'Ryanair, time to come clean: The latest rises are a step too far.' blog discussion



  • LesD
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    Beate wrote: »
    What's all this about we have a choice to take only hand luggage? Er, no, if I go away for more than a week, I simply cannot make do with a rucksack to pack all my worldly goods in. Also, wherever you go, you might want to buy some holiday souvenirs - pack them in your hand luggage as well? Totally unrealistic. I have flown loads with Ryanair but I have started to get wary when they introduced priority booking. I never did that and still got a seat but what annoyed me was that they didn't restrict priority booking to let's say the first 25%. If 75% of passengers go for priority booking, they will all queue up like they had before, so where's the difference? It's just greed on Ryanair's part, and fleecing customers who think they get preferential treatment when they are not.

    So compare the cost of flying Ryanair with the baggage charges against Easyjet, bmibaby, Flybe, etc and choose the most cost effective.

    You don't always buy your groceries from Tesco do You?
  • tiamaria
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    In fairness the prices are still reasonable, but the final price is about 6 times the amount of that advertised which is misleading.

    And it cost us £24 just to use a debit card, not like it's a credit card -and I got rid of my Electron card because most companies (especially travel agents) wouldn't take it - I always had to run to the bank as it was refused.

    I couldn't manage with only hand luggage either - and what about those with young children?

    BTW I do always buy my groceries from Tesco - but that's another thread;)
  • nickyham
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    Something else to watch out for from Ryan Air is the price they charge you for food and drink during the flight. You do not automatically get a brochure detailing the prices, you have to ask for a copy of one. On a recent flight I was overcharged and had to tell the steward three times that he had got the price wrong (I paid by credit card and he made the slip out by hand). I only knew this because I had asked for a copy of their brochure, so could work out the cost. A few people around me then started asking to look at the brochure and at least three of them had been overcharged as well. SO BEWARE!!
  • Cadge22_2
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    :eek: How can Ryanair justify charging a handling fee of €16 for a return flight for 2 people (ie €4 per person each way) when it is only one banking transaction? As an ex-banker (now retired) I know that a bank charge for a credit card transaction for a company the size of Ryanair is minimal - a few pence - is this legal?
  • paulkeeb
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    Last week I made a booking with Flybe for 6 of us to travel from Manchester to Belfast. After having to de-select insurance and chargeable hold baggage for each of us I got to the payment page. Flybe charge for Credit and Debit cards, but less for the latter - £1.98. Even though only one transaction will appear on my statement, Flybe charge PER PERSON - i.e. a total of £11.98. Can they do this?

    While I'm here... a compliment to Flybe. When my mother passed away in January we had to re-schedule 3 return flights from Belfast. Flybe did this without any further charges (though they did ask me to fax the death certificate as proof! They settled for a letter from the doctor who'd signed it). My son and daughter-in-law who had travelled to Belfast with BmiBaby had to pay fees and extra for the new flights.
  • nicolarichard
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    Hope someone can help. I am hoping to book a flight with Ryanair for 2 adults and 2 children. I will be checking in 2 pieces of luggage - so how do i best book the 'online check-in'? Would i have to book it for all 4 of us - ie a bag for each adult and are the children required to book in at the airport? Thanks in advance
  • lic
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    :mad: :mad: :mad: Having already championed Ryanair in this thread, it is with regret that I have to say I am no longer such a big fan!
    Since they have changed their website, and in particular lost the 'low fare finder' tag on their front page; the low fares all but seem to have disappeared. They are there but there seem to be fewer and thay are much much more harder to find.
    Given that the previous site was much more user friendly, the only reason to make it more complicated is for Ryanair to make more money.
    So last night I made a booking with Monarch airlines, who were slightly cheaper than Ryanair; but if they had been slightly dearer I still would have gone with them, as they were cleared and more easily understood.
    SHAME ON YOU RYANAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • mystic_trev
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    lic wrote: »
    I have to say I am no longer such a big fan!
    Since they have changed their website, and in particular lost the 'low fare finder' tag on their front page; the low fares all but seem to have disappeared.

    Tick the 'my travel dates are flexible' box and you'll find the low fares!

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    There's a lot of "can they do that" posts on this thread.

    Yes, of course they can.

    They can charge anything they like, if it's quoted before you complete the transaction and you agree to pay it.

    The regulatory pressure is related to advertising all non-avoidable costs up front, not about the size of those non-avoidable costs.
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    I don't see the problem-if you don't like the total book someone who does have a better price. ..... If such a thing exists.
    I've used Ryanair-for the money it was good value compared with what else was on offer and would use them again if the price was right but often other carriers offer better overall value on the routes I fly.
    No-one is forced to use them.
    I Would Rather Climb A Mountain Than Crawl Into A Hole

    MSE Florida wedding .....no problem
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