NST February Forgiveness

NST Challenge February 2024

"February is the border between winter and spring" (Terri Guillemets)
We've had a lot of extreme weather, snow and storms  and winter isn't done with us yet. Many turtles are facing health challenges (their own and family members) and even the relatively healthy have been laid low by bugs that just won't go. Energy levels are low, energy bills are high, the days are getting lighter and longer but many of them are still wet,  windy and a bit bleak.

So forgive yourself if you are struggling, not keeping it all together or feel like the chaos is winning. The core of this month's challenge is 
(taken from filling the jars):

"Practice more kindness, more love and more understanding towards others and toward yourself. Spread some extra warmth and light during this final month of winter"

The usual components of turtle challenges are all there, but if life is already challenging, treat yourself kindly, remember 'Progress not Perfection' and just do what you can. We will get there but it will be baby steps, one small step at a time (5 minutes exercise, one bowlful of washing up at a time, clearing one small drawer, cooking a simple meal, saving pennies, resting when we need to, being 1% better than yesterday) and being grateful for everything we have and observing the small  miracles of everyday life.


F   FIRST pay to your debt or savings, live on what is left
E   EVERYTHING you have is an asset - use the food in your cupboards, solve diy problems with the materials you have. If it's not useful (or has died in storage) get rid
B   BUDGETS should be set before the start of the month - food, transport, other. If you don't know what your budget is (some of us have not got to grips with rising food costs) write down everything you spend this month to establish a baseline.
R   Make REST a priority, especially if you are or have been ill
U   U can make great savings by cooking your own meals from scratch, taking your own lunch to work and appointments and avoiding coffee chains, vending machines etc.
A   A lot can be ACHIEVED in five minutes, So if you are boiling the kettle or waiting for the microwave take out the rubbish, set the WM going. If you are ill break jobs into small tasks - take the washing out of the machine, then peg out when you have rested, then do the next bit.
R   RELAXATION - resting does not mean doing nothing. Creative pursuits, meditation, having a massage, painting your nails can all be restful. 
Y    You should aim to spend on 15 days or less (plan ahead)

F    FORGIVE yourself. You made mistakes, learn from them. Forget the past, the toe-curling cringe making mistakes, letting people walk all over you. Do better, live well, be happy.  
O   OBSERVE all the little changes, the hope and promise of buds and flowers, the antics of small children, the birds returning. OBSERVE without reacting to stupid people.
R   REMEMBER to be grateful - a roof over your head, pennies in your pocket, good health, people who love you. Write down 3 things at the end of each day (report them here or keep them private)
G    GET OUTSIDE - wrap up warm. Even sitting in a garden chair with layers and blankets can make a difference.  If there is light it's from the sun, so soak up the rays (and it won't make us peel f0xh0les)
I      INSPIRATION    Find a powerful quote that you can use to inspire positive action every single day   "If January is the month of change, February is the month of lasting change. January is for dreamers, February is for doers" (Marc Parent)
V    The VIOLET is one of the February flowers. It stands for watchfulness, loyalty and faithfulness - all quiet unassuming qualities. Not showy but persevering and glowing in the cold harsh days. 
E    EXERCISE every day, even if you can only manage 5 minutes. Exercise on the bed or on a chair, paddle your feet whilst watching tv (good for the circulation), do side taps standing at the bus stop, it all counts.
N   NOURISH your body, mind and spirit. Give your body the tools it needs to do what it needs to.
E    ENOUGH water is essential.
S   SMALL STEPS will  still get you there. If you're struggling with resolutions, take smaller steps or if you are struggling with your weight (as many of us are) and failing check against the SMART goals. You aren't going to lose weight by wanting to, you can't lose 2 stone by the end of the month and you aren't going to turn into Claudia Schiffer. Losing weight will make you healthier and perhaps happier.

The challenge runs throughout February (all 29 days)

So who wants to join me for February Fun and Frolics?


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