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'Ryanair, time to come clean: The latest rises are a step too far.' blog discussion



  • pjlewisuk
    pjlewisuk Forumite Posts: 2 Newbie
    Just come back from an Ryanair flight with my wife. We took one bag which weighed 20kg. Ryanair charged us 50 Euros for this, even though our joint weight allowance was 30kg.

    This is obviously not a charge for excess baggage, but a revenue stream.

    The poor family of two adults and 3 small children behind me had to pay 180 Euros, even though they would have been under the combined weight for the party. BAsically, they had two cases instead of 5.

    I can't understand how Ryanair can charge fees in this circumstance. There are less baggages to handle, and less weight overall, which should equate to less fuel charges.

    ANy suggestions as to what I can do with this?
  • alared
    alared Forumite Posts: 4,029 Forumite
    The only thing I can suggest is next time read the T&C`s where it CLEARLY states what each persons allowance is and the fees that apply if you go over the limit.

    Oh hang on
    you must have read the T&C`s,otherwise you wouldn`t be able to buy your flight!
  • pjlewisuk
    pjlewisuk Forumite Posts: 2 Newbie
    No point in reading the T&Cs as they can change it any time they like. My T&C said 8Euro per kg, but they had changed it to 10euro since my booking.

    The point is that this charge is supposed to cover additional fuel etc, which is garbage. It's just a revenue stream.

    Why don't they give discounts for taking less than the 15kg? Now wouldn't that be a great customer and green approach?
  • benjus
    benjus Forumite Posts: 5,433
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    I've flown a lot with budget airlines over the last couple of years. The majority of my flights have been with Ryanair, and have all been trouble-free. I have experienced delays with ThomsonFly and EasyJet, although fortunately nothing worse than a delay.

    I will continue to use Ryanair as they have proved to be the most reliable and punctual of the budget airlines I have used, as well as usually the cheapest. There are a couple of charges which annoy me:
    * Credit/debit card charges are levied per person not per transaction
    * Currency conversion is handled by Ryanair at a non-transparent rate

    These niggles are not enough to put me off using Ryanair. As far as things like in-flight food goes, you can always buy something in the departure lounge if you object to the prices.

    Charging extra for baggage is now the norm for budget flights, so it doesn't surprise me. I frequently fly with hand baggage only and online check-in, so it suits me fine to save money when I don't need checked-in baggage.
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  • Tojo_Ralph
    Tojo_Ralph Forumite Posts: 8,373 Forumite
    dmg24 wrote: »
    This is transparency of pricing. It is so simple, anyone can work it out (even my mum books her own flights with Ryanair now!). But here is a suggestion: how about they just put an extra box, say for £30 per person, for those who can't be bothered to go through a few simple options? Is that moneysaving, or laziness?

    I cannot see a simpler system than Ryanair's booking pages. Everything is laid out for you, and if you can't work it out, then I doubt you would even be able to find your way to the airport!

    The article also fails to mention the numerous 1p flights that Ryanair give away, without any fees or taxes being added.

    Surely there are far more important things to be looking into, than why Ryanair don't increase their fares by £1?!!

    I have to agree with dmg24 comments with regard to simplicity and transparency and can only assume that Martins vent is a case of the the tail (the forum) now wagging the dog? ;)
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    Rip Off - Clearly written Terms and Conditions.
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  • lic
    lic Forumite Posts: 275 Forumite
    Tick the 'my travel dates are flexible' box and you'll find the low fares!

    You're right, I like them again now!

  • manx1
    manx1 Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    is this card a credit or debit or both and who,s the issuer ive tried 3 banks & they cant help
  • amandacorbett
    amandacorbett Forumite Posts: 2 Newbie
    I think it is really disgusting the way Ryanair are setting all these charges, I have just checked for a flight advertising £5.99 each way plus taxes and airport charges come to a total of £47.00. next page you move on to insurance, no thanks, then bagage check in £8.00 each way and airport check in £4.00 each way, well if you have bagage which most of us do you have no alternative than check in at the airport, why don't they supply bagage drop like the big airlines, in all fairness they are not really low cost budget airlines anymore, oh forgot the credit card charge as well..... Total of £75.00.

    Martin get on the case they are getting out of control please........:mad:
  • dinahblondie
    dinahblondie Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    Would it not be better for martin to stop promoting ryanair on his website?
    We had a dreadful experience yesterday flying from gerona to newcastle we queued from 6.15 till 7.40 JUST to check in as EVERYONE in the queue were being charged for excess weight at 15 euros per kilo on that flight alone ryanair must have score thousands of euros I was one of 300 that had to pay extra.
    Interestingly,hand luggage was allowed at any weight even if it was over the 15 kilo hold restriction- because it was the staff taking so long to process payments we were allowed to check in even though by the time we got to the front of the queue it was less than 40 minutes to take off-my bag weighed more coming back than going out yet it had less in it- when weighed in newcastle on arrival (a nice member of staff on the emirates desk did it for me) it weighed less than in gerona - they very much preferred the payments in CASH and were not happy if you used your credit card - I did though as I wanted a full record of this daylight robbery.
    Surely it is in the interest of the airports to control this as gerona lost out on a lot of business from passengers on our flight due to us having no time for breakfast or shopping by the time we queued from 7.40 to 8.10 to pay the bill they were putting out urgent calls for all passengers to board or they would have missed their slot I would have been happy to assist with this as my bag was aslready loaded and I don,t think they could have taken off without unloading it or having me on board but we were told to go to the front of the queue so as not to hold up the flight.
    No mention was made of the weght of my bag on departure in newcastle even though it was over and I knew there was a possibility I would have to pay 10 euros per kilo for anything over 15 kilos but I did overpack my hand luggage on return to try and lighten my case. There were 2 of us travelling but you can't pool the weght allowance.
    Myself and my friends travelling have vowed never to fly ryanair again but I am having problems complaining to the right people.
    Can anyone hELP
  • Luthien
    Luthien Forumite Posts: 2 Newbie
    I've used Ryanair alot in the past, when it used to be a low-cost airline, but my last 2 trips back to UK I have used BA.

    The first time the price was similar counting in the motorway toll and the hassle of driving to an airport 2 hours away rather than the one 5 minutes away, but the timetable was much better.

    The most recent time was for Christmas. For the same dates (21/12 - 01/01) I had a quote from Ryanair for 1050 € :eek: , NOT including the baggage charges and "hidden" extras once you confirm the booking (this is for 2 adults and 2 children of 10 and 13 yrs).

    With BA I paid 505 € all-in for the 4 of us, and a much more civilised timetable. I had 23 kg of baggage allowance per person (much appreciated at Christmas !), and a snack provided on the flight. The car park for 10 days cost 40 € and the motorway probably about the same.

    Ryanair just isn't worth it anymore. It would be very handy for us, but I deeply dislike the feeling of being "taken for a ride" ;) :cool: It might be ok for a cheap weekend away, but we'd never have managed with a whole load of Christmas presents, and with children, taking only hand baggage would be very difficult.

    It used to be the guaranteed cheap option, but now you really have to shop around.
    :confused: Claire
    I have just booked a ryaair flight for me hubby and 2 children (8 & 6) now from your experience is it worth me paying extra to board the plane first or does everyone just make a run for it anyway.
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