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Free Food Challenge



  • tru
    tru Posts: 9,138 Forumite
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    In the last 3 days we've had -

    1 x 2l tub of blackberries, going out in a bit to get more.

    3kg bag of bread flour from my friend.

    6 pork pies and a quiche from my neighbour's granddaughter.

    Loads of cooking apples from F-I-L's tree, he's too lazy to do anything with them so we have ALL his apples every year :D
  • Noozan
    Noozan Posts: 1,058 Forumite
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    I have a big bag of runner beans sitting in the fridge, courtesy of DS's friend's grandad's allotment, but not sure what to do with them as I don't think I like them very much. Remember my dad growing them when I was a kid and we were forced to eat them cos they were "home grown" and it's kinda put me off :(

    How about making runner bean chutney? I make it every year when I've used our home grown runner beans in 101 other ways :rotfl: Let me know if you'd like the recipe.

    No freebies for us, only what I've grown in the garden. Not even any blackberries :( as I've been out on walks etc around here and have not seen any. Anyone know of any good spots to pick in Fife? (central and west ish)
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  • elona
    elona Posts: 11,806 Forumite
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    Curry Queen

    My kids will eat almost anything if I cover it in cheese sauce- or else home made cucumber raita.;)
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  • Cheapskate
    Cheapskate Posts: 1,757 Forumite
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    Since Monday:
    2 lb blackberries from my garden - looks like a bumper crop this year;
    Broad & runner beans, medium & monster (at least 2 lb in wieght!) courgettes from next door neighbour - she says all her veg is ripening at once & she can't eat it all!
    Not too keen on courgettes, so big one will go to my sister, maybe as a trade for goods or service.
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  • MATH
    MATH Posts: 2,941 Forumite
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    Do any Ol'Stylers actually BUY food anymore?;)
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  • Curry_Queen
    Curry_Queen Posts: 5,589 Forumite
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    MATH wrote:

    Do any Ol'Stylers actually BUY food anymore?;)

    As little as possible! :D

    There was a time when I had a regular supply of freshly caught wildlife, mostly rabbit, wood pigeon and pheasant, and a multitude of wild growing "free" foods, as well as free eggs and goat's milk ;)

    Anyone with access to such should seriously consider getting a copy of HFW's cookbooks, and I think there's a new one due out next month, as he will tell you everything you need to know in how to utilise all this free food, or better still join the River Cottage forum :D
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  • Cheapskate
    Cheapskate Posts: 1,757 Forumite
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    Recent copy of BBC Gardeners World had an article about 'free' food - basically about picking things from the wild, fruit, herbs, mushrooms, etc. Written by Jekka McVicar - THE herb lady - & was quite interesting!

    I have actually bought food today, but less than last time in the supermarket.

    Note: just noticed that empty house near me has tons of elderberries nearly ready - must go scrumping this weekend!!
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  • Allexie
    Allexie Posts: 3,460 Forumite
    Friend dropped by tonight with industrial quantities of:

    Runner beans
    Perpetual onions

    Yesterday from the woods:

    Victoria plums from garden of abandoned house
    Sloes & Blackcurrants (earmarked for picking later)

    Who needs supermarkets icon10.gif
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  • Zziggi
    Zziggi Posts: 2,485 Forumite
    i got a 2litre ice-cream box of brambles and a big bowl full of elderberries. 2 dozen tomatoes from a friend's greenhouse.
    A friend gave me 10 carrier bags absolutely full to the brim with windfall apples in them on tuesday. Managed to make a dint in the apples but then had a bump in the car yesterday so not up to standing a peeling all the rest. During the course of today i've managed to give away 5 full carrier bags of apples. I guess what goes around comes around.....
  • One 2lb onion
    big bag of runner beans
    large cabbage
    Curtesy of workmates allotment!
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