Fabulous February's No-Spend Day Challenge!



  • Rupacomp
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    Another nsd today 🙂
    Savings goal by 31/12/24: £22000
    Dec 23: £6945.23
  • cathybird
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    edited 3 February at 2:02PM

    Off to a start = image
    5 days = image
    10 days = image

    15 days = image
    20 days = image
    Target reached = image
    Target beaten = image 

    February targets

    AuntieL 1/18 image

    Balancinglife 1/18 image


    beanielou 2/19 image

    bloomfelt 2/18 image

    blubella 12


    cathybird 2/15 image

    Caeraugirl 1/20 image

    Captspar 1/15 image

    Couldsavemore 1/15 image


    Crazycatlady2 18



    Flying By1/14 image

    GeorgianaCavendish 1/16 image

    Geriatricmum 10

    Hawley Gryphon


    HotDog2020 1/14 image

    ilovetea 1/20 image

    JustALass 1/12 image

    KajiKita 1/18 image

    keggie 15

    laura lau 1/18 image

    leftatthetrafficlights 24

    lianne1984 10

    LittleMissDetermined 1/15 image

    Makingabobor2 1/15 image

    Money Choices

    Mrs Cautious 1/20 image

    MrsSave 2/10 image

    Nervous1234 2/20 image

    OnlyJealousOfBirds 15

    PurplePhoenix62 10


    Rupacomp 2/12 image


    SecondStar 1/26 image

    short bird 2/18 image



    Thevalueofless 20

    try harder

    :):) Newcomers welcome! :):)

    In April I am taking a break from buying: Books
  • Couldsavemore
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    Forgot I'd need to find another page!

    I'm going to try for 15 days again.

    Managed I today, so am officially off the starting blocks
    # 36 1p challenge 2024 - £319.98

    #13 POYD by Christmas 24  £1450/£8138

    February Grocery Challenge  /300
  • bloomfelt
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    Thankyou for the new thread @cathybird I didn't keep a track of days in January for a few reasons but have a plan to keep a better track of them in Feb. Please could I join with a target of 18 days. Excluding petrol, budgeted bills and food within the shopping budget.  
    Starting off the month well with 2/2 so far  :)
    Make £10 (£3) a day February 2024 Challenge £56.13/87
    NSD February 2024 13/19 target

    DF Journey start date 17/1/2024 credit accounts £3779.36 current £3376.31
    mortgage £147331.36 £146972.93
    HTB Loan £44000 £44000
  • Nervous1234
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    2/20 for me. Tomorrow will be a spend day as at the hairdressers 😊 
    Aim to pay off £13,000 by December 2024
    £1,208.22/£23,059 #26 
    Pay All Your Debt Off By Christmas 2024
    2024 £1 a day savings challenge - £98.43 2024 52 week challenge - £120.37
    22/20 February No Spend Days 20 Target 20/23 March No Spend Days 23 Target 7/22 April No Spend Days 22 Target (excludes direct debits, standing orders, debt and savings payments)

  • MrsSave
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    Second NSD for me today  :)
    Starting a new debt free journey
    Starting Debt: £5,250
    Current Debt: £4,995.50
    Amount Paid: £254.50 Percentage Paid: 4.84%
    Emergency Fund: £350
  • cathybird
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    Well done short bird, beanie, LittleMissDetermined, HotDog2020, AuntieL, Flying By, Rupacomp, Couldsavemore, bloomfelt, Nervous1234 and MrsSave imageimageimage
    In April I am taking a break from buying: Books
  • Geriatricmum
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    @cathybird can I please join? This my first time so I'll aim for 10 😁
    Vinted 2024 £138.25 I April NSD challenge: 2/10
  • beanielou
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    One today. 
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    One debt remaining. Home improvement loan.
  • Good luck all, it won’t be an NSD for me today, I’m out both days over the weekend so will have to see! For my NSD yesterday I felt like it was a real effort to avoid spending but pleased to have had a word with myself! 
    Got to be done, hasn't it? It's the days when it's harder to avoid spending that really build good habits though! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, even if it's not a NSD 🥰
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