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    I think he's refering to the cost of refilling cartriges.. its quite easy once you get in the habit of it... I once refilled a cartrige 23 times.
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    For replacements (should you prefer them to refilling) one place to start might be here...

    I bought from here because my originals were special offer ones and not full size, and now I refill these.
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    Try using Fineprint, downloadable at or via one of the many free download sites.

    Saves on ink & paper!!

    The only advertising is at the bottom of the piece of paper which reads; "printed by software from".

    Converts A4 to A5 (thus saving paper) also pdf facilities.

    FinePrint is excellent, I've been using it for about 10 years, whole heartedly recommended.:T
  • 3 trojans and 4 worms in this download - you have been warned!:mad:
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    Can't see any Mac users going to moan about it, after all native PDF printing and saving is built into the OS, and from there you can scale and reduce prints, multi-per-page etc. to save paper.

    In addition most printer drives on most OSes allow you to print 2,4,8 etc pages to a sheet to save paper, PDFs always have this option too - not sure why anyone would need additional software to do this...

    Easiest way to manage output if you printer doesn't directly support multi-sheet scaling in Windows, is print to a PDF (via any one of the good free PDF drivers available) then print from Adobe Reader which has print options for sheet scaling.
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    fayraz wrote: »
    I have been using FinePrint for a while now and its a brilliant piece of software.

    Fineprint is superb bit of can print from any program and it holds the prints until you want to actually print them. This is useful as you can print 1, 2 or 4 pages per A4 sheet thus saving loads of paper and ink. You can also save the print instead of actually printing it. For instance you are on the train and want to print but don't have a the print and print it when you get home or email it for someone else to print (they might have fineprint as well cannot recall)

    Anyway a great product with no adverts expect for their name at the bottom of the page. Used it for years.
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    Tintent wrote: »
    Best thing I ever did with my printer was change the default to print in Black and White. If I want colour, I specify it when I print the document. I've saved a fortune in ink costs just by doing this alone!!

    Good move.

    When I did this at work, I found out that the bright sparks that set up our system, defaulted the printer to SIMULATE BLACK using all the colours!

    Anyone doing this colour saver tip, remember to check that the printer setting (usually somwhere in the advanced controls settings) is not ticked to use colours to combine to form black, but uses the actual black cartridge itself.

    If your printer also allows double sided printing, set this as default, to save paper cost. Some things need to be single sided, like vouchers printed out, printing 2 vouchers one on either side of a page, means one is likely to be wasted, especially if they are for different shops!

    If using Windows XP you can also set the printer to print in BOOKLET FORM, best to select left hand edge normally. This prints 4 pages per sheet, and the resulting A5 booklet (fold down the middle to form it) is easy to put in your pocket and read on the bus/train.

    Printing in DRAFT form saves ink, but if you are reducing the size, you may need finer detail preserved so experiment, but do not be surprised if you need to keep normal or high quality for booklet format. Here you are really saving on paper, not primarily the ink used, although bigger fonts, means more ink theoretically for A4 page prints.
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    Why is this thread still here, do MSE have a deal with Norton or something :confused:

    I don't think the thread should disappear - there's a lot of valuable info in it - but why hasn't the orignal post been altered to show a stiffer warning? That tip has been removed from the copy of the email on the home page, but it's not much good to anyone who's received the email and doesn't read past the original post (which you probably wouldn't, would you, as this site's a trusted one?). The warning that's on there (very easy to miss) seems, in light of subsequent posts, especially the one about the trojans and worms, to be insufficient, IMO.
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    isofa wrote: »
    Can't see any Mac users going to moan about it, after all native PDF printing and saving is built into the OS.
    Same with Linux. Microsoft doesn't like PDFs because they're an open standard and Microsoft hates open standards because they erode its monopoly.
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    aardvarkuk wrote: »
    Why is this thread still here, do MSE have a deal with Norton or something :confused:

    Malware Warning.
    Oh dear. This is a major gaffe. You can just see the headlines: "Martin Lewis promotes malware on"
    Time is an illusion - lunch time doubly so.
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