Cheap Smell-alikes - Cheaper alternatives to Expensive Perfumes

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    Had my delivery from Perfume Parlour today and I am very pleased indeed. Ordered CKIN2U, Eternitiy Moment,Ysatis,Euphoria and Armani Code smells and as far as I can tell ,they are spot on. Put the Eternity Moment on at 11am , and can still sniff the scent. I think I actually prefer the roll ons because I dont feel that I "drench" myself IYSWIM.

    Well done to the poster who suggested this company , very pleased indeed.
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    I got my delivery from the Perfume Parlour today
    Anais Anais
    Tommy Girl
    Orange Blossom
    And they all smell as described I am very happy.
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    I used to buy from Boots, but then saw the online prices and there are some considerable savings to be had for example Armani Code which i like is £41 in Boots for 50ml but only £31.89 here which is where i usually buy from and also perfume point, i also use quidco so save even more now.
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    Does anyone know where i could get Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb? my g/f really likes that and i can't find it in stock anywhere?
  • Marks and Spencer have a new scent out called "Sensuale". Its £12 for a 100ml bottle and is on buy 1 get one half price at the moment too. I find this is very much like Coco Mademoiselle but not as strong.

    Next have a perfume called "Flowers" which is a total rip-off of Daisy by Mark Jacobs. Its £10 for 100ml or £10 for the gift set.

    If you want the genuine articles, I got myself a bottle of Lancome's Miracle Forever 50ml EDP from Au Naturale for £16.20 this week. Its usually £18 but they had 10% off for mother's day. Boots sell the same bottle for £48! Au Naturale sell quite a few brands at good prices, Amarige, Very Irrisistible, Beckham, Burberry, Jade Goody, etc.
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    Just had a very bad week money wise and need to get some new perfume and can't handle the thought of paying £40 plus - so have ordered some oils from the previous link!

    Will let you know how I get on.
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    llh189 wrote: »
    Just had a very bad week money wise and need to get some new perfume and can't handle the thought of paying £40 plus - so have ordered some oils from the previous link!

    Will let you know how I get on.

    I assume that you have used Perfume Parlour. I am sure you will be pleased. I have ordered several times and have never been disappointed.
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    Had great service from the site, even though one of the oils was out of stock. I would absolutely recommend them, I don't like the tiny roller ball tops though and will be ordering the large spray bottles when my out of stock oil comes back in to stock, they are only about £6.50 though so quite cheap.

    Might never go back to paying £50 a bottle ever again.

    I matched the smell of one of the oils to my regular perfume and it was nearly as exact match - and absolutely good enough to getaway with / wear to work etc etc.

    The smell doesn't last all day - but then couldn't smell my proper perfume at the end of the day either.

    But at these prices you can afford to reapply at lunch time - I might change my stance on this though once my spray bottles arrive as these are probably a lot easier to apply than the roller ball.
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    After a disappointing purchase from a cheap smell-alike site, I went off my rocker and paid about £70 for some Chanel No22 EdT from the US... and then the Customs & Royal Mail hit me for a further £30 :eek:

    So you can imagine my chagrin when my brother said "Have you been running that swirly air freshener again?" (he meant my Goodsphere), "there's a really sickly sweet smell in the place".


    But there's something* in that scent that sends me :A and it's wonderful to get a whiff of it after 40 years, though it doesn't last nearly as long as the perfume did.

    *From what I've read on perfume 'review' sites, it could be aldehydes that I'm a sucker for.

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    Hi, guys,

    Just wanted to share my experience with perfume parlour. I ordered a few 3ml roll-ons and am still trying them, However I have to say, it is quite hard to get the liquid out. My experience with the Stella smell-alike was disappointing. The scent is OK (all Stellas are similar, so this falls somewhere within the stella scope). However, it lasts less than 1 hour on my skin. And I tried to be pretty liberal with the scent on my neck and wrists. I have a stella body lotion from a Marie Claire offer and the scent lasts ages. So very disappoining. Will report back on the time the others last.
    The service was nice, fast delivery.

    Armani Code Woman: the roll-on lasts about 5 hours. and the scent is similar.

    I also got a Alcohol Free Perfume Oil Spray for £6.
    However this was stella again, so the scent seems to fade away quickly. However it came in a plastic bottle and with the spray bottle needing to be filled. I filled it and the plastic bottle still has about 4/5 left, so I will be able to fill it often. Even though the scent is not lasting and spot on, I intend to use it in my purse and for this is really convenient. There are not a lot of cheap smaller sprays to carry in the purse, so I think I will be using perfume parlour often - I spray the original one in the morning and them top-up with the smell-alike during the day.

    I don't think anyone has mentioned this advantage of buying smell-alikes from M&S or Next or the sprays/ roll-ons from perfume parlour: you pay a lot for a 10 ml original spray to carry in your purse. For instance Estee lauder does 5 4ml miniatures for about £30, but you need to get 5 different ones, so they are only practical if you have the 5 big fragrances as well at home. The last time I saw their 10ml sprays they were about £20 :eek: So these are nice, cheap options to smell nice and the same throughout the day.
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