How many jobs do you have?



  • Skye_27
    Skye_27 Posts: 50 Forumite
    1 full time job so 35 hours a week but AQA and mystery shop too. Surveys, quidco etc too which take up loads of time I should class as my second job! :rolleyes:
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  • 1 job. I honestly couldn't see me doing anything else. As it is I must do 60 hours a week 70 if I work a Saturday night. I don't want to kill myself.
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  • hypno06
    hypno06 Posts: 32,296 Forumite
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    I have three jobs and so does OH. Both have one full time and two part time, although I will be giving up one of the part time ones shortly.

    Then, we both have voluntary work on top of that.............all good stuff!
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  • immoral_angeluk
    immoral_angeluk Posts: 24,506 Forumite
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    Full time mum..
    Ann summers party organiser
    saturday sales in argos
    soon to be volunteer CAB adviser.
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  • penguin83
    penguin83 Posts: 4,817 Forumite
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    I have a full time job in the civil service and do as many mystery shops as I can in a week. I also have 2 littleuns who are 3 and 5 and a horse so can't really fit much more in! x x
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  • I work full time from Mon to Fri. I am looking for some work from home inda of job to do in the evenings and also during the weekend.
    Ca you please suggest such jobs. I would be better off with a Data Entry/Transcription kindoff job. But cannot find any genuine ones.

    Can you please help me? Thanks a lot.
  • Bunnyinthelights
    Bunnyinthelights Posts: 15,278 Forumite
    I work Full-time
    I have 2 children 3 and 5 (so another job!) and a house
    and I do party-lan still a bit.
    I wouldnt mind a weekend job at Tesco or something TBH but DH works shifts so it would be difficult.
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  • Hell1
    Hell1 Posts: 160 Forumite
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    I work full time mon-fri, then home to 3 kids. Occassional well paid evening/weekend work too. So is that2 jobs or 3?
    ANY_CHANCE Posts: 825 Forumite
    Im a student nurse and i work 4 extra night shifts a month i have 3 children aged 13 7 and 4 and a horse i could prob do extra night shifts but would risk my health and sanity!!!
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  • Milly1974
    Milly1974 Posts: 254 Forumite
    I only have my full time job, which is office hours plus 3 hours travel. However, as my OH has just lost his, I may end up taking on some evening/weekends if nothing gets resolved straight away.
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