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Cash seems to be outdated, everyone seems to be paying by their tapie friend or their smart phone, including me; but hopefully no longer.

'I'm sure there are stats floating about whether you win or loose by using a card I have to be honest and say my phone was my bank; I bought everything with my phone, right down to a pint of milk. When the card is in your pocket it's soooo easy to pop into your local cafe for that early morning or afternoon fix
How many here have went cash on their day to day living outlay, I'd love to here



  • Rosa_Damascena
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    I would struggle to use cash these days - to the extent that I got rid of my wallet in favour of a credit card holder, and use the money clip for receipts - so am watching this thread with interest!
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    You would struggle to go all cash. Annoyingly many places no longer accept it. 
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    I have loads of foreign currency because every time I go abroad I’m convinced that I’ll need cash, even though I spend <£100 in cash each year. I can’t see that changing…
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    credit card for most things these days. Pay off at end of month. I sometimes have a tenner in my phone wallet but it can be there for weeks on end. Cant remember last time i went to a hole in the wall for cash withdrawal.
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    I use both cash and credit card. If I am using a charity shop I use cash. For small purchases I use cash. If I want to set a budget, once again I use cash. For everything else I use my credit card and pay IN FULL. 
    My DH uses cash all the time unless he is booking a train ticket online. He has been known to walk out of a shop / pub if they say card only. 
    My DH says that if we all use electronic payments then the banks could impose negative interest rates if they want you to spend your hard earned sayings. 
    On a plus point though, no one could evade tax if it was electronic only (you would hope).
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    Cashless works for me. I don't really see the benefit of paying by cash unless for budgeting reasons, which can also be done through virtual pots in some bank accounts.

    With regards to privacy, there isn't really much of that left in modern society unless you are are mountain cabin living hermit. 

    Money sat in my purse isn't doing anything for me whilst money sat in my bank is earning interest and payments made on my credit card are earning me cashback and a small bit of interest on the delay of payment.
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    Mainy my fear is holding a lot of cash and losing it or having it stolen.
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