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  • alared
    alared Forumite Posts: 4,029 Forumite
    I work for a agents that sells ryan air flights, it is £4 to check in online isnt it?

    if you book say 5 people, but only one bag, they all have to check in at the airport and all have to pay the £4

    Surely any agent worth their salt would book one person and one bag and then make a serperate booking for the other four!

    Can`t really see how you got "caught"---at each stage of the booking proceedure they click up the cost.
    At the very final stage you MUST know what the final price is before you book.
    When it finally came up £35 total,you went ahead and booked,so you must have been "happy" with the price.

    I`ve just been to their website and for the end of April I can book a return flight to Spain for the grand final total of £12.
    Can`t catch a bus to the next town,22 miles away, for that!
  • alared
    alared Forumite Posts: 4,029 Forumite
    Just booked the £12 flight down to Salou (Reus)end of April.

    Absolute bargain, yet again.

    I`m a bit baffled why some people (knockers) can`t see a great deal when it`s right in front of them.
    Talk about mouth and gift horse!

  • Zyyb
    Zyyb Forumite Posts: 99 Forumite
    I've got to agree with Martin, the airlines have gotten into this habit of just plain confusing people for no reason. If they call it a tax and surcharge then you might blame the government, not them. £1.50 per person per flight for Flybe, so that's a £3 charge, yet they don't put the card transactions through seperately!!! and they're making a profit on that charge.

    i was just checking flights for a wedding in Scotland. Norwich to Edinburgh. £0.00 flying out, £0.00 flying in!! Wow! That's cheap... Oh wait, with taxes and surcharges, it's £111.96 - What's the point!!!!! They are deliberately misleading,

    A bus company wouldnt be able to get away with it, only £1 to get the bus to London!!!!! Oh there's a chair surcharge and a fuel surcharge and a payment surcharge and a overhead light surcharge
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  • lic
    lic Forumite Posts: 275 Forumite
    Me and the family have just returned from Spain using Ryanair. No hickups of any kind and I think we got excellent value for money. I used to use jet2 a lot, but now find Ryanair are cheaper (all the time).
  • CrispyUK
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    I'm a bit late to the table on this one but have only just caught up on my e-mails from the last fortnight where this was mentioned.

    Let me start of by saying that generally I think Ryanair are great, have travelled with them many times and mostly at good prices. I've never been late on their flights, and it's in their interest to be on time as delay penalties imposed by airports/air traffic for missed slots aren't cheap!

    Yet I'm started to get a little annoyed by some of their charges and stuff - the headline pricing without including taxes is an annoying one, they shouldn't still be doing it and it makes it difficult to compare cheapest flights by date as different fare types seem to attract different levels of taxes! I've noticed they're closing their site for a few days to improve it so it would be nice if this one is addressed.

    Card charges really bug me, the principle of them is absolutely fine, it costs Ryanair money to process card transactions so why not pass them on, but the way they do it is not at all transparent, the fee for a debit card transaction is fixed and only a few pence so to charge it per passenger, per flight really bugs me. For credit cards it makes a bit more sense as the fee is a percentage but I imagine it's still sky high over what it actually costs them.

    The baggage thing is annoying and keeps creeping up. But I can understand why they do it, it's the little things associated with hand baggage and web check-in that annoy me...

    Ryanair's maximum hand baggage dimensions are slightly smaller than the universal ones (can't remember who sets them) which made it very difficult for me to find a suitable case as most of the hand baggage designed ones were too deep. (Although on the last flight people had much bigger bags and weren't being checked, as so many people had hand baggage the lockers were stuffed to bursting :eek:)

    You can only check-in online 48hrs before the flight, not a problem for the outward flight but unless you're making a v. short trip you have to find somewhere out there to check-in before going to the airport, luckily our hotel last time had fairly cheap internet and free printing facilities but I doubt we'll always be so lucky.
  • orinoco
    orinoco Forumite Posts: 59 Forumite
    The only thing that really annoys me is why I have to pay £24 to pay for 4 people on my Mastercard on flights that cost £300. Yet my hire car with Hertz (£250) has no credit card surcharge. If I walked into a supermarket or electrical shop and bought something of equivalent value there would be no surcharge.
    I could cope if it were a set fee per transaction, but surely it doesn't cost any more to process one transaction, regardless of how many people are travelling or how much the flights are. A transaction is a transaction. OK maybe it is a percentage but then Ryanair should charge a percentage.

    Transparent it may be... I knew exactly what I was going to have to pay... justifiable? I don't think it is.

  • L.S.D.
    L.S.D. Forumite Posts: 412
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    Where am my going wrong? I find a flight & as I go to the next step it STILL adds taxes etc. I thought this was supposed to have been stopped?
    Nice to save.
  • tiamaria
    tiamaria Forumite Posts: 1,482
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    Just gone through the booking process, original price of 4 return flights £120, total cost £335.52:eek: :eek:

    included in that is..

    £24 for using debit card:eek:

    £24 to check in at airport:eek: huh:confused:

    £48 for 4 bags:eek:

    Im in 2 minds now whether to click the purchase button:mad:

    I'd rather they were upfront about the prices.
  • LesD
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    Having been stung once by Ryanair's aggressive stance on over-weight baggage (and not realising their limit was 15kg versus the usual 20kg - my fault!), I used to be very anti. But my views have now swung completely the other way. Mainly because of the stance they now take on the extras!

    Why should I have to pay towards the cost of handling credit card payments, baggage, airport check-in, etc, if I can do it by Electron, hand baggage only and online check-in.

    We wouldn't expect Tesco to charge us for a standard weekly food trolley load, if all we wanted was a loaf and a paper!

    I find it amazing that this 'consumer-choice' website is taking the stand it seems to be, the only result if it were to succeed, would be to reduce the cost for those that want all the frills and increase the cost for those that don't!

    Mind you, I suppose it is a website which promotes the cause of those in debt over the rest of the population that look after their finances, so we shouldn't be surprised really!
  • Beate
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    What's all this about we have a choice to take only hand luggage? Er, no, if I go away for more than a week, I simply cannot make do with a rucksack to pack all my worldly goods in. Also, wherever you go, you might want to buy some holiday souvenirs - pack them in your hand luggage as well? Totally unrealistic. I have flown loads with Ryanair but I have started to get wary when they introduced priority booking. I never did that and still got a seat but what annoyed me was that they didn't restrict priority booking to let's say the first 25%. If 75% of passengers go for priority booking, they will all queue up like they had before, so where's the difference? It's just greed on Ryanair's part, and fleecing customers who think they get preferential treatment when they are not.
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