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Make your own ice cream



  • boiler_man
    boiler_man Posts: 377 Forumite
    Caught the end of an icecream making recipe on Good Morning yesterday. See link for details

    It is does mention using an icecream machine, but I seem to remember making icecream as a child where it was put in the freezer and removed every hour to stir. Not sure how smooth the resultant icecream was though!
  • Lemon Ice Cream

    3 Lemons
    170 grms icing sugar
    420 mls double cream
    3 tbls iced water

    Grate zest of 2 lemons.
    Sqeeze juice from all 3 lemons.
    Put juice, zest, and icing sugar in a bowl.
    Leave for 30 mins.

    Whip the cream with 3 tablespoons if iced water to form soft peaks.
    Whisk in the sweetened lemon juice.
    Turn into a shallow container and freeze.
    Take out of the freezer ½ hour and put in the fridge, before use.

    Nice with raspberries.

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  • Glad
    Glad Posts: 18,864 Senior Ambassador
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    Black saturns recipe is here
    I couldn't find it in the index but there are a few other ice-cream recipes there
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  • newleaf
    newleaf Posts: 3,132 Forumite
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    Ice cream is basically just frozen custard, so make your custard according to your usual recipe - you can use half cream and half milk to cut down fat content if you want, then churn in your ice cream machine or freeze in a plastic box. If you aren't churning it you need to get it out of the freezer and give it a good stir once or twice, just before it's fully frozen, to break up the ice crystals and get a nice smooth mix.
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  • bigpaws23
    bigpaws23 Posts: 455 Forumite
    what are you favourite vanilla ice cream recipes please?
    We're going to be making it at school and we have to do it on the cheap. My own ice cream tends to be rather heavy on the cream and vanilla pods making it too expensive for our school project. ;)

    How can I make it taste good but with less expensive ingredients......

    many thanks
    Bigpaws x
  • Mrs_Miggins_2
    Mrs_Miggins_2 Posts: 35 Forumite
    The recipe I use for "everyday" ice cream is 150ml whipping cream, 250ml milk, 2 egg yolks and about 75g vanilla sugar (or you could use caster sugar with a slosh of vanilla extract) - whisk the yolks with the sugar, whisk in the milk, fold in the whipped cream. My children prefer this to an ice cream with proper custard, as it's not so rich. Don't know though how school would feel these days, as the egg yolks aren't cooked - I suppose you could make a sloppy custard, leave to cool and then fold in the cream - I expect that would work. I use this recipe as a base, then bung in a smashed up Crunchie bar, and call it "honeycomb ice-cream" :rotfl: - complete cheat, but tastes fab
  • moozikgal
    moozikgal Posts: 144 Forumite
    i do a quick vanilla ice cream which always turns out great. Use one large tin of sweetened condenced milk, single cream and a little milk to make to disired quanity for your ice cream maker (or tub if freezing the normal way), normally about 800ml. few drops of vanilla extract or essance, which ever one i have in and then add in what ever flavor you want. Peppermint essance and a few choc chips are always nice :)
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  • Burlesque_Babe
    Burlesque_Babe Posts: 17,547 Forumite
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    I did my first ice cream today!

    It was

    -pint of double cream brought to the boil,

    -add 1/2 tsp vanilla essence.

    - Stir in 3 oz sugar until it dissolves.

    -Beat egg yolks until the tunr light in colour. Add the cream mixture and stir quickly to keep it smooth.

    Pour into a tub and pop in freezer. Because it is double cream it doesn't need stirring as there aren't any crystals. I added in some leftover plum juices from the stewed plums I did last summer (knew I'd find a use for them when I put the juice in the freezer) and gently stirred them in when it was half frozen so it has the 'ripple' look.
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  • avfc4life
    avfc4life Posts: 1,201 Forumite
    They all sound really nice! where do you lot get your recipes from or do you make them up?
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  • Tracey04
    Tracey04 Posts: 389 Forumite
    on post #4 how many eggs do I use, how much does it make and does the cream not split if you boil it ( never done this )
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