widescreen TVs for 49p!!!!! [CLOSED]



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    Just had this email.... :mad:

    Bush 28" Widescreen Integrated TV & DVD Recorder

    I refer to your order for the above product and thank you for placing an order with Homebase.co.uk.

    Unfortunately there were was an accidental error on the price shown on our website for this product during the period from midnight on 27th August to 0700 on 28th August, which caused the product to be advertised for £0.49 rather than the correct price of £349.99. This error has now been rectified and in accordance with Condition 4.2 of our Website Terms I am writing to advise you of this problem.

    We have therefore had to reject all orders placed at the incorrect price in accordance with Condition 2.3 of our Website Terms and conditions and with regret we cannot accept your order.

    On behalf of Homebase I apologise for the inconvenience caused and can assure you that we have initiated the refund process and where any charges have been debited to your payment card, they will be fully refunded as soon as possible.

    Thank you again for your custom with Homebase.

    Yours faithfully

    Mari-Ann Wiggin
    ARG Contact Centre Manager
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    clayts wrote:
    I've been to a few notable forums (eg DVD Reviewer, Digital Spy etc) and the Watchdog Brigade are up in arms all over the place.

    Putting it into perspective so succinctly as Munki has done above makes me feel a little bit grubby for even contemplating taking this matter further, irrespective of my anger at Argos' shoddy handling of the situation.

    For every failed Argos, there's a success elsewhere (and as a successful £100 Kodak DX3700 owner I'm living proof): I read at Reviewer that alarm bells started ringing on Saturday morning when someone placed an order for, get this, seventy TVs for goodness sake...

    Precisely... 70! ... Youcan see why I was drawing comparisons to looting...

    Nice to save.
  • just had that too.
    Have replied, don't expect anything, but it's worth saying something ;)
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    Got the email this morning which was a suprise as at the weekend i was told my card had been declined even though there was more than enough funds available
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    I've just had the cancellation e-mail too - but no mention of giving us a choice to buy it at the correct price, which is what is stated in the terms and conditions :confused:

    Not that I'd go for it - if I'm going to spend that much, I'd just go for a decent TV. :D
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    I too have just received an email from them. And guess what I'm going to do. COMPLETELY NOTHING.

    I suggest everyone else does the same. So what if they made a mistake. So what if you feel they could have handled the situation better. Everyone just give it up.

    Unless greed has got to any of you? Anyone who says they are persuing this JUST because of their 'shoddy' handling of the situation, is, in my opinion, a liar. The only real reason people are persuing this is because they are plain GREEDY. And if anyone thinks they can persue this matter to the courts.. heck, even trading standards... well they are idiots.

    There you go, liars and idiots. I've said it. Now if anyone wants to sue anyone then sue me for slander.

    Damn this is annoying me. If anything, because I fell for greed and placed an order. The difference is (along with some others on this site) I/we realised how morally wrong I/we were to do it.

    Nice to save.
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    yes, guys, it's time to move on from this. Everybody has had, or will get, the cancellation email and there's not a whole lot of point in people posting "me too" replies or copies of the email over and over again. I'll lock this thread now as it serves no further purpose.
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