Cheap Smell-alikes - Cheaper alternatives to Expensive Perfumes

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    I've used this site. most perfumes are £10 for 35 ml, but they have offers every month when certain perfume oils are half price.

    I've just received a knowing type. It's identical to knowing and lasts all day long. They have a large selection of oils, including new perfumes and more established ones. The only thing is, I don't think they have smaller sizes.

    I can't tell you about the men's ones, because my partner is a snob and refuses to try them!
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    avon do a range of perfumes that are fairly cheap and seem to compare to some of the designer ones so may be worth checking out? the latest one - ugaro has been alikened to kenzo flowers so may be worth looking into...usually new ones released all the time
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  • I love my perfumes but, like a lot of us at the moment, I'm not prepared to spend a fortune on it. One of my favourites is Chanel Allure and I have been wearing the fabulous alternative of Marks & Spencer's Autograph New York fragrance at £12 for 100ml as a great substitute.

    I've been searching for similar cheaper smell alikes but haven't really found many. Apparently M&S Isis is like an Issey Miyake fragrance and lots of the forum users like the smell alike perfume oils from

    I have been searching for smell alike of Lancome's Hypnose and Chanel's Chance but haven't really found much at all on cheaper alternatives. I thought we could try and start a definitive list. Does anyone know of any cheaper or own brands like Next, M&S or Coty smell alike fragrances?
  • I think Lush's Honey I washed the kids solid perfume smells similar to Thierry Mugler Innocent Angel, and their Go Green similar to Calvin Klein CK1. Not an exact match but if you like one you'd probably like the other.
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  • I've done a bit more research and have found these comparisons;

    Avon's "Be...Kissable" (discontinued but probably lots on Ebay smells like Clinique's "Happy Heart"
    Avon Timeless smells like Miss Dior
    Coty L'Aimant smells like Chanel No. 5
    Avon's Soft Musk smells like DK Cashmere Mist
    Coty's Exclamation smells like Lancome's Tresor
  • Oh, come on girls! Someone must have some suggestions.....

    I've found some more comparisions anyway;
    The Body Shop's White Musk For Men is like Prada Infusion D'iris
    Boots Mediterranean Bergamot, Orange and Olive Bath Cream smells like Marc Jacobs Fig
    Marks and Spencer's True Red smells like Angel (and it lasts longer apparently).
  • The perfumes from Next also seem like 'smell-alikes' but as i have never bought perfumes from them - i can't really say which is which - but i think they may be alikes of AmorAmor, Paradise, (that;s off top of my head from what i remember the bottles looking alike and smelling alike too.) I think they change their range sometimes, i;ll check some out and edit later.

    btw you could make a 'definitive list' at the top/beginning of your thread so it could be a 'quick guide' ,,, especially if this thread goes on to pages..

    also, i thought the perfume parlour (is it the one that sell the alcohol free perfumes oils?), stopped business??
  • [quote=RoseFairy;17692203__also,_i_thought_the_perfume_parlour_(is_it_the_one_that_sell_the_alcohol_free_perfumes_oils?),_stopped_business??[/quote]

    No they are still doing business, they did stop but it was only temporary.
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  • Well, I went to M&S and Debenhams yesterday to do some comparisons. In my opinion, Marks and Spencers Perfection is very like Chanel's Chance. I got my sister to do a "blind" smell test and she said they smelt the same but one was stronger than the other (the Chanel was eau de parfum).
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    The reason i think why a lot of people wouldnt buy copies is because the fragrance probably wouldnt last very long and thats the reason i wouldnt buy Avon or M&S becasue i would think i was wasting my money but hopefully i will be corrected by someone.
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