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How to decide area to buy a flat in London?



  • pieroabcd
    pieroabcd Posts: 499 Forumite
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    I've lived near a primary school for one year. It was definitely very noisy, even though it was at 100 metres.
  • EssexHebridean
    EssexHebridean Posts: 21,348 Forumite
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    If any working from home is likely to happen, near a primary school is not a good place to be... 
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  • Zoe02
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    Personally not a fan of too close to a school because noise, parking and dirtiness.

    I viewed a property opposite a school but my sister in law bought near a school and sometimes people throw rubbish on the floor in the area. (could be anywhere but seems a bit more messy)
  • annetheman
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    @AlexMac thanks for your message! So I will put an offer down for a 2 bed flat in Maze Hill which its guide price is £450K. I have the second viewing tomorrow so I can finalize the amount I'll offer. The only reservation I have though is that the flat is literally next to a primary school and that there are two more flats getting sold in the whole building, the one above me and another one next to me. Does that really mean anything? I went to the area asked neighbors re noise and they said its not so noisy. Any help much appreciated 👍
    My building is right next to a primary school and you can't hear the kiddos most of the time, there's a loudness at 10:30 AM schooldays during term and I don't even notice lunch - I would say it's quite a sweet, calming sound of joyful chaos if I'm out on my balcony, and easily ignored/drowned out. Then the bell rings and it's birdsong and quiet.

    I don't know if this is true but I've been told streets with schools and hospitals on them have lower vehicle crime rates and lower insurance. Could be broker myth.

    I do believe there's something in the theory that selling happens in waves. Flat minus 1 floor to my left sold, this inspired me to sell, and another directly opposite me is starting right after me. This after 2-3 years of no sales at all. We all have different personal reasons!
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  • Nickfirsttimebuyer
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    @annetheman thanks a lot for your answer! So I have been to the neighborhood a few times now and asked quite a few people including residents from the same building and they said the noise from the school is not a problem. Neighbors told me that you can hear the kids but only for a bit. Schools are primary anyways and their playground as far as I saw are from the back side. The guide price of the flat is 450K and I'll put an offer for £435,780 tomorrow - I keep my fingers crossed (please do the same for me online friends 😁 🤞). No offers yet from others for this flat so I basically open the conversation with the agency and the landlord. I am happy to increase my offer a bit but let's see what they say first. I am not sure if I need to attach any proof of deposit or MIP to my email tomorrow to the agency at that stage?
  • @Zoe02 thanks for your answer. I don't see it as a negative thing only tbh with you. There are many cameras so the area is quite safe because of that. Also, I will not have neighbors during half terms or summer which is great right 👍
  • @pieroabcd thanks for your message 😌
    It is not ideal indeed however I believe it's not a deal breaker for me at least for primary Schools hehe if they were elementary it would be a different story I think 🤔
  • pieroabcd
    pieroabcd Posts: 499 Forumite
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    @pieroabcd thanks for your message 😌
    It is not ideal indeed however I believe it's not a deal breaker for me at least for primary Schools hehe if they were elementary it would be a different story I think 🤔
    To make matters more ... intense ... let me say that this school had a big park right in front, that happened to be exactly under the window of the HMO where i was living. Every weekend until 4 pm the kids and their parents gathered... guess where?  :) and guess where I was regularly working in those days?  B)
    At the time I had a funny Wednesday to Sunday shift, but the office was closed during the week end.
    Hopefully your situation will be more favourable.
  • RHemmings
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    pieroabcd said:
    RHemmings said:
    pieroabcd said:
    RHemmings said:
    pieroabcd said:
    It really depends on what's most important for you.
    For me it was absolutely: a freehold house because I didn't want to be a renter in disguise at the mercy of  service charges out of my control, spacious and in a decent area even at the cost of living in zone 16, decently connected, supermarkets at walking distance.
    I couldn't care less about bars, cafes and restaurants (where I've never been).

    When I bought the house that I chose it ticked all the points (in zone 6 but 5 minutes from the tube station) but I didn't give enough importance to the distance from supermarkets, 15 minutes walk away (I never buy from small stores because there's simply not enough choice). Now if I went back I would probably choose another house that I saw a few weeks before, at 5 minutes walking distance from Lidl and Sainsbuy (15 from the station) because after all going to buy some food happens definitely MUCH more frequently than taking the tube, for me at least (working from home 3 days a week). Incidentally this other house was also 90k cheaper...
    Couldn't you fix that fifteen minute walk from the supermarket by making it a five minute cycle? Or just getting deliveries?
    Getting deliveries here is a matter of 4 days.
    Cycling no, I've had too many accidents in the past on my motorbikes.
    I'll have to be happy to just walk.
    I am surprised that you can't get deliveries within four days. I just checked where I am and I can easily book same day deliveries. What part of the country do you live in?

    If you are accident prone then cycling could be an issue as you not only risk yourself, but put others at risk as well. 
    Every time that o tried there was no slot before 4 days.
    As for the accidents i've always been run over. I've never caused harm to anyone, but enough to stay away from the two wheels for the foreseeable future.
    Choosing a more out of the way looking place in Havering than average, I added the following address to my Sainsburys account.

    1 Mill Rd
    Aveley, South Ockendon RM15 4SJ

    Using that, Sainsburys say that I can book a delivery for this evening with slots starting at 6pm. And, pretty much any time after that. For 'saver' slots, the first one available is 7am-11am tomorrow (Thursday). 

    Now I have to go back to Sainsburys and delete that address. As knowing me I'll forget and then be wondering where my shopping is. 
  • hazyjo
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    Just found this thread.

    I lived in Highams Park - actually prob about 3 doors away from the flat that was posted lol. I was in Haldan Road. Small world.

    Loved it there. I still have a few friends in HP and they're all happy too.

    Only issue with that road is parking. Do you have a car?

    Easy for London - if you need the West End, just change at Walthamstow. Only 15-20 mins to Oxford Circus. Less to Marylebone. Yes, the trains are busy - not helped by the newer trains with less seating. Hopefully you'll get a seat at the back of the train, or recognise someone who gets off at Walthamstow if you're heading into the City.

    Also lived in Westcombe Park - next to Maze Hill. Loved it there too. If you will use Greenwich Market, Comedy club, theatre, nights out, restaurants, Greenwich Park, Blackheath - Maze Hill is perfect. If you'll be out in London every night, maybe consider a cheaper area.

    Hard to say which area I preferred. Also lived in Blackheath and Eltham.

    Holler if you need any info.
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