Cheap Smell-alikes - Cheaper alternatives to Expensive Perfumes

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    If anyone is using the same perfume and it seems to be wearing off sooner than it used to, therefore requiring re-application, try asking your work colleagues if they can still smell it.

    There's a woman at work, thankfully I work in a different building to her, she smells likes she bathes in the stuff, the smell is as pungent - I can smell her about 200 yards away.
    I reckon she's so used to the smell she doesn't notice it, so puts more on.(like I couldn't smell smoke that much when I was a smoker but I notice it easily now)

    Trouble is she's smells sickening to those around her.So please consider a change of scent every once in a while instead of pouring more on....

    it'd be very moneysaving :money: to go without perfume most of the time, and it might even make your work colleagues feel they can stand to be a bit closer to you!:p
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    I got some amarige by givenchy at Ethel Austin on Saturday which was £8 for 30ml but they had a 20% off sale so I got it for £6.40. Very nice too!
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    I'm so glad I found this thread, I have no idea why I hadn't seen it before. I ran out of my fave scent some time ago and was reluctant to replace because I was unable to justify the expense in current circumstances.

    I've just ordered the Perfume Parlour smell-alike and will be happy to report back once I've given it a try.

    So, many, many thanks!
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    I ordered three small roll ons from Perfume Parlour which arrived quickly. My first impressions are:

    Issey Miyake Woman: very good likeness. I love this one and it has retained fragrance for hours.
    Gucci Envy Me: I actually ordered Gucci Envy, so I'm not the best judge of this one (which I will keep anyway). It smells a bit like palma violets, but then I think Envy Me might do too!
    Acqua di Gio: Umm first impressions were that this was an approximation but not identical. However, it seems to improve after an hour or so and is very pleasant.

    Overall, these are a very good buy. I agree the roll on bit doesn't roll very easily but at that price I'm not bothered, as the fragrance does roll sufficiently to do its job.

    Thanks OP for a real MSE find.
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    veronarona wrote: »
    After a disappointing purchase from a cheap smell-alike site, I went off my rocker and paid about £70 for some Chanel No22 EdT from the US... and then the Customs & Royal Mail hit me for a further £30 :eek:

    So you can imagine my chagrin when my brother said "Have you been running that swirly air freshener again?" (he meant my Goodsphere), "there's a really sickly sweet smell in the place".


    But there's something* in that scent that sends me :A and it's wonderful to get a whiff of it after 40 years, though it doesn't last nearly as long as the perfume did.

    *From what I've read on perfume 'review' sites, it could be aldehydes that I'm a sucker for.


    Chanel have reformulated their boutique fragrances, No22 is in there. Now only avalible in the Exculsives at 200ml size and £100+. I bought No22 from ebay about two years ago, had to wait ages to find ir from an Amercian seller for £22 and asked if they would mark it as lower to avoid customs. They did and it was brand new and it is a real power house as the Chanels usually are, because of the aldehydes. I have a small decant of the parfum which is sadly discontinued now.

    I used to buy loads of decants 5 or 10 mls from ebay but LVMH and the french court case put an end to the selling of perfume decants.

    For those buying the oils becareful to keep them out of sunlight as they can turn quite quickly.

    My trouble is I love the niche brands which places don't make smell alikes of.
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    Well, my Aromatics Elixir-alike arrived with lightning speed so I was impressed by this seller before I even tried the oil. It smells very like the real thing, not absolutely identical, but this could be because the oil is a lot stronger than the spray I'm used to. All in all it's fantastic bargain and I've just ordered two more for a surprise gift for a friend. It's just a shame they don't have any Arpege or Caleche smell-alikes or I'd have ordered those as well.

    Top notch!
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    These would be ideal to put in crackers - I usually make personalised one for the family for Christmas dinner.
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    I have read that some of you use the non-designer oils from perfume parlour as room scents. How do you do that from the roll-ons? Do you remove the ball and pour the oil into pot pourri? TIA.
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    I have just received an order from the perfume parlour. The Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely smells nothing like the original. The Chloe is agood likeness, haven't tried the others yet.
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    I've just recieved the Marc Jacobs 'Daisy' and the Black XS for women. Daisy is very very weak can hardly smell it at all even straight out of the bottle. Black XS smells a bit odd when first put on but after about half an hour it is quite a good likeness.
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