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Make your own ice cream



  • purpleivy
    purpleivy Posts: 3,573 Forumite
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    OOOOH! I have plans for an automatic ice cream maker, have a manual at the moment
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  • Telute
    Telute Posts: 70 Forumite
    Ok, I've been reading some odd american books lately and one of them describes people making ice cream by rolling a tin back and forth across a loft. I think the method must involve ice cubes and maybe a tin inside a tin but haven't got proper instructions and wondered if anyone here knew how to do it and how it would turn out?

    I've had a quick look in the recipe collection but the recipies either all use a maker or the freeze, fork and whisk and freeze and so on method.

    Thanks for any help
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  • custardy
    custardy Posts: 38,365 Forumite
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    we used to make a quick ice cream.
    basically your flavoutr,syrup or whatever folded through lightly whipped cream
    pour in a container and freeze
  • weezl74
    weezl74 Posts: 8,701 Forumite
    Hi, don't know if this is what you mean but there are lots of ways of doing ice cream that have only one stage and then the freezer, if it's the faff of that that's putting you off?

    Nigella's one with whipped cream, icing sugar, pomegranate seeds is lovely, for example. I made up a lovely cocolate brownie ice cream recipe this week which worked really well.


    Weezl x

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  • Telute
    Telute Posts: 70 Forumite
    Thanks - I've made ice cream before using the freezer, and am addicted to granita during the summer. The impression i got from the book i was reading was that there was no freezing involved unless you wanted to store the ice cream you'd made (and presumably in making ice cubes which i think were involved). I think its prob. an american method, but thanks for the help.
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  • frosty
    frosty Posts: 1,169 Forumite
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    Hi everyone,I have just been watching "THIS MORNING" and they had some children making ice cream,the recipes were really easy.

    I have six tins of condensed milk in the cupboard so I am going to make the lemon icecream.
    1 tin of condensed milk
    juice of 4 lemons
    mix together and freeze.
    you dont need to keep mixing and freezing.
    click on childrens recipes.
  • Penelope_Penguin
    Penelope_Penguin Posts: 17,288 Forumite
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    That looks like a great recipe :j

    We have an older thread on easy ice cream recipes - I'll add it to that one ;)

    Penny. x
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  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 12,492 Forumite
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    I have just made some ice cream using my easy peasy, never fail, very popular recipe and I used my trusty meter to tell me how much it cost as I have a gelatiera. 1.19 pence. :D Incredible. No excuse to go buying ice cream at that price. I never bothered working it out before so it the machine must have well paid for itself by now as I have had it for 5 years

    my easy recipe:
    1 carton double cream (or whipping and can be longlife)
    the same carton full of a thick Rachels yoghurt (I like coconut)
    any essence (I used vanilla extract)
    quite a few tbs of icing sugar (more than you think)

    whisk lightly and pour into the freezing bowl. It really is scrummy
  • Jem8472
    Jem8472 Posts: 1,372 Forumite
    Zziggi wrote: »
    Has anyone got any other ice-cream receipes please? (preferably those that don't use cream)

    Got my ice-cream maker with my boots advantage card points yesterday so i'm going to be having a go soon. Wasn't too impressed with the receipe booklet that came with the ice-cream maker. I got kids with milk intollerance so wanted to make ice-cream with soya milk as they are really young and feel they are missing out on ice-creams on hots days. I can substiutue cows milk for soya milk in the ice-cream receipes but all the receipes seem to also want double cream and i can't get hold of non-dairy cream.

    So i thought i'd post my dilemma on the OS board 'cos someone is bound to have a solution..... :think:

    Have you tried your kids on goats milk? I used to get eczma from cows milk and one thing I really missed was ice cream. My grandma bought me an ice cream maker for one birthday and we found a farm that sold goats milk. So I used to make goats milk ice cream. Tastes just the same and did not bring out my eczma!!
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  • Zziggi, I've got a carton of something in the cupboard, wait a sec...Ah, it's Organic CremoVita made by granovita which the blurb says is "100% vegetarian, lactose free, suitable for vegans and Ideal for Whipping"

    Don't know if that would be any good? It must stiffen up like whipping cream so it might be...Can't remember where from sorry, but I don't go anywhere exotic :)
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