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how to make crumble

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  • researcherresearcher Forumite
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    Sammz wrote:
    I've bought a bag of frozen summer berries and want to make a crumble. I assume I've got to defrost the berries but do I add water or sugar or anything before adding the crumble and baking?

    There's no need to defrost them, and don't add water, they're loads in them naturally already. Personally, I would add sugar though, as I find berries a bit too sharp. I'd sprinkle it on top before I added the crumble.

    I've just frozen some apple crumble, and when I cook that it'll be from frozen - it might need an extra 5 Min's in the oven, I'll just test with a skewer to see that everything is cooked in the middle.
  • I want to make a crumble as I have loads of apples, but Im not sure how to go about it! know how to make the crumble mixture, but do I have to cook the apples on their own first before putting mix on top?

    Many thanks
  • LydiaSophiaLydiaSophia Forumite
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    Yes just peel and slice the apples put in a pan and cover with water and sprinkle sugar over them, bring to the boil then simmer until the apples are cooked. Adding a clove adds a lovely flavour!

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  • NickiNicki Forumite
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    I'm lazier than that I'm afraid. I put the apples in the dish I plan to bake the crumble in, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon, cover and microwave for about 5 mins. Then pop the crumble on top, and into the oven for about 30 mins. This makes the apple mixture very tender, but not so cooked that the apples have descended into pulp. If you like a smoother texture, cook them for longer.
  • love2savelove2save Forumite
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    I made it yesterday but didn't bake the apples first....just poured the crumble over the top....sprinkled with brown sugar, then baked...delicious! ;)
  • i always stew my apples first cos i like them soggy, yummy apple crumble will definatly have to make soon seeing as its getting colder (well thats my excuse)
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  • chikachika Forumite
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    Id love to make apple crumble - can someone tell me how to make the crumble mixture?

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  • Mrs_pbradley936Mrs_pbradley936 Forumite
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    Equal amounts of flour and a fat for a basic one, you can add a little sugar if you want. If you want something special use butter for the fat and replace about a quarter of the flour with porridge oats.
  • JamsiJamsi Forumite
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    I never cook my apples first but I do bake it a little longer in the oven as I like my crumbly well done. It always comes out fine, apples are not hard or anything
  • BexstarsBexstars Forumite
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    Im wanting to make a little desert for my daughter for christmas day and thought of making her a plumb and cinnemon crumble but I have no idea how to make a crumble. Im sure i have everything I need but as she is 11 months old so salt is a no no! but Im not sure if I would need to add salt to it anyway.

    Could ayone point me in the right direction or does anyone know a baby friendly crumble recipie

    many thanks
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