How many jobs do you have?

Hi all, in an attempt to make extra cash I've just signed up for a 20hr a week work from home job. I do a 35hr a week job Mon-Fri and I also do graphic design with a freelance company (the money's not amazing there though!)

Yet I still wish I could do more :rotfl:

How many jobs do you all have and do you feel it's enough?



  • silkglade
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    I just have the 1 but have loads of opportunity to do overtime at time and a half :D

    Well when I am not off sick that is!!
  • skint_spice
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    Just one! and yes it's enough. with all the travelling, looking after DS, cooking from scratch and ebaying I don't think I could cope if I had to work any more. Personally I'd rather make more savings. That's just me though and I'm totally in awe of your three jobs! well done.
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    I have none at the moment and feel its plenty, obviously circumstances are different as I'm home with 2 toddlers all day and oh may have nights out with his job so the cost of childcare doesnt make it worth working at all - have been there and tried that. However I do do voluntary work for homestart so I'm not completely idle!
  • ltm07
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    One & luckily it can't run smoothly without plenty of overtime! If the overtime stopped i would have to get a 2nd jo!
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    only 2 and that's more than enough! :D
    Who says I have to be normal? :p
  • Burlesque_Babe
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    2 - 18.5 hours office job and then as many hours as I can handle on AQA to make up the money. I also do very occasional mystery shops.

    Checking quidco, pigsback, onepoll etc could almost be a job in itself!
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  • KittyKate
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    I'm going to job the third job (graphic design) as the money is dire for the work. I agree that Quidco, Pigsback etc (plus all the comping I do) is easily a job in itself....luckily job no1 is quiet and I do it all on company time ;)

    I guess with me the only way I am not actually worrying about money is when I'm earning it :(
  • headoutthesand
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    I have one FT job in the office and another FT job at home with the 2 boys aged 3 and 13 months.

    I did take on another job before DS2 was born and it involved working an extra 20 hours - 2 10 hour shifts at the weekend. Needless to say i only survived for 3 months.

    I have worked the odd night in the chip shop but more as cover than being a permanent person. I only did this when i was on maternity leave though.

    I'm ebaying a lot at the moment and I also deliver the phone book and yellow pages but that's only an extra 2 days a year.

    I wouldn't mind doing the odd shift in the chippy again though but OH works nights so i can't get a babysitter
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  • Tesscha
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    I work 35hrs as an administrator, but just recently started a cleaning job. I do 2 hours each morning, 6 days a week. I've been doing it a few weeks now and it was bleeding hard at first but I'm adjusting.

    I have to say that the incentive is seeing the funds deposited into my account each week and that I've been able to pay extra towards my outstanding DEBTS - which total over £30,000:eek:
  • Lorne
    Lorne Posts: 770 Forumite
    2 jobs, 3 if you include mystery shopping!
    Thanks for the advice Martin! :money:
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