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Average Electricity Costs Poll

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  • cinereuscinereus Forumite
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    mkgirl1981 wrote: »
    I'm quite shocked at how much people pay.
    I live in a ground floor 1 bed flat, I'm the only one who lives here.
    It's all electric & I have 1 storage heater in the living room & 1 in bedroom. Bathroom has a wall mounted fan heater.

    I work quite long hours so when I'm at work I'm out for about 12/13 hours.
    On my days off I usually spend one day at home relaxing & doing some housework & one day going out.
    I usually leave the heater on in the living room quite low & don't use the one in bedroom as I have an electric blanket so put that on for a few mins if I'm cold.

    I pay £9 per month dd and I still build up a bit of credit.
    Am I just incredibly lucky? Or is anyone else similar to me paying roughly the same?

    Yes! I have a one-room bedsit with one electric heater I run on the lowest setting for maybe a couple of hours a day. I'm spending over £40/month at the moment. I don't even drink tea or cook very often.
  • oldtractoroldtractor Forumite
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    my electric bill has just gone up to £29 a month! am looking to switch to cheaper.
  • JLS1901JLS1901 Forumite
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    Our electric has gone up from £18 a month to £46 :(
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    paulmapp8306paulmapp8306 Forumite
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    I wish I could get £46 per month.

    I had solar panels fitted a month back - which has reduced my Elec bill somewhat. Im, stil around £60 per month though. My combined Elec/Gas is around £120 per month, and Im on the cheapest tarrif according to Uswitch and CTM.

    OK - its been cold so the heating is quite costly, and its a 4 bed semi with 2 kids using electronic gizmos, BUT I has A+++ appliances everywhere, I monitor my usage and generated power and run things like washing machines when the panels are generating enough. I also have double glazing, loft and cavity wall insulation.
  • psocialpsocial Forumite
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    My electricity bill during summer goes up to 6k and during summer it goes to 2.5-3k.. But last summer it went above 6k, first it use to come at around 6k and now it comes between 8k :(
  • DragonQDragonQ Forumite
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    I've always had gas central heating so electricity costs have never been that high. Because it's been cold, I've had the heating on for ~4 hours a day for the last 4.5 months (very rarely had it on constantly, maybe a couple of days). This costs ~£40pm. My total winter gas bill was a fair bit higher than last year, when the heating was only needed for about 3.5 months. In the summer though I use ~£8 per month (20 minutes of hot water a day, plus gas hobs). Electricity usage was about £30pm with two people, and is now £36pm with three.

    I expect my electricity costs to go down a little when I move into my own place next month - less uses of washing machine and tumble dryer, no hair dryers and far fewer laptops and gadgets. I will have electric hobs though, plus a power-hungry home cinema system and desktop PC. At least my only use for gas during the first 6-8 months will be hot water (via a new Band A condensing boiler), so that will hopefully drop below £5pm. :p

    So basically I'm an average electricity user and very low gas user. :D
  • Candy53Candy53 Forumite
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    My bill is due in a few days, so I've worked it out, and it comes out at just over £46 a month.

    I've been using the dryer none stop over the winter, up until this mild period started, as there are 4 adults in our house.

    So, not bad, seeing as we are on a standard tariff.

    What goes around, comes around.
  • DragonQDragonQ Forumite
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    Agreed, that seems good for a 4 person household during winter on a standard tariff.
  • JennyJamesJennyJames Forumite
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    My electricity bills are more than £30 in winters....
  • DavidP24DavidP24 Forumite
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    Had a shock when I moved to new flat, Landlord said Electricity was "SO CHEAP" so I left storage heaters at the setting with it on higher when we had the snow.

    My bill was effectively £178 a month for the quarter, really is heat or eat, so turned off hot water and heating.

    Still costing £50 a month for a two bed flat PC, Microwave, Kettle, Oven and fridge are only things left and a bit of TV for 2 hours a night.
    Thanks, don't you just hate people with sigs !
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