mandy_moo_1mandy_moo_1 Forumite
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    hi, just popped in here to update my siggy. i'm trying to have an NS week as much as i can, but we desperately needed toilet rolls & tissues & milk....oh and i desperately needed some chocolate as well.....that was the most important thing :rotfl:

    i'm gonna try and have a baking day tomorrow, as we haven't any biscuits in, so i thought i'd make another batch of Twinks hobnobs, and see if they can last longer than a day :D might also have a go at the choc yogurt cake.....does anyone know if you can freeze the yogurt cake in separate slices?

    right s'pose i'd better wash the pots, and tidy the kitchen so i can settle down for me soaps ;)

    hope everyone's had a good day xx

    edit: just seen your photo pennypinchingmum......that bread looks lish. gonna definitely have a go at that the next time i do a spag bol or lasagne

  • Bargain_RzlBargain_Rzl Forumite
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    The easiest way I find of lasting out a five week month if you have same budget as the normal 4 weeks is to have an 8(or 9) day week-if that makes any sense? If you do your shop normally on a Sat-last until Sun or Mon and the following week til Tues or Weds. This evens it out a bit. Also its good if you can have a little over from the previous month-too late for May but it may help for the future.
    Hi angel, I assume the above is in response to somebody asking about how best to budget for 5-week months, but I couldn't find where the question had been asked. Anyway, if anybody's interested, the way I cope with a 5-week month is to budget weekly to begin with, even though I get paid monthly ;)

    As my income does give me some room to manoeuvre, I start off by saying I need about x amount per week (I live alone, and budget is normally £20 if I'm not doing a storecupboard challenge). So I multiply that by 52* for the number of weeks in the year, and divide it by 12 to see how much I need to be setting aside from my salary per month for that level of spending. So: £20 x 52 / 12 = £86.67 a month for groceries, which sits as a line in my accounts spreadsheet, and on a 4-week month I take £80 out of it, and on a 5-week month I take £100 out of it. Sometimes it is slightly in the red (for example if January was a 5-week month, I'd have subtracted £100 from an opening balance of £86.67, leaving me with a balance of -£13.33) but it never actually puts me into the red on my current account as it's all paid on the following month's credit card bill anyway, IYSWIM.

    Alternatively if your monthly budget is tighter than mine (I don't mean actual amount, I mean if there's nothing to spare outside of the grocery budget) you could do it a slightly different way, with the same result. Rather than saying "I need £20 a week, how much do I need per month to allow for that?" you could say "I have x amount per month, what does that give me per week as an even split over the year?" So, let's say you have £260 a month and not a penny more, you say £260 x 12 / 52 = £60. So you have £60 per week, every week, regardless of the length of the month. So in a 4-week month you give yourself a budget of £240, and in a 5-week month you give yourself a budget of £300. Then your budget is consistent throughout the year.

    I hope that's of use to somebody who might not have thought of doing it that way, and I hope I've explained it clearly!

    *Actually, every 5-6 years there is technically such a thing as a 53-week year. That's because there are 365 days in the year, not 364, so it doesn't divide evenly by 52. In a 53-week year there are 5 x 5-week months in the year rather than 4 - in other words, if you organise your budgeting based on the calendar year, and January 1st falls on a Friday one year, and your budgetary week starts on a Friday, that gives you a 53-week year because 31st December will also be on a Friday. I would plan that into the budget at the start of the year.
    :)Operation Get in Shape :)
  • Hi everyone!!
    Hope you're enjoying this beautiful day.
    Tonight we're having salad, jacket potatoes with a lentil, carrot and cheesy filling that I sampled on Saturday night and was then given the remainder of to take home (not eating meat can have its advantage). Dessert with be home made mince pies from mother. I'm really hungry, as have been interviewing new teachers all day...
    Since family members have heard about our challenge, esp mum, we've received quite a few bits of free food. including HM pies and a carton of passata which I'm right in thinking could be spread on a pizza base. What toppings would you suggest on top? OB does eat meat.
    Thanks for any help. Pizza and salad sounds nice for June's menu planner.
    Keep up the good work everyone!!
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  • TashjaTashja Forumite
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    You can make a good chillie or Spag Bol with Passata. You could make some pizza topping with it and freeze ay remainders - passats, herbs, whizzed up veg, etc.

    Mandy moo - I am sure I read on here somewhere that yoghurt cake freezes fine in slices. maybe try posting on the Yoghurt cake thread ???

    DH is going to take me to ASDA tonight to get Sadies milk - I hope I can stay strong and not spend loads :(

    T xx
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