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Average Electricity Costs Poll

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  • givememoneygivememoney Forumite
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    Ok I think I'm being robbed here...
    I live in a one bed ground floor flat. Bedroom is 16ft by 12. Sitting room 14ft square, bathroom 8ft by 10 and kitchen 6ft by 8ft. Two adults. One toddler and one baby. We have NO central heating. Gas fire, gas hob, gas boiler and electric elsewhere. Washer or drier are always on as both kids are in washable nappies as well as the usual chaos of family washing! (Thou we always use economy settings) I pay £64 a month direct debit to British gas just for the gas - we don't use the fire between April and October generally but they say we need to pay this much per month to stop us going into debt over winter... And we have a British gas pre pay metre (as they used to charge £94 a month for electric) using the metre it's now about £65-£80 a month electric so up to £150 for both. Does that seem alot to any one else!? X

    Yes it does sounds excessive. We live in a 3 bedroom terraced house. There is hubby and me plus our adult son at the moment (well when I say the moment he has been back about 2 years now). Computers and TVs are going constantly, washing is once a day and we do have central heating. We pay at the moment £101 for gas and electric per month by direct debit.

    I do have a tumble drier but only use it if we have been away and have lots of washing to catch up on and once a week for the towels to make them soft. Even then I only give them 15 mins then hang them out to dry.

    I have a couple of those hooks you can put over the top of the door and hang damp stuff up on hangers from there. All the underwear is put over an airer.

    We never bath just take showers so we are in and out in next to no time. I have a dishwasher which is more economical than keep filling bowls up with hot water.

    We could be more economical as we are lax with turning off lights etc. and turning the heating lower but don't like to be cold.
  • Going4TheDreamGoing4TheDream Forumite
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    We pay £109 with scottish power, (without their new increase being applied), ironic really as we left BG when our lower rate finished and thought we would pay about the same or less as it quoted us less,but DD went up £23 a month from £86 even though we entered the full ussage for the previous year. I was feeling as pleased as punch that I got a good deal on my new broadband saving over £20 a month, till the increase in gas/electric DD. I suppose we are still on an evenish keel though all told

    Our house is old, cant have cavity wall and its large, so hard to keep warm. Am hoping we have built up enough credit on DD to see us through winter but somehow cant see it.
    Dont wait for your boat to come in 'Swim out and meet the bloody thing' ;)
  • boydEboydE Forumite
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    £95 for 3 bed house with attic conversion per month in total for both gas/electric.
  • cinereuscinereus Forumite
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    I pay £35/month for a small bedsit on leccy. In winter I expect it to be much more as there's no central heating. Am I getting ripped?
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    showmethemoneyukshowmethemoneyuk Forumite
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    Ive only started to note usage, an average of £4.50 per day - so for a 3 bedroomed hydro electric council house (electric only) with modest usage of appliances (main tv on only in evening, cooker on once every couple of days, washing machine once a week) that should make £140 per month. I will keep note until the end of the month to see how accurate that turns out to be! The central heating is also currently only on from the evenings, a fairly old system that possibly needs an update. The council will get around to it. One day..
  • About 120 - 150 per month at the moment, we live in a 2 bed flat all electric and dam storageheaters ( love to get rid of these but no gas ). we are in most of the time as my partner is disabled
  • When people (consumers or suppliers) quote prices it is always a bottom-line figure of so much per month or year. But these figures imply lots of assumptions about your household and usage patterns - assumptions that are generally unstated, and not generally applicable to other consumers.

    Would it not be possible to give figures in pence per kWh? Then we could do meaningful comparisons.

    I have just been offered a 24-month contract for electricity at 11.27 p/kWh (plus VAT, plus CCL, plus £14.25 / quarter standing). If you know your usage you can work out what that comes to in £ per month for you. But is 11.27 p/kWh a good deal?
  • What is the point of an average costs poll with no date?
  • cinereuscinereus Forumite
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    Or number of rooms/people.
  • WywthWywth Forumite
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    hotcat wrote: »
    What is the point of an average costs poll with no date?

    The poll was created 14-07-2005 but is now closed :)
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