How many jobs do you have?



  • Got2change
    Got2change Posts: 613 Forumite
    .....wish I had even just one :o
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  • Mum_of_3_3
    Mum_of_3_3 Posts: 658 Forumite
    O/H is self-employed and does heavy manual work for anything from 54 to 70 hours a week.

    I've just gone s/e and work anything from 8 hours a week to 20. Just taken on a contract which means at least 16 hour days for 4 weeks at the end of July :j (that's on top of what I'm doing now)

    I've also got 2 little-uns aged 6 and 18mo at home.

    If I didn't have the little ones I would happily work 2 jobs to clear our debts.

  • crawley_girl
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    I am working a 20 hr week and have a foster daughter and a home to run.
    Hopefully there will be a 15 hr post becoming available at work and I hope to get that too - fingers crossed
    I also hope to be lookng at working from home for approx 10 hrs a week to bring in a few extra pennies

    Prior to Christmas, I was working 33 hrs in one job and an additonal 14 in 2nd job and although I was financially better off that I am now, the stress was unbelieveable and very unrealistic for me and foster daughter.
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  • masterkay
    masterkay Posts: 296 Forumite
    1 FT Job.
    I also own a business I built up from scratch (I don't do the work anymore so I employ people to do that for me).
    I also do freelance work.

    I get bored easily if I'm not working on something new and challenging and I try and make all new projects as profitable as possible.

    I just started work on a new business idea which should be making a profit soon.
  • I only have one but I know that my sanity wouldn't take more than that, especially as I have unpredictable demands with it (often will have to pull a late night out of the bag at no notice and my contract states that I don't get overtime) so I doubt any other job would want me. I also want to start some voluntary work soon so that will keep me out of trouble.

    I do get paid pretty well though so although it would be nice to clear the debt even faster, now I have finally realised the value of money I am OK on my salary.
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  • hbslc
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    I have an uknown amount, depends what you call a job? I have a 37.5hr/wk contract (9-5 M-F), a new business, house renovation project, office renovation project, divorce project, kids and of course my DFW project.

    All in all, not much *free* time!
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  • Bambywamby
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    Two jobs + endless Ebaying...all good fun. :j
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  • A-Wing
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    I currently do a 37.5 hour week in central London (which is 2 hours traveling by car/train/tube per day on top) plus a further 4 hours per night freelancing when I get home (more on weekends), so I leave for my main job at 7AM and finish freelancing at around midnight during weekdays. If I can I will freelance 6AM - midnight straight on weekends but I usually take a few hours our for family stuff.

    Somehow on top of this I also find time for my wife and kids but I am starting to show signs of fatigue. On the plus side I may only need to keep up this pace for another year before I am debt free (or 6 feet under in which case my life company life insurance will clear the debt).
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  • Surfbabe
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    Main job 22.5 hrs a week, 2nd job 6 - 8 hrs a week, 3rd job varies some weeks nothing other weeks 6 - 12hrs. plus runnning a house, DH, DS, DD all at home (well DS is at Uni part of the time) and voluntary work on top.

    on the plus side have already manged to save £600 this year and pay off £600 on debts
  • lemontart
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    1 at 50 hrs a week but looking for another to make ends meet.
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