May 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • BoomdockerBoomdocker Forumite
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    Aww, hoping Rosie is OK. Is that her in your piccie?
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  • TashjaTashja Forumite
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    Oh Mandy - Poor little Rosie !!

    I really hope her paw is ok ((hugs))

    NSD for me too after last nights ASDA disaster !!! DH has taken one of the little pots of Houmous, some of the quiches and a muller yoghurt for his dinner today so his lunch has cost us less than £1 as opposed to £4+ in the canteen - he also has an early meeting this morning which means he gets a free full English brekkie !!!

    Off to check my Fly Lady lists.

    Hope everyone has a good day today - looks like it will be another hot one :)

    T xx
  • mumzyof2mumzyof2 Forumite
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    Morning all, I will be having another NSD today, dont need anything in and still only spent £1.49
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  • curly_cabbagecurly_cabbage Forumite
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    Morning all
    Just had a quick look at MSE e-mail and it looks like "it pays to watch" is right up our street tonight as it appears to be about reducing the cost of supermarket shopping. This might be a good insentive to me to keep on trach this month. off to work now, have a good day everybody.

  • ifonlyitwaseasierifonlyitwaseasier Forumite
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    morning all,

    well aiming for a nsd today, have salad that i made up when doing dinner, an extra jacket and another of PPM's quick bread muffin things, as well as a couple of pink and whites, i really have to find somewhere down here that stocks them.

    hope your dogs okay Mandy!
    Nonny mouse and Proud!!
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  • nessquic80nessquic80 Forumite
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    went to mums house for tea last night, she did roast chicken with all the trimmings, is she mad in this weather!! anyway me dh and ds was going then dh was apparently running late (yeah rite) so he didnt come,there was loads of food left over and mum asked me if i wanted to take any.... do i!! being the MS'r i am i said oh yes please and as i was putting it all into tubs im thinking ..oh what can i make out of this!! so i think its a chicken curry and rice withe naan to nite, enough veg and chicken to take work for tea on thursday too! NSD yesterday hopefully today and tomorrow too as there is s**t loads of food.....good old mums!!!:beer:
    always on the lookout for a bargin always better when its free!!:T

  • Morning all. how is everyone? Mandy, I hope Rosie's paw gets better soon and is nothing to serious. t's another sunny day here but it is forcast rain for later:sad:. it's going to be a NSD for me today, i have got ebay stuff to post but thats already payed for by the buyer IYSWIM. i think i have got conjunctivitis, so i'm going to give college as miss today. i saved the seeds from a red pepper i used last and am going to have a go at seeing if i can grow a pepper plant on my kitchen windows sill, anyone got any tips?
    Back on MSE again! to take control of my finances and not let it control me. :T May grocery challenge £41.96/140
  • I've got peppers growing on my windowsill, (from a packet though), mine have taken ages to show through the compost but are now about an inch high, have quite a few so fingers crossed.
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  • Penypinchingmum

    love the herb bread recipe and a great piccie too

    I like to post pics too of successes heres my most recent

    Bran flake cake

    2 cups of bran flakes (we use tesco healthy option huge box for just over a quid)
    2 cups sugar
    2 cups sultanas
    2 cups milk
    2 cups Self Raising flour
    2 teasp mix spice

    mix everything except the flour in a bowl and leave till a soggy mess mix in the flour

    into 2 x 2lb loaf tins (greased/lined,i use liners)

    gas mark 3 for about 50 mins until golden and a skewer comes out clean

    yummy and healthyish too


    tastes a bit like a light malt loaf or fruit cake

  • weezl74weezl74 Forumite
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    Not posted much as I was feeling a little sore after a painful conversation last week. But I have been reading and lurking!

    Thanks to galactic green, Mrs Macawber and getting sortedSarah for the tomato tips, I feel reassured now! Lovin the potio apotment Mrs M :rotfl:

    The truly scary sig situation feels still manageable, as I have enough evening meals til end of June:o. Also got bread ingredients for 24 loaves of bread and 2 weeks sarnies already made and batch frozen. So feelin ok:D

    DH is out until 9 tonight, so have sent him out with lunch and dinner both in pack ups, so felt very organised that I was able to do this at a moment's notice!!

    Hope all your challenges continue to go well, and hugs to those who need them.


    Weezl x

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    january grocery challenge, feed 4 of us for £40
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